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Hey guys, what’s up? My name is Kenzie and welcome to the Arizona YouTube channel If you guys are not familiar with me My name is Kenzie Elizabeth I make lifestyle videos here on YouTube so I do like tours, vlogs, get ready with mes, hauls, stuff like that If you guys are new here or you’re coming from me, be sure to subscribe to Arizona’s YouTube channel This video is actually a part 2 of a video the first one is on my channel, which is my winter room tour. I take you guys through my room, I show you guys what Arizona clothes I’m wearing, I show you guys some candles from JCPenney And then in this video, I’m going to be doing a closet tour so I’m going to be showing you guys some of my favorite Arizona pieces and yeah! I really hope you guys enjoy this video Again, make sure to subscribe to Arizona Jean, Love you guys, hope you enjoy, and let’s get started. For my outfit today, I’m wearing all Arizona This top is really soft These jeans are really form fitting and flattering and they’re very inexpensive so I’m really loving that. So before we get into the closet, I’m going to go here, over to my clothing rack This is wear I plan out outfits I was just wearing this other outfit from Arizona as you guys will see on the screen It’s right here Very comfortable. This top is really soft Everything is actually very soft Then I just have other outfits planned out This is my closet door From my room to my closet, I have this opening which is really cool This neon sign A bunch of photos Here we go! Okay. SO when you walk in, Omgosh this is kind of like a little barista thing Ok so when you walk in, I know this looks cluttered and I’m so sorry It’s just because I have so many clothes Also, I don’t need to hang my hoodies, It’s taking up way too much space But I have a lot of clothes They’re actually organized, it just doesn’t look like it because there’s so many Um I have a bunch of shoes that are nicer Heels Over the knee white boots Like when do you ever wear those, you know? Um Over the knee boots, more boots, more boots I have my closet organized from dresses cropped tops, tank tops, short sleeves, long sleeves sweaters, two piece sets, anything without a hood and then all the hoods So it’s really a lot. Over there, I just have a basket of random stuff that’s like miscellaneous Coco’s carrier from when we travel, I have my books right here I really don’t need, I can move these to my office And I’ve said this in the room tour That I’ve filmed as part 1 of this video on my channel check it out Um but I have all this stuff Um I have my phone, I have this things charging here Normally I have a mug or something because I’m constantly drinking coffee or tea or whatever Photos Candles Um I have some Um this is just random stuff that I don’t really need I have like a lighter Um, candle lighter and then remote All that stuff. More photos. So anyways, if you go to the back of this, Um You will see I have this clothing ir- I was going to say clothing iron No, no, no, no, I have this, um, shoe rack So I have a bunch of boots up here I have another pair right there out under by the clothing rack and this is not super organized by any means But um, Yeah, I just have all my shoes basically here I just went through and got rid of so many shoes I have Um all of my pants down below which you don’t really need to see up close because there’s so many and it’s just so much I have jean shorts stacked up above here and then I just have like Spandex and just random things I might possibly for any anything else basically Um Up here, I have these little cabinets They’re not little, I don’t know why I called them little And this hold just like random boxes of things and stuff I don’t really store anything Um, like clothing wise up here but I have like backpacks and stuff, but I just have like bags and random boring stuff Again, this is what I’m wearing today, super into all black This is really, really soft Really actual nice stores have tops like this and they are way more expensive than this one and this one is great quality and very, very soft The jeans are really flattering and very comfortable I don’t really like when jeans are too denim-y They’re not comfortable These are very comfortable, you can wear them all day And my other Arizona look that I have today is the white shirt that I was just wearing in my room tour It’s so, so soft And the jeans are true jeggings, so they’re very, very comfortable and very, very soft They feel like something you can wear all day They feel way more legging then they feel like jean, you know? I hope you guys enjoyed this closet and room tour Thank you so much Arizona for having me on your channel If you guys want to check out any of these, Arizona Jean is available at JCPenney The pieces that I wore are so comfortable I was actually with Brooke Miccio this morning and we were talking about it And the jeans Everything is just so soft So I’m just a big fan Hope you guys enjoyed this video Subscribe to Arizona if you haven’t already And I will talk to you guys soon on my channel


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