Kelsey Vita Likes Grandma Clothes From Goodwill – Flat Hat Focus #2

A majority of my clothes come from goodwill
so it’s kind of like I guess the vibe I would describe it it’s like who wore it
better? Like me or your grandma? But that’s a trick question as women don’t
compare themselves to each other, you know. What’s your favorite Halloween
costume that you’ve worn? Some of them are weird, I don’t know if I want to tell you [laughing] but my freshman year of college I
was liberal trash because I’m like liberal and I was like people call me
liberal trash and now I’m gonna be liberal trash I am wore like my Hillary
2016 shirt and my Democrat socks and I just like taped trash to myself and I
look back and I’m like why did I do that I can can beat box. Kinda, but like cause at a
party recently like some people wanted to freestyle rap and I was like, I got you. And people were like ‘What?’ Do you want me to? [beatboxing] Okay that’s done. Sorry [laughter] I was in an a capella group first semester, so I took that away from it. FH: What’s the most scared you’ve ever been?
I think the most scared I’ve ever been I was five when my parents told me they
were going to get a divorce. It was kind of presented to me as if like oh this
might not be permanent like we’re just kind of separating for a little while so
I think you know was scary and then like realizing that it wasn’t temporary, that
was kind of when it really sunk in. But I’m fine, you know, my parents
are really civil and like I’m really lucky. A lot of kids with divorced
parents don’t have parents that can be in the same room with each other. And I just
remember for all of my significant life events they’ve always both been able to
be there. I went out to dinner with both of them after inauguration and I’m just
really lucky that I have parents that can be that way with each other
and I still have both of them in my lives and that’s really special. I have
generalized anxiety. Sophomore year it was at the point where I was having at least
one anxiety attack a week, and it was-it was really bad and I think I reached a point,
I’d been talking to my friends and I was like this isn’t how I want to feel
for the rest of college, or the rest of my life
I started seeing a therapist again and that was a big first step and eventually
I realized for me that I wanted to be on anti-anxiety medication and that’s like
definitely not something that works for everyone but I do like to be open about
the fact that I’m on that. For me that’s really made a lot of a difference and
it’s-I feel like it’s enabled me to take back some of my life that I was losing
from the anxiety attacks that I was having every week. And I mean obviously I
still have anxiety like being on medication doesn’t make it go away
entirely, but just having a supportive circle
around me, having a therapist that I feel comfortable with and just being mindful
it’s like all things that I feel like have helped me and I feel like I’m in such a
better place now than I was last year and I’m grateful for my progress I know
that it’s not linear but um I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress and like I’m
happy about that I guess the best part of being in student
government is the ability to like bring students together and make different
kinds of change like there’s just such a wide variety of issues that I get to
work on as a member of student government. The students on this camp
so just interesting and have neat stories and I love getting to share that
with them. The worst thing is knowing that not everything I do is going to
make everyone happy, it’s inevitable that I’m going to make decisions that some
people are going to like and some people aren’t, and that’s definitely been hard
to get used to because I’m just someone who cares a lot about how people feel, I’m
very much a people person I do care a lot about what other people think and making
sure that others are happy and that’s kind of like that’s what drew me
to student government in the first place was like community building and you know
making change that positively impacts others. The weirdest thing people
recognized me I don’t know them sometimes a tour group will walk by me
and the tour guide will be like ‘thats our student body president’ and like
most of the time when that’s happened it’s when I look really gross I was like
leaving Swem and I was like I need to shower I was like in a sweatshirt and
this whole tour group walks by and someone was like “Oh this is like Kelsey Vita”
she’s our student body president and I was like no don’t look at me like
stop I’m getting used to it when it comes from a good place so it’s okay thank you!
Should I say bye? I don’t know

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