Kelsey Tries The Perfect Sim Challenge in the Sims 4 | Malibu Barbie Part 5

barbie roberts is about to become the funniest sim that ever was very slowly [Music] hi everyone I’m Kelsey I’m a full-grown adult without any children and I want to play Barbies today in The Sims 4 we’re currently doing a challenge where we are making one sim maxed out on every skill and every career it is a slow going process and man is it a challenge if I’ve ever seen one it’s a challenge of my patience so this type of Barbie I think we’re finally going to get her to her level ten of her first skill which is comedy right now we’re on conservationist for we got to get to ten we’re gonna get it done make sure to keep uploading your own Barbies to the gallery with hashtag Kelsey of Malibu Barbie I’ll be picking out a Ken and some of Barbies friends from the show in the next episode so make sure to upload those to the gallery so Barbie can get some flirting on and maybe get married so we are back here with Barbie she’s in a brand new outfit from a new pack that I just got Barbie is learning a valuable lesson in cleaning diapers feeling flirty I don’t know exactly why but I’m happy for her Stacey’s skill level is not yet to four so let’s have her swim some laps outside Chelsea is home we’re completely okay sisters to me okay probably because it’s the weekend right acquire the new skill expanding this skill pecking yeah Barbie she’s putting it away what a clean gal she’s exhausted Barbie go to bed don’t you dare pass out on me Queen go to bed wait what you up to you’re playing in the trash do not play in the trash girls go to bed Chelsea wow they’re all just like doing so well wait what is up with our our favorite Roberts member tater haters probably the hardest-working Roberts taters coming down like oh you you’ve remembered me well have you practiced programming to become a computer ways there she goes look at that confident step she’s like I’m a nerd and I’m proud well how do we get Stacie to be playful let’s have her watch some comedy are you playful yet there it is alright now play on the jungle gym it’s raining outside but honestly it’s like you know oh oh no our tree our plantain tree Barbie oh it’s dead no I forgot that she pleaded that that makes me so sad skipper why don’t you entertain the the neighbors yes Stacey play on that jungle gym wall playful looks like you could use some food so we thought we’d drop by and give you some okay oh wow okay first like welcome skipper what did you do Barbie’s got to wake up and clean and repair and clean everything Barbie’s job is never done what a queen she’s like hey I’m up for the day feeling great and I’m ready to dispose of a dead plant that I should take care enough Oh Chelsea wants to be a mess I wonder if her BFF should be House Barbie doing she’s such a little genius our Barbie Barbie do you fix it actually that noise she knows how to repair computers let’s have her watch some some comedy my Barbie let’s go alright once she becomes playful then I think we’ll go in for the comedy kiss she’s playful go Barbie tell jokes go go go go go work on that last skill here we go of course her sisters are here to stand as always let’s write some jokes Barbie wow she’s just really slow being funny I don’t think I’m gonna be taking Barbie on tour anytime soon alright since you’re so hungry why don’t you work on your skill of cooking Barbie I think her first cooking to comedy there we go she’s least level five already of cooking she’s already halfway through her cooking Barbie hangout yes why don’t we just tell her some jokes tell a joke about fashion Barbie loves fashion I bet it’d be riotous oh my god did you hear Chelsea she goes oh oh she’s talked about divorce and newspapers I wonder who she’s talking about do an impression you’re just gonna be not funny a check joke about cartoons Chelsea that’s a good audience for that we’re almost halfway through it’d be really great to at least hit number you know ten on one skill I love that when she’s funny she’s like and that’s her playful knock knock who’s there Barbie Barbie who Barbie I don’t know the end of that joke clearly I’m not level to comfort her sisters are like okay thanks it first starts with school in an hour she’s like Barbie need to get ready for school Barbie’s like hold up I got to finish my set yes she reached level three of charisma how she both levering up charisma and comedy boilers she’s not I guess leveling up both at what we do need to do her work so what is her next work thing to do take photos and take waterfall samples alright so we’re going on a trip go off to work Oh someone’s calling it good sorry we’re working for the office the office being the beach I take waterfall examples where are we going there it is there’s a waterfall here we go wow this is just beautiful this pack is gorgeous alright she’s gonna go take some samples and then take some photos amazing we’re done with work Barbie you did it you did it hopefully we’ll get a promotion and we’ll be halfway through this career halfway to victory our first victory of oh my gosh so many okay Barbie’s going to bed now she deserves it skipper you came home with a friend is this your friend this is Morgan whoa hi Morgan she’s got an interesting look oh they all got projects but they’re all still students wait what she’s a C student but she’s an excellent soon Oh our perfect baby angel Stacey is just always doing over there did you just see skipper walking’s skipper you’d stop slamming my doors I can’t even with you right now scoot Chelsey’s passed out honestly say I’m jealous Stacy acquired a creativity skill that’s good good for you Stacy oh wait she was doing her homework while hanging with tater that is so cute I didn’t realize she was even doing her homework just that she’s got a frizzy Max look he looks like a little a little troublemaker how cute Barbie it’s time to wake up and cook up a meal what should she make next Barbie’s gonna make some fish tacos alright alright she’s getting herself some fish tacos up that skill and then we’re gonna I think we’re gonna have her finish off this comedy skill at long last come on Barbie alright this is the moment our first level up skill I am so excited for my way to be the queen comedian yeah we all know she can be oh my god tater is what tater such a show stealer Barbie was just about to level up her skill when tater has decided to build a rocket to go to the moon I don’t see any rocket ships in here all right back to Barbies oh she’s so close she’s so so close come on Barbie come on Barbie go on get your Netflix special Queen Oh [Music] reach max level in the comedy skills she did it she maxed up her first skill up comedy good job Barbie you can finally go pee and retire good job what should we do next I think we’re gonna go with logic cuz she’s almost halfway through logic already which is good oh my god she’s getting in the zone Barbies so focused I bet she’ll get halfway there right now but we were just promoted to major historian amazing good job Barbie let’s go Barbie let’s go all the sisters are hanging in the room while Barbie finishes up this skill are they all going to school now okay bye girls have fun at school reach your potential I want to see A’s and I don’t want any more sass daddy you skipper Stacie you’re doing amazing sweetie alright Barbie you finished oh she’s so close she’s so close oh my god she needed to do that for work anyway amazing we’re already ahead of schedule here and then we just need to survey wildlife oh so she’s got to go back to the island again in a lab Chelsea’s science experiment exploded and made a big mess along with frightening another student we think she did it on purpose yeah if she did it on purpose then yeah we you can find her it’s test day fever has two different tests today and one of them is going to be tough there’s a little time to study before it she spent all overtime sitting for the harder test or use your time to say equally I was just study for the harder test if you’re if you’re only concerned about one Oh No she should have balanced her time she ended up getting a poor grade so she’s gonna survey some wildlife and take some photos now she’s gonna take all of her pictures take those photos Queen she’s done now she’s got survey wildlife and we’re done with work for the day so we got to go to the cave taking her a bit to survey the survey takes time there’s apparently some invasive species okay where’s some algae right here survey that algae girl she just really wants to go snorkeling she’s like aren’t I on vacation she’s like mmm algae I’m learning so much about the environment I am a nature historian after all okay yeah survey that up Barbie with your cool iPad all right we did it let’s go home Barbie you are tired after a long day of working Oh Stacey reached a motor level 5 good job Stacey Stacey’s playing spoons do your homework Chelsea have you done your homework not started this is why I think Chelsea this has a seat oh she wanted to come out to hang with Barbie well barb is a little tired she needs to get some rest oh she’s at work tomorrow amazing that means that she can level up skills tomorrow we already have one level 10 skill I wish sleeping whereas skill she’d already crushing that oh Jesus staying up late chatting with Chelsey as she finishes up her homework that’s pretty to you stop talking and let Chelsey finish Staci leaves dippers feeling pretty good actually I’m pretty proud of your homeworks complete why don’t we get you some getting some gaming on why don’t you practice programming a bit yeah just work on your computer whiz alright she’s done the milestone is complete for computer wish barbie is awake and she’s hungry you know what that means it’s time to cook food let’s cook some pancakes yes Barbie build your skills she’s like three a.m. time to make some pancakes girl after my own heart what another nuclear blast what the heck are you doing tater okay I feel like tater is the double-oh-seven version of eroded ooh yummy now she’s all full of pancakes and happiness what should we work on next put your on the logic for now she’s at level five of logic Oh Stacy’s up Stacy’s grabbing some fish tacos for breakfast all right everybody starts school in about an hour how are they feeling they’re actually feeling really good okay study hard ladies I want to see you doing some major hustling we’re all set little six which is awesome principal’s visit today the principal is visiting Chelsea’s class everyone needs to be on their best behavior and not interrupt the lesson but a kid behind her has started a peltor with something ignore it Chelsea you’re too good for this Chelsea keeps their eyes straight dutifully on the board hoping the kid will stop instead the kid fires a ball paper saw it rolls up to the teachers feet for once somebody else gets in trouble and Chelsea gets to look innocent student it’s good for you Chelsea Leila wants to come over yeah you can come over and hang out Laila that’s fine barbie is really busy being a very intelligent and smart Leila’s already there she’s all right Barbie I’ll play with you Barbies like I just need a little bit more to finish up that skill maybe they’ll go swimming together tater miniature rocket lunches have resulted in a lucrative astra mining operation it’s graciously placed some of the space minerals it returned with inside the households inventory and barberries logic level 6 what what do you mean in our household inventory oh my gosh Taylor went to space and came back with a pink gem for Barbie what how do we deserve this that’s so cute oh my god these are the postcards that tater has brought back for us this is so cute we’re sure for the postcards maybe up here greetings tater went around the freakin world tater has given us three rare postcards to help inspire Barbie that is literally so cute why don’t you both swim together in the pool Barbie’s like pool party let’s go come on Barbie she’s gonna throw a pool party with her new Fred and learn some skills it’s the best of both worlds she’s just they’re both swimming around in a circle though this feels weird this is unlike any pool party I’ve ever been to with my girlfriends look at him go fast it’s like a chase now Barbies level 2 of the fitness skills good job Barbie maybe Barbie should play the piano she gonna come and listen she just acquired the skills this was the first time Barbies actually touched the piano oh and her friends like buy Barbies instead of piano listen I want to play you something that I’m just learning right now and her friends like peace I’m out I’m out Barbie oh great the rock Chelsea’s finally a B student Stacey still an A student skipper’s an A student I knew you could do it if you applied yourself skipper and she’s bad the friends like okay bye no it’s a stressful day working really hard but we’re very proud of you Chelsea’s as always the Barbie stand just enjoying whatever Barbie is doing Barbie’s like let me check ya know and Stacey’s like yes barely she’s tense from badly played music everyone’s a critic here in the properties house let’s see what books we can buy Ferb are acting great weed by acting book archeology yep she needs that skill baking I’ll do that we’ll do that in person charisma always how many done it cooking we’re good finesse we got that one flower arranging no we would love that book gardening yes give me a book on it herbal ism yeah I probably need that what’s funny and what’s illegal sure photography maybe okay wait that’s $600 well we’ll pause it at seven books all right Barbie we got seven books for you to read she’s just starting everything she’s like dipping her toe into one thing at a time she’s level two look at all those skills she’s gonna start her acting skill now oh oh is that your acting cuz it wasn’t that good skipper and her sisters are hanging Barbie’s acquired the acting skill new acting skill allows her to participate in acting in the mirror with it or with the microphone perfect well we have both of those things as well Chelsea’s reached social level three which is fantastic for Chelsea I know that’s definitely a goal curse being a social butterfly and what is this girl up to Stacy my queen my angel baby you just want to plan a jungle gym while being playful or is this not a jungle gym these are the monkey bars isn’t it I see what I did there oh yeah we do want the pink jungle gym that is a ship there it is alright you’re gonna play ball then you’re gonna go play pirate are you playful yet she is go go Stacy go go to the jungle gym oh it’s night time it’s a night pirate escapades Chelsea will a younger sister playing pirate with Stacy her older sister even though they kind of look like fifth winds don’t worry about it I wish there was a tween option cuz I’d be perfect for Stacy Stacy oh she did she already got the rambunctious it took her like two seconds to get up there well great now we just have to practice typing for four hours I guess she’s tired I will allow it Barbie’s go sleep you’ve worked tomorrow anyway how’s Stacy doing Stacy’s enjoying the typing oh she is good her homework yet though why don’t you do your homework instead of practicing typing you the toilet and then really needs to go but she’s gonna finish her homework first good job she’s such a good a student look at that good a student Barbie’s awake she needs to use the toilet we got a lot of stuff to do today and then I need to find that book oh it was like down there are you serious whatever that’ll work alright so she’s halfway through – oh it’s a stormy day oh my gosh is she gonna have to go out in that okay finish reading three books she did it she’s read her second book that’s amazing we’re almost at level one of acting which is good she’s like talking with tater about this acting bug what taters she’s showing signs of growing old if you’re interested vet clinics sell an anti-aging treat that permanently halts the aging process uh yeah your to go on there how do I do this I’m doing this now we are not losing our tater tater is forever purchase rodent treats anti-aging IQ limiter we would never we want our tater as tater is feed anti-aging treat oh my goodness I am stressed out oh poor tater tater you’re gonna be young forever well I wish all animals to have an anti-aging treat that would be dope all right we’re gonna have her cook oh my god cook a grand meal because it’s Harvest Fest today okay she’s gonna cook a fish dinner because she does have a fish and it’s cheaper that way let’s do fish that’s really fun Barney let’s go go cook a grand dinner for our girls and it’s Harvest Fest so does that mean gnomes are gonna appear on the on the premises I don’t know if I’m ready for that this challenge come on Barbie I feel like for Lauren nobody likes me no one ever liked me why I bother with anybody I will always love you I feel like Barbie like people like you you’re crazy Oh what about my responsible girls skipper Barbies like having so much fun making that fair we make that grand meal I like that our sisters are eating their meals while Barbies like cooking something for that I think it’s cute too that for Thanksgiving Barbie makes fish they’re right on the ocean it makes sense maybe Barbie bleep got that fish herself maybe she will later she’ll go fishing feed it to them what a queen oh my God look at that grand dinner we’ll save it for later skipper why don’t you share Harvest Fest excitement with your sister I don’t want you guys to have a bad first heart whoa okay I don’t know how I feel about these ones this work one can stay but this naked one feels a little not chill for Barbie Stacy do you want a piece – no oh the gnomes went away alright nevermind oh my goodness it looks like actually Barbies not gonna have work today because it’s a holiday I think so we should get her a skill today I’m gonna try to fix her logic skills you’re having the Grand meal I was saving that for later so we could all eat together Stacie whoa but Barbies roots parenting level for yes Queen we only have four more levels to go which is a lot with logic Chelsea is really enjoying this in your gym she’s like I’m gonna just go play what clean that up who made a mess bad girl absolutely not Oh Chelsea cleaned that up before sister could get to it good job Chelsea I like that she first started with comedy and now she really wants to focus on being logical she’s like getting a nice balance there oh she loves the holiday tradition of the gnomes well if she loves the gnomes and I feel like she needs to talk with them oh my gosh yes Barbie she’s almost at level seven let’s go come on Barbie she has a goal and she’s doing it what are you doing are you talking to the gnome over here no I’m not there anymore but she did a piece of gnome so we checked it off can you kiss noon this gnome by giving it a toy okay so gnome in our home oh we got three to business gnomes and one party yeah hope you liked it all right can you appease the gnome by giving it a toy – I’m just gonna have everyone in Pisa know while Barbie focuses focus that Barbie what weird traditions we have in the Roberts household okay great it’s 7 p.m. at Harvest Fest everyone’s coming to the grand Neel Barbie you can come to the Grand meal once you finished this level all right okay let’s call everybody you appeal happy harvest fest everybody Barbie Roberts has identified the trout a new type of Oh interesting she’s like talking about fish stuff kind of weird but okay go to bed Barbie all of the Roberts sisters are in bed having had a lovely Harvest Fest and Barbie is now has her first level 10 skill she has her logic skill which is pretty close it’s only three away we are halfway through our first career so yeah still lots and lots of work to be done but I’m feeling pretty happy with all the way all the Roberts sisters are I’m pretty proud of Barbie skipper our angry princess doing a little better in school and Chelsea’s comes bringing up their ear she’s not too shabby she’s more about the social life at school of course tater who will now live forever thanks guys for tuning in so much work it’s still got to be dying but I think we had a really fantastic harvest fest next time I want to be checking out your guys’s Barbies and downloading them so that they can play along with Barbie bye [Music] you


  1. Every time she says "come on Barbie!" i expect it to be followed with "let's go party" and i am so disappointed at this missed opportunity.

  2. Being a celebrity, Barbie can earn a perks that has careers call her and let her start at a higher level (i.e. she can be a level 5 entertainer from perk)

  3. This is not intended to be a criticism, although it might come across as one. I may have missed something, is all, so honest question. 🙂 My question is: if ageing has been turned off, where's the "challenge" part of this challenge? Did I miss some rules?

  4. I cant help but take credit for Kelsey's name on the title FINALLY! Check my comment on the last Malibu Barbie video from Kelsey 😜😂👏😍❤

  5. At least the Selvadoradan skill only goes as high as level 5, so that's pretty quick to master.  Mostly involves talking to people and eating Selvadoradan food, which you can then make at home.

  6. As a Field Biologist, I loved the moment when Kelsey was so unenthusiastic about the rain, saying 'are we going to have to go put in that?!?'. I feel ya, Queen. Biology happens rain or shine (but not during harvest fest!)

  7. If the money is tight, why not let the little sister do some vlogging? All can do that besides school and it brings money.

  8. Ive done a "supersim" with a David Bowie i created. Hes maxed on almost all skills and im working on aspirations now 😁

  9. You should use her aspiration points to buy one of the sleep reward traits "Never Weary" completely freezes the need for sleep but costs 10,000 points. "Seldom Sleepy" slows down the meter and is 4,000 points.

  10. Barbie does need something from the aspiration rewards: steel bladder.

    Barbie can be funny, strong, skillful… but she does not pee herself.

  11. You should make a room for Tater and put everything he gets in that room or dedicate one wall to all the post cards and pictures Tater gets.

  12. I love your commentary but when you ask did we hear what Barbie or anyone said OF COURSE NOT SINCE YOU WERE TALKING OVER IT.

  13. I feel like at the end of each skill there should be a celebration, like she just finished comedy so she should go perform somewhere! It would be fun to see her using her new skills in the real world!

  14. you can switch between aspirations and it will save ur progress so u can work on different skills and finish aspirations quicker

  15. You can use aspiration points to buy something to help level up skills faster. I don't remember what it's called, but it could help in this challenge

  16. What if… This Chelsea really is the og matriarch in the 100 baby challenge but the reason why she has a different last name was because she was so tired of being around perfect sisters (skipper, stacey and of course Miss Barbie)? We see in this episode she had a slower progress in school compared to her sisters. So she left, changed her name and found what she was good at – being a mother. Lol

  17. if her fun is low you can use the blickblock or computer to play games so that she can build up her gaming skills while boosting her fun!

  18. When she said im Kelsey, i thought , and im single, and then she says , im a howl grown adult, and im like , wait…

  19. I’m giggling at all of the Magic Earring Ken submissions on the #kelseymalibubarbie tag. Also, it’s way fun to look at submissions on the “Popular Now” and “Most Popular” filters.

  20. I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world my butt is plastic its fantastic if you touch my hair ill hit you every where 😉
    Everyone sings this in my class its so funny 😂

  21. As much as I loved getting all the seeds from them, editing the holiday to get rid of the gnomes was the best move I ever made.

  22. 100% Barbie is going tk need the connections reward trait. I can't remember if we're doing every branch of every career on top of every career because if so… You're gonna need that Connections trait 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. Kelsey: "Skipper! Stop slamming my doors!"
    Skipper dramatically walking away
    Kelsey: "I can't even with you right now Skipper."
    Kelsey: "And I don't want anymore sass out of you Skipper!""

    The most mom thing I've heard Kelsey say and this isn't even the 100 baby challenge. 🤣

  24. If you get good at hacking you can up your career!! Also, make sure the inspired pictures the hippo brought you are turned on!! 😁👍

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