Kelly Cut Quick Weave | How to do a short quick weave

Kelly Cut Quick Weave | How to do a short quick weave

what's up teen DMS is the master stylist and I am back with another video as you can see right here I've already split her tracks we are using 8 inch hair I don't know the brand because this was some hair that we had it in the salon in the strap box and she is my friend and she's also a stylist in the salon so I was like no need to purchase any hair when we got tons in the back but I will put links in the description box below to some hair that I do recommend using if I can find those links so we are you know I've already for her cap on and all that or whatever so we were just putting the hair in and now I don't think I have one other video using straight hair I actually prefer to use straight hair over 27 or 28 piece but you know companies send me 27 piece and 28 piece were quick but this way is actually a lot faster because you don't have to put the hair in as close together and the wealth you know the hair isn't curled the well sarnoff thing or whatever even though idea split it it's thin but not too thick so I just rather you know like to work with this so you know we're just going ahead and on with the bonding right here and stay tuned for the next step you so on this part right here you'll see me put more tracks on her right side then I'm putting on the left side and that's because I want the closure part to be offset to the left a little bit so if we go ahead and start building you know the tracks up you'll see where you know it's higher on one side so that'll give her being you know that effect where she can swoop it to the side now if you would like a fully versatile being then you don't have to do it this way then you can go ahead and just you know make sure both sides is even and born that way so now I am funding some tracks going forward at a slight slant and I'm just strategic but strategically placing a few whiffs that I did not split inside of her being so that the bangle be a little fuller then you know if it was if it was just using straight hair that wasn't that was split I'm sorry can't get the words out today but right now we're just going to go ahead and go in like a circular motion and we were just closing up you know we're closing up the top we're just going to continue to do that and then I'm going to pretty much put the closure on I am using the closure today that comes in the pack of a 27-piece if not you can make your closure and I have a few videos I'll put them at the end that in which I do the full closure if you are unaware of how to do that you so now we're going to go ahead and just start parting off in like a mohawk type parting and except I don't want not parting off a lot of hair because you still want I know for this cut you still want the sides kind of low you know closer to the ear so you don't want to go up too high on one cutting it and I'm just spraying with a water bottle because this hair when you're doing a straight hair it's much easier to cut when you wet the hair first and I'm not like drenching it but I am wetting it you so now here's the fun part so of course I'm gonna use the tinkle razor I'll have the link to the razor in my description box below and we're just cutting like a mohawk kind of but it's wider and it's like a v-shaped in the back now I wasn't going to post this because nausea actually has a Kelly cut challenge going on right now where you win like a free class but at the end of the day y'all not me and I'm not you and I've taken three classes with her in the past three of her classes so if I don't win then that's fine too but if you want to see your girl win go ahead on nauseous post and vote for me you now I'm taking my little cheap shears and I'm just go ahead and they're cutting some deep layers so the hair will have some bounce some move you know when she moved or whatever and it's not just flat because we want their hair to follow baby so right here for this part I'm really just cutting in the same way that I cut the back but didn't realize that my camera was kind of like cut off so we didn't get that part but I mean if you know how to cut layers and it's really not like a big deal just do it your way at the end of the day everybody's gonna do things their way whether you watch me do it or not so now I'm going to take my camera dry oil y'all know I love this stuff especially when doing sick prices and I find it great when I curl commercial hair because it just it just flattens those you know those pieces that stick up when you curl we've sometimes and just it's not heavy and the hair is just like it feels so good and trust me honey this is some little cheap hair Pro it's probably I want to say premium now or something like that is it's not no expensive hair but you know what a good cut and you know the right products you'll be okay you and this Flatiron y'all always acts but I noticed because people skip the video and don't actually watch the whole thing but again this flat iron is a BB flat iron I got from Burlington Coat Factory I don't have the link for it I got it at Burton you know Burlington is like a Rosso t.j.maxx so when they got something that's is what it is what you guys can try to google it I will try to find a link but it's gold so I'm sure it's like a limited edition or something like that but I mean you got a good one each flat iron at the end of the day it's not the tool it's the person so you know you can use whatever if you and if you not doing it right thing gonna come out right and I'm just taking my flat iron to just press it down and make sure everything is really flat because that is the area where her braids ended because I just did like a French braid in a circle but if you guys want to do a full class on how to do everything you know I have the link in my description so right here I'm just taking a black wrap strip and laying up her hair and put her in the dryer for like 15 minutes and bam she is done honey so y'all do me a favor if you liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up 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26 thoughts on “Kelly Cut Quick Weave | How to do a short quick weave

  1. Hey ladies when you skip through the video you miss things then ask in the comments something I’ve already said. I do know know the brand of hair as it was strap hair from my salon in bins

  2. These short hair styles are your super power!And you achieve them so quickly! It gets crazy spending so many hours in the chair…I am sure these young ladies love that! I know I asked on another video but how long can they make these styles last if they take good care of it?

  3. Honey you are truly gifted ! This hairstyle looks so amazing!!! I am definitely going to try it out on my head and I hope that I can master this style the way that you have .

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