Keeping Char Cloth Safe from Moisture β€” Quick Tip # 4

hey YouTube friends survivalcraft here do you ever struggle with having a lot of excess moisture in some part of your house let's say your attic or in your basement you want to get rid of it well what you can do is you can take an old can like this this is an old mixed nut can and what I did is that poked holes on the top and I stuffed it full of charcoal and you can set these around and it will absorb the moisture out of the air and keep you know must eNOS down and some of the damage that can be caused by moisture in the air now I shared that tip in order to share this one just like charcoal your char cloth can absorb moisture and so if you leave it in the container like the original altoids tin with the hole on the top that isn't perfectly sealed then it can absorb the humidity around you and when you go to use it it won't take a spark because it's absorbed way too much moisture so what I suggest is that as soon as you create your char cloth you take it and you put it in a sealed container and that way it will stay dry and when you need it you can use it if you liked this video please share like and subscribe and if you have any suggestions on how i can improve my videos please put them in the comments section below as always thank you guys for watching and have a great day


  1. Subbed awhile ago and love all the tips tricks advice and reviews, I'm a gentleman of larger stature myself and it does my heart good to see another big man show that we can do just as well if not better in a survival situation.

  2. Nice video, I subbed

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  3. Thank you. Love the channel. What state do you live in? Im in Colorado and its very dry here. We need humidifiers sometimes.

    Seal a meal can protect items fom unwanted moisture and rice makes a cheap and effective dessicant.

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