Keep Your Clothes On – Magic Monday


  1. notice that she checks her right pocket but everything that he makes ''vanish'' or ''appear'' in her left pocket lol

  2. the lady in blue is  always making such weird faces                               XD

  3. I love their reactions, especially when Jessica's grandma has incredibly early reactions before the magic trick would even happened hahaha they are so adorable!!

  4. Chris seemed really uncomfortable in this and like awkward are those lady's possibly drunk? I am not being rude or anything I'm just asking as I have been going through the comments and agreeing with what I have seen xxxx

  5. I love how uncomfortable Christopher got when the lady exposed herself and then talked about how he should quadruple it 😂😂😂

  6. I really think that they already knew what was going on and they just cant act. And they are just being enthusiastic and over reacting.

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