KCL – How to make custom fabric wall art on a dime

KCL – How to make custom fabric wall art on a dime

Thank You Michelle and we are excited because I've got a staple gun fun for a Berk a blank canvas well then you can just make a simple and beautiful art for your home our diva of DIY Leanne Lee is back to show us and as we've been talking I have no creative bone in my body so I just want to say how excited I am that I actually get to do this with you I'm excited it's good you're going to break this down for me because you know we just talked about I'm buying a house and I need to decorate it but I don't want to spend a lot of money and so this is a good way this is such a good way so what I would suggest you do when you go to buy furniture is buy some things that are fairly neutral things that'll stand the test of time maybe it's leather maybe it's you know just a neutral kind of like your jacket you're just a neutral fabric then what you can do is infuse colors with fun exciting fabrics and some paints and some different things like that that'll pop that'll pop exactly and then when you get tired of them then you can change them out so that's that's an inexpensive way to get the most bang for your buck so you were saying that like here's the here's the fabric that we're that you can just rip it off and start over exactly so if you don't like this first and then we'll talk about some of our creative stuff so we're gonna take we're using an 11 by 14 canvas here and you can get this just anywhere yeah I got these at Michael's now this came in a pack of seven $11.99 for seven of them oh wow so it takes a quarter of a yard of fabric like to do one 11 by 14 campus and what I did was I just cut it and made it two inches bigger than the canvas that we're using that gives us some room because what we're gonna do is we're going to pull it over and staple it so this is what you're gonna really like my date again so I'm going to show you first this is it's a staple gun make sure it's got staples in it and then literally you're just gonna staple it okay so I need you to try bigger than my entire body yeah I think it weighs more than you do Kaylee but it's okay so here let me show you this real quick because this is kind of the trick right here when you're doing the corners you want to tuck it kind of like you do a package when you're wrapping a present now forget about okay well let's staple right there staple right okay sorry leave my faint just not my finger okay good don't want to hurt you now we're pulling safes go kind of like I do okay I go over it like this yep perfect all right and then we're just gonna keep stapling so just keep going around okay and this is a basketball one run boys yeah I can't like I felt like when I looked at my samples I had kind of left the boys out of this okay so we get the idea here when it's done this is what its gonna look like okay all right so you could make as big of one as you want they have even 24 by 36 inch canvases okay so now to embellish it I bought a just the paper mache letters very inexpensive I mean so lightweight this is a G I know I don't know why I picked a G but probably cuz I have disco heaven yeah there you go so then you take the e6000 that's the adhesive that's a bit lazy yeah oh that's right Cayley you don't know this is my favorite adhesive in the whole wide world just so you know okay okay we just slather it on there and then you know you could put it in the center I tend to go over to the side a little bit okay you see what just happened there how long have we been doing this yeah how long is there gonna be been I think about a minute and a half something like that beautiful that's easy that's quick and look at can we show all these other ones here so the quick gray and yellow is relatable really big right now and so what I did was I took four coordinating fabrics when you go to the fabric store they're gonna have the coordinating fabrics together so that's easy for you you don't even have to try to think of what goes together took some acrylic paint took an unfinished letter painted it get that pop of color there thank you you're so well this is gonna be easy she's gonna have me a lot more to help you yeah but we're gonna get a color scheme going this was really fast so if you want some instructions you can go on line and there's a simple list and you can have your own fabric wall it's a KC live.com and it's KC KC live tv.com okay so later this afternoon thanks Leigh Ann thank you so much you're so welcome it's exciting to do this stuff and we're going to have all of that online for you so

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  1. lucky you, I went to Michaels they don't have those these cheap. And I got some paper from there though(blue prints and some lime) to use instead of fabric. So ready but only problem is the frame. Styrofoam is not expensive but one of the reason I wanted to use it just to cover some of my orange wall and create white and blue contrast, with styro I can not do that and frame is expensive. I wonder if anyone has used hardboard and how that would look if I use on what hardboard and keeping 2 inches gaps around the pic. My pic is 12 by 12, I need 14 by 14, i wonder if they have that size.

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