Kaywos Cloth User Demonstration

warning this video contains subject matter that some may deem too good to be true hi Pat and Vanna here for the amazing Kaos cloth it's a patented technology to clean glass mirrors and many other services straight free using only water we will demonstrate the Kaos cloth for you Bannon if you can hand me the bowl and a crayon this is Crayola crayon we're gonna write some other window here just to get it dirty and that's very difficult to please thank you ma'am we're going to take our cloth and wet it the cloth is 16 by 15 in diameter we use nothing but our another we're gonna have no need for windows fingers anymore wet it wring it and white it's gonna remove not only crayon bugs fingerprints grease on stove oil do you have an animal you were really lover for the dog slobber on your windows but not only does it clean it the best thing about it I hope we can see this the moisture on the glass we want the camera to make sure we can pick that up your next step is to go back and wipe the dry with this table washcloth you don't have to dry it it's guaranteed to leave no streaks when it dries in other words you're finished it completely eliminates your need for paper towels now while that's drying we're gonna take a washcloth on a mirror and we know how hard mirrors are clean thank you man we're just going to wipe that mirror I'm going to throw a little angles here so make sure the camera can pick up the water on it white but it's going to look like it doesn't work in the beginning just go to the next window when you walk back it's gonna be crystals there'll be no lint no spots no streaks it's gonna take about 10 to 15 more seconds for that to dry now while that's drying Thank You van ain't under that mirror just a minute and give me that crayon it's not just for windows we want to you to use your cloths on many other services for instance chrome stainless steel appliances throw away the polish guys we're gonna put crayon on there I'm going to take my finger and rub on that hard it's not going to get it off the reason this cloth is so effective it's millions of tiny fibers that are 200 times thinner than a human hair and they're non woven that's what the patent is take your cloth on your stainless steel your chrome it'll literally take two seconds to clean it it's going to polish and clean it when it's on the call for stainless steel appliances and it's going to take the seconds to do it is the nice thing about it when it dries it's going to leave it shiny new because the fibers are so fine it's going to polish it with no wind no spots no streaks thank you very much that that down when the cloth gets dirty you'll wash them you don't throw them away they come with a one-year guarantee even though it looks like a paper towel again because of those fibers it's just strong as leather and I'm made in China either guys remember anything surface your way don't dry in our home with only as window cleaners we don't use paper towels we don't use polish my big thing is the time that it saves you guys get your K wash cloths stop wasting your money on window cleaners paper towels polish stop films don't the landfills with garbage in bottles and paper towels start saving yourself time working money with the K washcloths family Mon tell about your windows on the back of your home I love to I have all sliding glass windows I used to use newspaper have the little balls all over the house and sign it out take me hours to do it that was the worst part and plus always have to go back for streaks now I just wipe them and I walk away I'm done it takes me a third of the time to go from a two hour job in about 20 minutes that was for a big testimony and we didn't have a ball of all the newspapers to pick up in the yard thank you guys again stop wasting money I'm window cleaners paper towels get the K wasp off your retailer is going to give you a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied the tens of thousands of satisfied customers throughout the u.s. and Canada became go wrong with the Kay washcloth chaotic officer was no liability for any injuries caused by walking two extremely clear sliding glass doors have a great day guys

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