Hey guys it’s Kayla from we are the Davises and today we’re going to be doing my summer clothing haul so the first outfit that I have one is all from Dilards the top and the shorts and the shoes are from rack broom shoes and then the head band is from Clair’s I really like this shirt and we got a couple other shirts with the same style they just have like different prints on the front so I have this mermaid one a little gods eye is what it’s called it’s pretty and bright nope not today which I love this shirt because I love being lazy and then I have another mermaid shirt to go with my mermaid hair so yup this is the first outfit and I really like it okay so our second outfit it’s the same shorts from the other outfit and then another Dilard’s top it’s got flowers all over it and it’s an off the shoulder and I use a little hack where when you put your arms up it doesn’t slide up and all you need is 4 safety pins and two rubber bands and just pin the rubber bands under neath the arm pits and then it will go up and then the shoes are from Rack Rim shoes same place as the Adidas okay so for our next outfit I got this shirt from Dilards I got this head band from Clair’s and I said I got these shoes as I said before from Rackrim shoes I already had these pants but you could just probably grab a pair of jeans and role them up and it would look the same I really like how flowy this shirt is it looks like really pretty and it’s really comfortable okay so for our next outfit I got a cute California shirt because it reminds me of how we’re going to move to California probably not going to wear this when we get to California because that’s a little bit weird but you never know it’s a cute shirt and I like it I got this from Dilard’s and I got these acid wash or bleached I don’t know what you call it comment down below if you know which one it is but we got these from Jacey Penny and then I got the shoe and the Clair’s headband and it’s so cute okay so our next outfit going to be my 4th of July outfit if you’re from a America you know what I’m talking about if you aren’t from America then 4th of July is just a celebration that Americans freedom so I have my American flag tank top and then I have these shorts from justice say be free and they have these free signs on them with feathers and then my top was from Dilards and then I got my little cat ear hand band from Clair’s and it’s super cute okay so for our next outfit I have this cute little white shirt with like lose sleeves cut out shoulders and it’s got little flowers all over it so I pair it with some jeans shorts that have some lace on the bottom and some white converse and then my Clair’s cat ears my shirt is from Dilards and the short’s are from forever 21 okay so this is our final outfit and it’s a nice floral dress like a sun dress that I would go out to eat in like dinner and it’s super pretty and we got this at Dillard’s and it’s got nice short’s in the front so I can like move around and stuff and then it’s got like the back piece of the dress that’s super pretty and then I have my Clair’s head band like butterflies and flowers on it and then I got these sandals at Payless they’re super cute so that was my summer clothing haul hope you guys enjoyed this video like subscribe share this with your friends and family comment down below which outfit was your favorite and until next time bye

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