Just Add Watson: Episode 1 – transforming the apparel industry with AI

the moment when you're in a swimsuit is the moment where you are most vulnerable because you're most naked in public no one's measurements match a straight graded size human beings are nuanced and different it seemed ridiculous to us that you would be out there and nearly naked in something that just doesn't fit you very well that's what made us start designing and focusing on custom swimwear I was working in technology and I was watching an automotive designer sculpt the hood of a car when you're doing that you're balancing the visual aspects of design with the physical properties I thought to myself well I wonder if this type of technology could be used for human bodies instead of car bodies we knew we needed to get our customers measurements we thought about body scanning but body scanners are not pervasive enough for an e-commerce bathing suit line nor is it a very empowering experience to see a 3d model of the body but we didn't know that mostly everywhere there are dry cleaners and tailors who know how to expertly measure people so we thought how can we get over this hurdle and that's when we added Watson the thing that we're really excited about in terms of watts and capabilities is to bring that data into a platform where it's usable we also noticed the process of measuring somebody is something that can really be helped and we saw an opportunity to make that measurement gathering process more fun and to also speed up gathering measurements the tailor simply has to say a measurement Watson hears the measurement translates it into a form that we can then take so we can generate a unique and eventually a custom bathing suit artificial intelligence is only as smart as what you teach it we're going to move Watson from an assistant which are the capabilities we've already built to layering in more industry experience and domain expertise we really think that this is the key to transforming the apparel industry from where it is now to a flexible system that really allows us to have clothes that actually fit us and are more demonstrative of who we are

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