July Favs 🍊 (Music, Clothes, Shows)

Hello. where’s my water? Hello and welcome to my room It has been a thick minute since I have done a favorites video and the past month of my life has been very very eventful So I have a lot to talk about it’s very early in the morning cuz I have so much to do today So I’m just kind of in this like mental state of like I should be sleeping right now But I’m awake and I’m just gonna go I’m just gonna go Go, that’s the most of the past month But it’s been a good month a very productive month and let’s just get into the favorites First up are my fashion favorites top of the list is these bowling shirts? I have two of them I like this one so much that I’ve just I just bought another one They are way too big for me. Like way too big I think I could fit like two of me inside of each one of them But they’re so cute that I just don’t I just don’t care walk around looking like a pillowcase. They’ re just cute I like them. They remind me a lot of the 50s and I love fifties fashion Don’t love the morals of the 50 But I love the fashion 50’s the bowling shirts remind me a lot of like a local senior citizen I would see in my hometown on his way to the bowling alley every week I’m dead serious when I say that what I look for fashion inspiration I very seriously think what would the old people in my hometown be wearing? And that’s how I came up with the idea to get these shirts They’re cool. Get yourself a bowling shirt If you feel like looking like a 50s teen next up is something you’ve already seen it is this hoodie? It is a champion hoodie I’m not like much of like a brand name person But I saw this and I was just like I see a vision of myself fitting my whole entire body Inside of this hoodie, and then I knew I had to purchase ha ha ha I very consistently buy things that are way too large for my body Someone is speaking to me the past month I’ve been in the studio So much so much studio time that my brain is sizzled hiding myself in this hoodie has helped me retain the smallest Semblance of sanity, it’s very cozy. It’s not summery at all But that doesn’t matter if you spend all their time inside of an air-conditioned cafe from like 6:00 the morning to 11:30 at night We’d love a workaholic but it’s really good. Very cozy. I’ve been wearing it a lot Last on the list. Is this roof for st. Jude shirt? I got this shirt at a thrift store in Texas last time I was there once again It’s just just way too large just like it goes down to my kneecaps and I’m not like the tiniest person I’m five foot ten. But here’s the deal. I always do this thing when I go to thrift stores. I see you shirt That is so cute And I really want it and then I’m like, well, I’ll just buy it anyways and just wear it when I’m sleeping But then I don’t wear it when I’m just sleeping. I wear it all the time and I look like a toddler It’s a problem. What am I gonna fix it? No, I’ve been wearing it while I was sleeping and then I just like don’t even change out of it And then I just put on shorts and then just continue on through the day so I have been getting a lot of use out Of it. It also just reminds me of the fourth of July I spent 4th of July in Texas with my best friend this year So it just has really good memories and it’s a favorite next up are my music favorites I have had the most scattered music taste in my whole entire life in the past month Like I just went through like every genre it’s been a crazy month Ok, that does my justification when I started out the month. It was Shawn Mendes This is just Shawn Mendes Like nobody else only Shawn man Chad for like two weeks all I listen to even his older stuff Just all of it ever since that new album came out. I just was like Shawn Mendes. It was very intense Probably listened to the whole album all the way through like 900 times I really like in my blood like to be you nervous and when you’re ready, very sweet song. He’s he’s a sweet boy He’s just a good kid and then all of a sudden I discovered an artist named Bulo I think that’s how you say her name, maybe below. Who knows right. Now. Next time on Conan doesn’t know how to pronounce anything She is this cool mixture of like electronic pop synth music, but it’s definitely pop like it’s pop music My favorite song of hers. Is this something you and Jennifer? It’s the song that I found her from it’s so cool there’s like vocoders everywhere and all these harmonies and like the lyrics are so Interesting and it’s just like fantastic songwriting She’s just really interesting and I was really obsessed with like all of her music for like another week It’s a very starkly one from like Shawn Mendes to like electronic pop and then I went like straight from electronic Music to a country music. I don’t know how that happened. And then it was just country music for like two weeks I just don’t understand my brain Mechanisms granted the country music that I was listening to is very progressive country music I listened mostly to Kacey Musgraves. So you don’t know who Kacey Musgraves is then you really missing out I know country music gets a really bad rap But I was raised on country music and country music reminds me a lot of home and when I’m homesick I always listen to country music and a lot a lot a lot of my songwriting style is actually Borrowed from country music and if you sang it in a country accent like all of my songs with song like country songs and that’s something I don’t really talk about very often but country music actually played a really massive role in my life and in my Musical life Kacey Musgraves new album is so good. The songwriting is top-notch So smart, just so well done She is the progressive country pop music artists that we all needed that America needed that the world needed my favorites from my new album Are space cowboy slow burn? butterflies, and also her older stuff like merry-go-round and follow your arrow just like Great-great-great country songs the thing that I really like about country music is what it’s about Subject wise it’s much more interesting than pop music A lot of modern radio pop music right now is about love and of course love is a great thing And obviously it’s a great thing to sing about it’s a very massive feeling that everyone has but it’s always about love and Relationships and now that person cheated on me or I’m so in love with this person the country music and good country music You know not country music that’s like sitting in my truck with the beer in my hand But like good country music that I was raised on It’s about life in general and the songs are very much just about like this is what my life is like This is what I do every day, and it’s centered on this very slow-paced ideal of life which Is very much about the same exact thing a lot of the music that I write is about kind of just life and it’s not About relationships and things like that. And that’s what I would really love about country music because it’s about like normal life I just love country music country music means a lot to me and it’s done a lot for my songwriting So then after my like week of country music, I went back to my norm Lorde She’s back. Everything’s normal again, but it’s been a weird month for me. These are like Sep are just some miscellaneous favorites the past month. I got very very ill just like I do almost every month I just have a terrible immune system. It’s great I don’t have the immune system of a city boy said he’s too dirty and I get sick all the time But while I was very sick, I watched a lot of TV shows but mostly one I watched the show named big little lies. It has Reese Witherspoon shailene woodley and zoe kravitz a great show Very very well made it’s like an intense dark comedy centered around these wealthy mothers on the coast of California It’s super gripping. Like I watched the first episode and I just had to keep watching it But with that being said, it’s definitely very graphic and is centered around very very painful Experiences so I would definitely use caution before watching the show. I really liked it I thought it was very Very good and I watched all of it in one sitting or one leg rather because I was very sick Next up is the show queer. Hi. I’ve talked about queer I a lot of times but I just love it It’s so wholesome I’ve watched the whole entire first season with my best friend Ashley last time I was in Texas and then this time when I was In Texas, I watched the whole entire second season with her It is by far the most wholesome show that’s circulating the world right now. I’m so glad that people are watching it And then it’s getting popular It’s basically a makeover show where five gay men makeover these straight men’s lives or not Always straight men just like men’s lives and help them better themselves And not only do they like help the men but they also like help their families and like redo their house and like help them Have healthier living habits, and it’s just like the best show ever. It’s so cute. It’s so wholesome I’ve never seen anything more wholesome in my whole entire life each one of the Fab five had like a different role So like Bobby does home Innovation and Carano as a therapist tan is a stylist and Jonathan does beauty and hair and of course everyone’s favorite Antony who squashes avocados But what I really love about the show is how much this show is helping unify the whole Country I grew up in a very conservative small town in Texas and I think small towns from the south yet demonized a law anyone who’s never been to the South doesn’t know anyone from Texas, you know automatically thinks like Oh terrible people like Trump supporters, like homophobes and stuff like that But the truth is times are really changing in the south and queer I the show is based in Georgia which is very southern very much has the same I deels as texas and yet the show is set there and is kind of showing the world how much love and Acceptance and just unity there is in the south it’s helping every community kind of like be less scared of each other because you know a lot of the tension that Exists in the world comes from fear of each other so I just think this show is so important and I think it’s actually doing a really Important thing in the world right now and I just love it. It’s just really good. Next up is the movie The Princess Diaries? I’m not even going to explain this one. If you haven’t seen the Princess Diaries watch it It has an Hathaway and freaking Julie Andrews from the freakin Sound of Music It is an essential of everybody’s young adult life. Just watch it. I’m ordering you that is your homework for today It’s summer vacation, but I’m giving you a homework last up on my list Is this Dolly Parton record? The past month has been a really big music month for me So I’ve been working on music harder than I ever have in my whole entire life I’m very excited to show it to you guys, but it’s been really hard. It’s in like a very confusing process and I’m I’m learning kind of like as I go and as I make mistakes So it’s been really tough and I’ve really been missing home and really been missing my friends and I guess just kind of like missing Simpler times but a week ago. I just gotten out of a meeting and I walked into Amoeba Records Which is a very very famous record store in Hollywood I was walking around and I didn’t really like see anything that I wanted then last minute I fell upon this amazing Dolly Parton record Jolene and I will always love you Just so many good. Good. Classic Dolly Parton songs if you don’t know who Dolly Parton is I guarantee that you do know who Dolly Parton is you probably just don’t know that you Know who Dolly Parton is this is a very little-known fact, but Dolly Parton is actually the original writer of the song I will always love you by the amazingly incredible Whitney, Houston So Whitney Houston’s rendition the massive one the super big record. That’s like punches you right in the face That incredible song is actually cover of Dolly Parton song Dolly Parton is the sole writer of the song She wrote it all by herself and her version of it, you know The original is just this very like sweet tender. Love song that she wrote for her friend as a goodbye I adored Dolly Parton. She is one of the most talented songwriters and she’s just such a massive inspiration to me She came from absolutely nothing. She was one of 12 children and she was born in Tennessee to a Farming family that had absolutely no money Her parents didn’t know how to read or to write yet dolly ended up being one of the most famous song writers of all time And that is all due to her passion and her talent and her heart, which is just absolutely made of gold She is just like such an amazing story of redemption. If you haven’t listened to the original version of I Will Always Love You It’s it’s just beautiful and you can just tell how genuine it is So this record just meant a lot to me the past month that is everything for this favorites video I really hope you enjoyed it in the comments below. I’d love to hear what your favorites have been the past month I find a lot of my own favorites for me guys tweeting me or from you guys commenting things So I’d love to hear it if you’d like to see me more than once a week You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter. I’m very active on those. I have no filter on those at all So I’ll see you guys in a week with a brand new video. God bless and good. Bye


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  4. my favorites tend to come from friends, since were just a gang of rowdy aesthetic wannabes. but i did come up with a hobby of sitting in a gIAnt hoodie with overly sweet tea & getting nostalgic over things i havent done yet & its one of my favorite things to do when im stressed

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