Jr. Dress Up w/ the Mighty Twins & Blue 🐶 Ep 10 ft. PAW Patrol + Blue’s Clues & You! | Nick Jr.

It’s time for Junior Dress Up. I’m Mighty Rubble. Mighty Rubble on the double. There’s too much shiny stuff in the nest. It’s gonna fall! Lady Bird, you gotta get out of there. Whoa. Mighty Rubble on the double! [groaning] Phew. Huh? Ryder, the Lady Bird’s nest
is falling towards the train station, and I don’t know how much
longer I can hold it. I… can’t… hold it. Need a paw? Alright, Mighty Ella! I’m Blue! Hey Blue, I am going to get you
some milk in a cup with a straw right now. And you can drink it with your snack. [howling] [music playing] We’re all ready for our snack, Blue. Time for snack time! Wonderful, wonderful! It’s a regular snack party! I’m Chase! [barking] Chase is on the case. [sirens wailing] Katie, we’re here to help. See, Cally? Thanks! Skye, pick up Katie! On it! [bell chiming] Skye, watch out for that light! Ten-four, Chase. Phew, that was close. Almost there. Easy… Gotcha! Thanks so much, Skye. Now let’s catch up to that locomotive. [music playing] I’m Butterbean. OK everyone, let’s get to work. Hey Poppy, you know that
wonderful granola you make? Already in the oven. And Jasper, we’ll need those
raspberries washed please. You got it, boss! And we should have some
yogurt in the fridge. I’ll get it. – Mm, yogurt.
– Mm. [humming] Uh-oh. Butterbean, look. Dazzle, we’re out of yogurt? Mm, yogurt. I put it on the list to get more. We made a lot of smoothies yesterday. That’s OK, I’ll go get some more
from Mr. Chippers. Come on, Cricket.
You can come with me. OK. I’m Mighty Skye. This mighty pup is going for a spin. Ryder, I have a visual
on Captain Turbot’s fish. I’m going in. Got ’em! Great, return Captain Turbot’s fish
to The Flounder, and we’ll return the cows and the tuna. Great job, mighty pups. I’m Josh! [howling] [music playing] Whoa! Did you see that? [laughing] Blue just skidooed into that picture. How did she do that? Let’s skidoo too. ♪ Blue skidoo, we can too ♪ Whoa, my first skidoo! What is this place? [cows mooing] [rooster crowing] It’s a farm. A farm, right. ♪ E-I-E-I-O ♪ ♪ We are farming for Blue’s Clues
E-I-E-I-O ♪ With a chick-chick here
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