what's up guys welcome back let's jump right into it tonight just finish up over here this is our second stop for tonight this is actually t.j.maxx that we usually stop at leaves are like the first or second stop nothing inside of here but when the co is literally like right across the street from me and I think she found something amazing cuz she held over to me so let's go check it out if you guys are in here please make sure you hit the subscribe button so let's go see what we can find tonight I think we found something amazing there is boxes and boxes of these inside of the dumpster I think they're Halloween decorations let's check these out guys this is insane that is so cool they're like a DIY boneyard kit oh there you go check it out 30 bucks for one and there's two in a box I don't even no idea how many that we have inside of here check that out guys sorry the lighting is like super bright but so dark outside so freakin cool so it's a 16 piece set and that's what it's supposed to look like I guess after you get off you know finished with it decorating and all that super freaking cool so that is to to a box 39.99 for one and guys I have no idea how many boxes did we add two boxes right here Nicole was pouring out in another let me go to the other side and look so I still don't know how many boxes that is but there's two left in there and there's a random one like kind of busted open on the bottom you probably won't be taking that but Nichole's brother is seriously in love with halloween and decorating so he's gonna freak out when we give all the stuff to him so that's is there anymore in the dumpster there's one more in a dumpster so that'll be one two three four five six so that's twelve pieces total and they're 40 bucks apiece guys stack it on top of us I want to go what if you think they're different so that's twelve twelve pieces total that is so insane yeah you should keep a couple and then give the rest to your brother cuz he's gonna freak out when he sees all this stuff but that's it inside of the dumpster honestly but insane fine guys drop a comment let me know what you guys think I have no idea why they threw him out we're gonna obviously check for a recall but how they gonna recall like styrofoam honestly I have no idea here's what the tag says right there doorbuster boneyard collection we got to get this stuff in the car before the security comes around but yeah guys this is pretty much it we got six boxes of these completely freaking insane find we're gonna pack this up and move on to at least a couple more dumpsters so we are at Bed Bath Beyond and josh is already in the dumpster what did you find baby it's huge all right hold on got it got it look how nice that clock is I made Joseph slide a little bit and unfortunately they spray-painted it a little bit but this is so nice it's missing the hands but that's okay I always order the hands online that's a good question how much was it up here we go $79.99 for it so 80 bucks but this is a really nice clock oh yeah I can get that off real easy it's just a plastic nothing else let's see I really don't think there's much left inside of here tonight unfortunately maybe something in this bag actually it might be something in here Nicole yeah what's in this box something hamilton beach sounds like it might be shattered oh yeah oh they spray-painted they're really bad too but that was a glass kettle pretty cool yeah maybe we should just take this portion just in case we find the UH the kettle one day which we probably will all right something I guess looks like they had a bunch of glasses but they all what is this weird light bulbs I think these are a further store yeah this one's broken anyway but I think there's a bunch of these like little boxes it looks like they probably changed their lightbulbs in the store yeah but unfortunately this is actually pretty much it over here at Bed Bath Amiata guys we are at Michael's and Nicole found a bunch of picture frames I know I'm trying to hold a dumpster door oh this thing is massive pretty nice too do you think there was something in it or no it's just a picture frame yeah super nice price new there anything else in that huge box all right so we got a gigantic picture frame and there's a couple more it's another huge one those are yeah those are the outer ones those are no good there because we don't have the other side to it maybe they're in the dumpster somewhere oh yeah take that is that for this that might be for this one a cold little scraped up though I'll have to see how it looks think you got to take the back portion off and put that back inside ABS over no I don't know take it anyway because it might be for it alright anything else in here babe let me check the other side I really don't think there's a whole lot left inside of here but hey guys that's it over here just pull it up to Pier one Imports and I think this dumpster might have some good stuff I already see some baskets babe like golf big set or kind of tore up a little bit yes they're not that bad are they taking these right all right we got some baskets right on the top of the dumpster a little bit tore up kind of really not that bad though this one's a little yeah I mean obviously have a little bit of flaws but a couple different sizes and see what else we got oh nice look at that freaking pillow guys it's outdoor pillow really nice oh goodness yeah you're definitely gonna have to sew it up a bit but that's really really nice any price tag just that thing cool looks pretty promising so far what are these looks like a leg is that good or something but on three replacement legs okay I don't know about that they might be for some kind of like maybe shelf or something for their store who knows what are these things like big sign holders for the store those are useless to us this pillow oh yeah these are cushions for some kind of like patio set or something like that yeah those are no good either if you got some stuff down here doesn't look like anything interesting let's check this side Oh Nicole see you always got to check the bags are these cushions for outside chairs 40 bucks for one what are they for hold on I'm a little confused indoor huh yeah $40 for one yeah holy cow nice anything else in that bag babe sometimes we get lazy we don't check the bags because they feel late but I mean see there you go flowers or they just stems noise I know those are expensive nine dollars a piece how many you got we've got five of them nice Nicole Chinese lanterns really never heard of them I mean they're super nice to them very pretty I know you're stoked for that you know guys know Nicole loves flowers all right let me find something for once you're finding everything tonight something else feels heavy in there and it might get pizza is that a piece of glass but be careful with this as you know is it mats is plastic I think that's it for that bag all right I mean obviously this bag is nothing here cuz it's super late oh I see another cushion down there but it's pretty much useless honestly let me climb up here a little bit see if I could see anything try to get this out of the way you hold that out Brooklyn kind of interested in this bag down here a bunch of tools like I guess to put stuff together for the store yeah I think that's probably pretty much said nothing I was interested in here but we did pretty good honestly because we never really find anything here too often really nice pillow some Chinese lanterns Nicole thinks they're called but those are like nine dollars a piece a bunch of baskets and these $40 chair pillows I'm not sure if they're outside I don't think they are yeah you could yeah you couldn't take the string off you're right that other one is missing like the center button isn't it but that's pretty much the guys did pretty good we are at Staples not expecting honestly to find a whole lot here but I just figured we would check don't really find anything here too too often every now and again though see anything yet Nicole yeah we're just gonna have to move some stuff around Oh what is that on open box what's in the box those are pieces for shelving oh that's a bust you you check that side I'm gonna check a little bit further in here there's another on bodies are ink cartridges and these are usually used this one doesn't what in the world is this what do you got over there brown packaging paper I'll pull it out we'll check it out what is this though HP something it's not it has not been open not as for sure this is a freaking ink toner because it is massive and it's really expensive if it is I can't get it out there we go no it is not what is this stuff have no clue at all what this is is it an another roll of paper yeah I'm not really sure guys you're gonna probably have to help us out with this drop a comment I'm going to take it it looks like paper but it says Donna maybe we should read the that might help for use with dye and pigment ink printers huh yeah I don't know idea but take it for sure let's see what I see how much it costs online I'm sure it's expensive I mean I don't know if we're gonna take it what else we got here's another box oh it says 3m on it could possibly be tape let's check it out what is this grocery bag oh it says oh oh that's the UM that's the color I guess or the design is what it's supposed to be that they're actually a seven envelopes definitely going to take these we always find envelopes if for some reason or another those are pretty nice though alright so that's some envelopes what's that favorite towels whoa what is this are you serious there's a like industrial like for bathroom yeah there for like retail stores I think I'll turn around it's a little wet on the other side that's probably why they threw them out you see it it's not a big deal though yeah we could take them and those are like what do you call them like the torque Stiles you guys know what I'm talking about like the torque spray and like the really thick ones I don't know but look I found these to Nicole time cards like punch in and out cards for like a small businesses I'm definitely gonna take these there's like a whole box of em down there I'll grab the rest of them in a few minutes but these are really cool let me probably sell a point eBay or something all right I'll be over there in a second I'm gonna check them out are they like thick they look thick oh I didn't even notice these sitting right here a bunch of binders one two three here's another one four binders brand new I don't think honestly there's anything wrong with them they're like perfectly fine well definitely be taking these to kind of a little bit of jackpot in here to Cole bunch of random random stuff but kind of excited to find some stuff some more of these time cards punching out punch in and out cards looks like it's probably it for this side anything only have a side Nicole anymore oh yeah look at that brown paper we can use that for like packing boxes for shipping boxes yeah it's just craft paper why in the world would they throw that out it's probably like a special order nobody picked up they just trash it pretty cool so we got four rolls of that oh yeah guys there's a whole freakin oh that's just fell there's a whole freakin case of paper towels inside yeah they're like super thick I mean yeah we can use them where we could donate them we're definitely gonna take I'm not gonna leave them in here that's for sure yeah guys I'm probably this is gonna be pretty much it and this is going to be the last stop we've already been everywhere tonight we found some amazing amazing stuff that you guys so much for tuning in hanging out with us if you guys are new to channel please make sure you hit that subscribe button and join the dumpster squad and we'll see you guys next time


  1. The box containing the "roll" is actually a polyester fabric designed for printing banners for outdoor use. I found it online for $220 dollars.

  2. I know this is an old video, but I was just thinking I'd give y'all yet another option for things y'all don't pick up. Like the tools, and table legs etc. Y'all should find your local Habitat for Humanity and donate those things to them. You could get tax deduction reciets for your donation.

  3. The paper is for like bigger printers and they use ink tanks and they print posters and bigger pictures on tit

  4. We get threats from our managers that they throw away glass….scare tactics….we looped around…found no glass!!!! But an entire bag of cricut vinyl and sticker sheets….14 to 17 bucks each!!!! They did RIP corners so it won't feed in machine but as crafters we can make it work!!!

  5. Get some leather lacing and whip stint h around the top edges of you baskets and they will look great!!

  6. Here in Minneapolis and suburbs everyone has locks in their dumpsters or video is on it. Hard to dumpster dive ….. I loved the clock

  7. You guys must wear protective eye glasses and clothing and gloves!!! Who knows what you could get in to! Not just the stores use these dumpsters!

  8. I thought this was illegal at businesses? Some of them have sign's out saying it's illegal or they will prosecute…. So my question is ……this is not and we can look through it?

  9. I don't know why they would have tossed them out either!! If there was a recall, they can't throw them out. They would have to return them to the company to be disposed of. Great find!! You can sell them for half price or even less & make a bundle!!

  10. Nothing against what your doing but . use gloves !!! Please !!! You never know my friend !!! Good luck ! 👍

  11. Bet you someone from this store put these in the dumpster for one of their buddies to come by and pick up. ✌🏻❤

  12. Don’t know why you don’t bring a blanket or boxes to put your finds in. Doesn’t make sense yountoss on ground. Would save time if you put in boxes

  13. I can’t believe you aren’t concerned the cops won’t pull up. Plus the two of you can’t use most of what you find…you must sell this on you tube but legally you probably can’t say so. There has t9 be a monetary incentive. I do not believe for one minute that you can’t sell these at a tag sale. I know I would.

  14. My husband and I used to hit the Zany Brainy dumpster when our kids were little. It was a treasure trove!

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