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so I'm at ruts hot which to me is one of the great institutions of New Jersey it is a hotdog stand that dates back to 1928 they serve a type of hotdogs for the ripa which is literally it's fried until a large rupture works its way through the natural casing revealing the succulent inner flesh it is to me one of the great hotdogs unreplicated in my opinion anyway I think coming here since the 80s apart from the price of everything anything to change we keep it sick keep it simple so tell me the story about this guy's started in 1928 by a but that's where the main website comes from tell me about the hot dog it's a beef pork to make speed report you get that sweetness from the bull it's something you don't the crunchiness feel so you guys always fried them or is that so always always yeah the get-go holy that's where the term Ripper come from like I tell most people you can't just deep-fry any old dog just doesn't work like that right people see us on TV and I try to do it there's something unique about a Ripa it has a textural contrast between the inside and the outside that might no other hotdog has it doesn't explode because it's already open but it's just like it's like a concussive crunch right it's almost like it's it's a concussive crunch I just did so we're gonna start off with the plane on the dorms Ripper mmm obviously it's a soft supple bun you go right through it and you hit this crunch and it's profound and it's concussive it releases this incredibly savory beefy flavor being the court that you super supple very juicy and it's sweet because it's got pork in it so you get hit with this beefy upfront flavor nice the char salty bite but then you get this sweet evocation coming on afterwards it's almost like a kind of like barbecue like a really nice tender pork bun or something that's a great hot dog let's see what happens when you put some relish on it mmm it's such a profound pairing but I just wanted to go on forever and ever just keep eating or like an endless haul it's just utterly superb I love the savory nature of the hotdog itself and the deep frying kind of accentuates that but then you balance it with this sweet slightly taut crunchy relish and I can't actually think of anything I'd rather eat I mean it's just it's a hotdog that leaves you wanting nothing like it satisfies everything that you would want in a hotdog but it's also the stories of places like this that a family owned generationally that has been you know handed down maybe it's one family to the other maybe it's within the same family but the point is that there's something about places like this that provide touch-tones to the past this is how people ate how their forefathers ate how generations of people who grew up in Clifton aid thank you very much for watching I'm Nick slores host of the meat you click here to see the next episode and so as you can see this is like textbook texas-style brisket thank you you've got all of the hallmarks you've got the moistness


  1. You've been going there since the '80s? Lightweight! Been going there since the late '60s!!! LOL And as attached video implies, Rutt's Hut is not just hotdogs!!!

  2. He replaced funky with concussive and profound. Love him or hate him you gotta give it to him he is entertaining

  3. The textural contrast with the soft hotdog bun and this congealed crispy fried hot dog meat provides a great juxtaposition of textures and flavours, with the cheese acting as a coagulant of sorts holding all these beautiful toppings and condiments in a stylised familiar hot dog structure. Written by ImFullOfShit

  4. I'm from Chicago and I think we have the best hot dogs in America, that being said that looks like an amazing hot dog!

  5. These hot dogs are made by Thumans and they are actually made to withstand the heat when frying. Rutt's uses a mixture of relish and mustard. I grew up with the NJ deep fried dowg. My favorite has always been Hirum's or Callahan's in Ft. Lee, NJ

  6. I don’t hate Nick but I find his choice of words out of place which is hilarious most of the time no hate Nick but sometimes you brighten up my day with that profound way of describing something that went through Maillard REACTION hahaha love ya Nick but seriously my only critique is that you allow the chef to talk more cause most of the time I hear you speaking more than they do which is difficult to really understand their story of the food so just watch out for that

  7. 0:30 – "I've been coming here since to EIGHTIES?" WOW………

    The place has only been there about 60 years longer.

    In other words, EVERY person in there has been "coming there" longer than YOU.

  8. My mom and I used to go to Rutt's all the time. I miss it so much, we just don't have anything like that in Missouri

  9. can i just talk about how unsanitary is it to have the person that handles the food also handle money… like directly.

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