hey guys this is so dumb hi I'm Kevin and we are now going to react to Jersey Jersey yes it's a telugu movie okay and it's by Nani Nani and shred – Rena shredder Sherina oh my god directed by Gautam thin Inori I'm hoping I'm saying it correctly got some Tina knew really good [Applause] so the music is by anirudh anirudh mm-hmm let's go ahead and watch this trailer you know take it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so so Jersey is referencing to their yeah Jersey yeah so the movie is more like about his son ask him to buy a jersey for him and he can't afford to buy okay so but anyway he don't go back to playing cricket to buy you can just say of course but it's Manik so that's what happens to the cricket journey right like when you're in school or in college like not just create any sports in general after you don't make it to the representing our country or something then I mean you can compete for 2-3 times for the selection after that if you kind of give up like probably you think like okay you're never going to make it so but the story takes a very different tone when you see the whole movie there is a reason playing and then why he came back to play and all that there is a very good valid reason but yeah the story is very like again in like sports stories are very empowering oh yeah very strong and right impactful impactful yeah yeah people get emotionally tied to them yeah and his kid who did this who acted in this movie as his kid he got very famous after this movie like people really like him so much he's good yeah his acting is really good and he's not the kid doesn't even know the language oh yeah he's a Mumbai kid I think so he speaks in Hindi so he doesn't know the language and he did amazing yeah that's great do you think well you said sports stories have usually a lot of meeting because meaning because the storyline is agony defeat the thrill of winning hmm then you throw love and family issues into the mix that's it represents really a lot of different dynamics so I can see how there's weaving this emotional thread throughout that kind of movie but it's it's captivating in the sense because there's obviously some emotional pain and probably some physical toil that's going on so we'll be very interesting to see how that all would work out and and the kid represents that other dynamic that right you're always kind of drawn to the kid who has an emotional connection to it storyline so Ryan I'd be interested all right thank god this is so that signing up for multi reactions do not forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon this is Kevin signing off till next time [Applause] [Applause]


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