Jersey Shore Family Vacation The Game from Mattel

it's t-shirt time with the Jersey Shore family crew hi i'm emerson with ttpm and this is jersey shore family vacation game from Mattel MTV's highest-rated show Jersey Shore is back with a brand new show Jersey Shore family vacation now that show Jersey Shore family vacation has a whole new board game this Jersey Shore family vacation game uses iconic moments as well as sangs can you say GTL to get in on all the meatball juicehead prank war champions and fist pumping action each player picks a Jersey Shore family vacation cast member whether that be Pauly D Mike the situation Ronnie Vinny JWoww Deena or Snooki to play ass as players move around the board game engaging in all the turned up action and drama they collect Jersey Shore family vacation themed cards they can even collect special cards to receive bonus points but watch out and be careful because you're spiraling aka partying a little too hard and losing it and you'll have to sleep it off and lose a turn if you land on the same space as another player you'll obviously have to fight it out by rolling the dices determine who wins the player with the most points after all the cards have been drawn is the winner fans of the Jersey Shore will certainly love this fun GTL themed reference game and trust us that there is a lot of it that being said that this games rules can be quite long and detailed so you really need to give your crew a chance to learn how to best play this fist-pumping game this game is recommended for ages 18 and up it is for 2 to 4 players for where to buy in current prices visit us at ttpm and subscribe to our youtube channel for more reviews every day you


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