1. Maybe if Ronnie would disappear. she would come back. I can't stand Ronnie. He's the reason she said no. He fked her over in most horrible way. He's pos liar and a cheater and fake. Please don't cast Ronnie anymore.

  2. It is possible to do a show with your ex and act civilized. She should come back and just act normal around Ron, but take no b.s. from him. Sammi has a new man in her life and she needs to show him off to her former castmates, like everyone else. Sammi obviously was the one that matured, and sadly Ron has not. That is why he is going through hell with the woman he has now. He finally met his match, and she is the female version of Ronnie, and he's paying for all the crap he put Sammi through while they were together. I have absolutely have no sympathy for him. I only feel for that baby they brought into this world.

  3. Ronnie looked awkward AF… He looked to Mike and he played along because he is a douche, He turned to Vinny so he would join in and Vin wasn’t playing along because he is friends with her. I would like to see her again maybe they should swap Ron and his whiny ass out and let Sam come back.

  4. People deserve to grow up and move on. She seemed to be the only one that realized they aren’t 21 anymore. Life is to short to dictate what’s best for someone ELSES life. Maybe she is rich or too good ! The show left the legacy of her emotional train wrecks with Ronnie and a quarter of the cast. She deserves to prosper and walk away from that garbage 🙏

  5. i think sam should be in season 2 to lets be honest she has to show she moved on so why not go back to the show to tell him one and for all that she moved on

  6. SHE'S BACK.!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I told y'all. She's gonna hook up with Ron
    Watch and C.

  7. Snooki is what held the jersey shore show together 😂 I freaking loved how although her name was Snooki they continued the "snickers"

  8. Karma is a bitch. The situation is ugly asf 😂. And Pauly D who stayed true to himself with his same hair style and all is still the coolest 😂💯

  9. I have no respect for Ronnie. He still talks bad about Sammie like he's a middle school student. He should have just kept her name out of his mouth on the first episode

  10. The girls all look like they went to the only guido plastic surgeon in all of nj….the procedure includes fist pumping and taking warm loads to the face. .

  11. I don’t blame Sammi. They are all so “Hollywood” now, even down to their looks. It’s just not as organic as it was when they first came on the scene. I still think Vinnie’s cute tho.

  12. Its funny theyre judging her for not being on the show and for good reason that she doesnt want to. Yet heres ronnie with a pregnant girlfriend out partying… who's the crazy one here. Clearly ronnie…

  13. I will watch with all these tan people who ARE NOW looking ugly ass fuck.. don't forget that this is a 80% scripted show

  14. Srry but snookis lips were eitger looking deflated after all those injections or just deformed….no hate her lips just make her face look differeny

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