the main question do you wanna start on level three I do any level one I think we should do level one what do you think oh okay guys what's going on I am Justin and I'm here with my main man Jersey he's still 16 month old everybody he got things to say already do you guys remember a couple videos ago we went to Kmart and we got something but we didn't reveal it well today we're gonna show you what we got but before we get started make sure you guys subscribe turn on your notifications so you can see all the videos of the German here's a trampoline we got last year for the girls the jurors man has never been on it you guys think this would be a good episode to show Jersey on the trampoline I think he'd really like it he's never been on a trampoline so I think bouncing around on the trampoline would be a lot of fun do you want to get on the out of the trampoline for maybe an episode of one of your shows and guys you might be looking at me saying that my beard looks a little bit darker that's because I colored it I guess so much gray and I'm not that old but it's making me look old so I colored it but I think I colored it a bit too much in the thing is guys I'm not insecure I can talk about it i don't mind telling people that i colored the gray out of my beard I'm not insecure or maybe I am insecure because I did it in the first place if I was totally secure I wouldn't care about my gray hair I don't know which one it is anyhow what do you think is it too much George likes it okay do you feel any other way about it alright I understand we just walked into the garage and Tunnel eaters do more things like help out help me with my coffee help check the mail all this stuff it's really good for him to start being autonomous and it helps gain confidence so I'm gonna see if he wants to shut the garage door see the garage doors open there's the garage door is open we need to shut it we can do that with this button right here do you want it you want to press the button do it put that on he's doing it there you go I'll help you you see that garage the garage door is shutting every single thing is a new adventure new excitement and that's what this shows about just playtime inspiring you guys to do the same thing with your son daughter niece nephew whatever it's all about the simple things because life goes by too fast guys I'm kind of liking my beer what do you think jars he's still concerned about that garage door okay guys we're inside I have his toy right here check it out it's in the box of course it's already open because I got in a Kmart and that's how things are I came art you're not gonna find anything with the Box closed of course is gonna be open so this is from Kmart guys we got this little scooter and he is ready to open it already look jars up here do you see it we're gonna bring it down what do you think about that you ready for it you ready what do you think big boy this is what we got the other day at the Kmart oh he's already opening up he knows where it is that's what this is look it's this that's right jars man I'm super excited I will have to scoot around this house it's gonna be fun okay you want to open it we can do songs we can learn about numbers and shapes and all kinds of stuff yeah yeah look look they got stickers on the side and a flag and what is that little guy does that a dog or a chipmunk or a squirrel it could be a kangaroo I have no idea what that is he looks very happy I think this should be Hugh on this box though but he looks happy he looks cute he's riding this thing if we get here still of Approval then we know it's good to go are you ready for it are you ready let's do it here we go here's the handle can you pull it out he'll grab it a little bit can you get it it's in there look it's coming out there it is you can grab it yeah Josh that's how it is when this stump something in a box you just got to open it we're gonna do it together we're gonna be strong I'm gonna help Jersey overcome this he's like that oh you have no idea what you're talking about he's ready to do a toy unboxing right because there could be many more and by the way some of you guys have asked if you could send Jersey something you can we have a peel box and he would love he would love to receive whatever you want to give him and we'll probably put it on a video you want to finish taking it out of the box it's right here we got to take it out and then you can write it and the most exciting thing is this this is his first writing toy he doesn't have one yet take it out they delivered perfectly oh he is excited he is ready to oh he knows what's – we need some batteries can you put the batteries in yeah you know what you take this one right here perfect now now it won't work this goes to cover the batteries got to cover the batteries guys we can start on level one if we want we can turn the key this tells you how fast you're going this has got the alphabet on the side you just cannot go wrong with this toy press the horn right there bud and a Presta horn honk Oi did you hear that that was you and the music that plays the music good job and this is not sponsored at all I'm just telling you guys what this thing has oh he is doing it I'll show how fast it can go oh you better get it he is not afraid he's in there with it in George look at him he's got a smile on his face he is ready to make you happy every day do they make me for a dog I gotta find out because I mean that George men we need to be a team we need to have a harley-davidson jacket on we need to be on the road with these things going on a tour if we were on tour would you come to our town and we'd pull up in these little scooters slash buggies I don't know what they are the see you ride it buddy the main question do you want to start on level three or duty level one I think we should do level one what do you think oh okay no you got all the controls right here – I gotta say Kmart came through on this one because this is exactly what was advertised on the box were not disappointed there he goes you gotta go what's the speed limit around here we better we better stop we got obstacles something else we did is we put some obstacles in the way because not only is he gonna write him before we can see if we can get around things so let's just move this right here hi Joyce come on [Applause] Jerzy come on look at you you got you go a little bit too slow you're going like a grandpa let's go are you playing with the controls this thing is the real deal bud there you go keep going we had an obstacle right here guys can you get around the crayons there they are oh we got around the crayons we're safe let's turn it around there you go there you go come on good job bud is that a song you heard wheels on the bus let's see how fast we go let's go now use your feet bingo go go go go go go go go go go get them feet going Oh watch out you hit the obstacle he hit the obstacle this is Jersey and the Amazing Race can we get around it yeah we made it buddy listen to that song okay Germans gonna practice he's gonna go fast he's gonna be in the toddler Indy 500 or whatever they have he's gonna be up at dawn going to bed late practicing there you go that means you love it right but and guys I think it came art this is only like $30 cuz it's not about how much you spend you don't need to spend a lot it's about the memories that you make and we don't believe you should have to spend a lot of money especially on toys you know all the joy Josie has is just spending time with us that's what he likes to do I'm gonna back rub thank you I appreciate


  1. Thanks for being here guys! we appreciate you all. Hope you enjoyed this video…Jers will get used to his new riding toy, we'll make sure to give you an update.
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  2. Jocelyn Carter: Justin you looked good! I love the beard's color. I liked the gray too. It didn't matter to me.

  3. That was Jersey walking like his sisters, because the girls are super feminine like their mother has taught them, Jersey walk like Dada, OK! When Justin said "get it," Jersey took that as his que to walk like the girls, because that is what Ami says to the girls when she is teaching them how to walk the runway, strike a move or a pose.Β  Jersey is really smart he is watching and learning from everything, we will find out just how smart he his once we can understand what he is saying; but I must say Jersey did a great job mimicking the girls walk.Β  lol

  4. Wowwwww, I declare that in his response to Justin, Jersey said, "I just said that!" πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ΆπŸ½πŸ—£ 10:03

  5. I think when Jersey didn't sit on the toy scooter away and saw Justin pushing it into the other cars, Jersey thought it was just a big toy to push around!

  6. What's that walk, you say? 6:07 That walk means I need to jiggle away this diaper using no hands! πŸšΌπŸ˜„πŸ€£

  7. I'm so happy to see Jersey's speech expansion! But like in the daycare/scooter video, there will always be room for BAAAH! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ‘ΆπŸ½

  8. Justin, you are the best Dad! Regarding your Beard, I think, you look good! God Bless You! Jersey the great 😘

  9. Oooh my Heavens ! HELP ! Cuteness attack in progress lol ! Wonderful toy , adorable boy …. so smart, engaged, & sweet ! Yay Fisher Price ! It’s from Buffalo, NY ! ( okay, East Aurora …. just outside Bflo). Yes Jerz could def model 4 them ! You look great, Justin! Handsome as always. Love to you, Ami, the Girls, & of course your MAIN MAN, J.T. !!

  10. Love Jersey and Dada McClure! Justin is having such fun playing with Jersey and his little scooter. I can't wait to see the two of you riding into the sunset together. I also can't wait for the Father and son meet and greet tour! Jersey is doing so much talking. Great explanations Jersey. I heard his say 'I just did that Dada'. Thanks for sharing your fun playtime with your fans.

  11. So adorable Jersey was so in awe with the garage door. Loving lil Jerz duck lips lol he is too much. Justin your beard looks great.

  12. Awww the grey hair beard is your signature look. It is nice .you look different with this beard. Team grey. Jersey is so cute

  13. Justin, I think when he was patting you on your back, he was telling you that you did a great job lol and that he was pleased lol… Love his new toy!!! I'm going to miss the gray beard! It complimented to your eyes!!! But you still look great!! Lol love fun time with the main man πŸ˜€πŸ˜

  14. I love this journey with you an the jeerzman face hair grate bring out your features more many blessings tu you and your family Chow

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