hey guys what's going on I'm Justin and I'm with my main man Jers big juries you'll say hello to everybody everyone loves when you do that terms they love with you the Papa and the shark he loves a shark he wakes up with the shark everything he's like always a bigger shark he's 16 months old but getting closer to 17 months old and we're gonna go to the book store Jersey need some new plugs and I'm gonna tell you about something to happen meet today I had to get surgery today guys it was an impromptu I didn't know was gonna happen it hurt it was not good I'm gonna tell you all about it thank you guys so much for getting us over 20,000 subscribers on the way to 30,000 subscribers we're glad you're here we're gonna go to the bookstore I'm gonna tell you about my surgery this is gonna be a great episode make sure you subscribe turn on your notifications so you can see all the videos of the jurors man and I can't believe I'm feeling so good considering I had surgery today before we go to Barnes & Noble to get jurors man some books I wouldn't say thank you look at these gifts right here we have a Learning Resources a little tool kit and this and by the way this is already open cuz jerseys been playing with it but I wanted to put it in the box cuz I wanted to say thank you so much to Cheryl more by us hope I said that right it says hi Jersey enjoy your gift thank you very much we really appreciate it you don't have to say anything but if you do we'll be happy to open it we'll be happy to put it on the video especially if it's learning related so RPO box I'll put it on the screen right now feel free to send Jersey whatever you wanted you get a bulk or you weren't totally sure we probably spend a half an hour the other night using this thing working on his coordination we haven't opened this one yet but we're going to open it and we're gonna include that on the video as well but we just wanted to say thank you for the gift that is so kind and generous we really appreciated Germanna is growing he's learning he's doing great and I'm glad you guys get to see the Germany I'm glad you guys are participating it but I can't believe I'm feeling this good considering I had surgery today it is not good I must be pretty tough guys Jersey were you concerned about your dad Josie if you're concerned give me a bar papa that means he's concerned what is that what is that in your hand can I see it can we can we see it that's a goat look at all these other animals then you got a lot of animals here what is that elephant that's one of your favorites right the elephant you like that guy I ride the count does go Moo that's right alligator he's doing good with the animals and starting to associate the sound what is the snake thing what's the snake dude okay he's pretty good lay that is right how about that what does that guy do ah the lion goes do you remember the doggy what does a doggy do about a bear what does a bear do he goes but Papa Papa so I'm looking so unkept you have metal shade in a few days several days I had to go in today to get so about two weeks ago I thought it was Invisalign cuz I got Invisalign for my teeth if you look the cows straight they are in this line not sponsored just saying getting this line help my teeth out so I thought oh my tooth is hurting because maybe I got some new Invisalign trays my face started swelling head is he you know gums or hurting or very numb pinching up here waking up with a lot of pain Jersey I had so much pain buddy how do you feel about that he's ba ba ba so the doctor takes one look at it and she says well I can solve your problem today you have a fracture on your back a molar back – she thinks that all the grinding and all that stuff over the years it just gave it a fracture and you can't really see fractures and it just manifested into this and all my problems have been from the fractured tooth calls from all the grinding and all that stuff so a tooth extraction I was like ah I said this is good done let's get it done this is gonna be awful six shots of anesthesia a couple didn't do it they started extracting the tooth and I could feel every bit of it I started literally kicking like I was on a bicycle in the dentist's chair and I jumped up and I was like pacing around and running around it hurt that bad I said let me just pace around for about five minutes and then we'll sit in this chair or just do it like a cowboy just yank it like just like any cuz that's because that's what he did back in back in the cowboy days right they didn't talk about stuff they didn't have any stevia they'd have any of that stuff you just laid now and some old cowboy just yanked it out I did that and I sat in the chair and they just yanked my tooth out and it hurts so bad it's way back there you can't really see it cuz it's a back molar so the good news is my face will be fixed my cheek will not swell up anymore if you guys remember from the last video my cheek was swollen I was trying to figure out why so if I'm looking a little bit unkept you guys been rating my beard I'm gonna give it a three today because I've been able to do anything with it because I've been able to shave it the way I want to I've been coloring it a little bit I liked it I liked coloring a little bit but now I got some gray in there so I haven't been able to take care of myself the way I want to I'm glad today that I got this done I'm glad that my mouth is not gonna be hurting any more when I wake up now we're gonna go to the book store we're gonna get Jersey some books you know I know look at him look at him oh my god he's ready to go as you can see he's feisty we're gonna get him some books if the bugs know both the girls are going you are you girls going are you ready to party yeah let's go do it we'll see you there it's party time you know I'm talking about come on there we go we're in the Barnes & Noble we're gonna find Jersey some books look at all the books here my man Jersey what's up with that guy let's see what's he up to talk to him let his nose where's his nose where's his eyes eyes right there good job here Jose what about the owl what's he up to hi where's his nose nose that's right No whoo-hoo yeah guys thus far with playtime with Josie we haven't done unique books and reading is a big part of heart parenting word association so we're gonna start doing some episodes on books but we need some new books will history right section babies and toddlers we got books about the weather we got books about body parts we got books about the first words Elmo this is definitely a book we need to get Daniel goes to the potty because this little guy needs to be potty trained pretty soon so we should get well Georgie needs to be potty trained soon so you ready to be potty trained he wants that one guys my first emoji words is that something you think you want back a car yeah duh and that's a tractor there's definitely a lot to choose from here the hard part is choosing is so many books is he loves these things you want to get some of those what do we got you want to get the tractor okay that's a track you're gonna play with that one play with those like you won't play with those Jersey so that's a book and a tractor girls have you seen that before give me that bus now Josie watch this let's go that may give that little it's a book but it also has wheels pretty cool how about the tractor let's get Jersey the fire truck – he can play with that this is like a book with wheels fire truck yes I was saying that Jersey has a lot of books already that's one of them right he wants it look at yours just flipping through the pages oh you like that page right the bus yeah the bus truck and what does the ambulance do we oh that's right did you guys hear that he knows the ambulance goes whoa what does the Cal do good job above others right he's trying to say airplane we already had that book we need you get a book that we don't already have okay there's so many books there's hard to choose which ones do you think we should get there girls are really good readers they're doing a great job we've been we've been teaching them since they were like – I think they're doing a great job they're reading awesome I even picked out her book which one is it I can be a gymnast okay that's one you want okay and it likes us what book do you want a baby doctor that's step level two okay that's one you want jerseys walking that dog Thank You business no no definitely not wasting our money on that thing but that is the great thing about Barnes & Noble they got books I got toys you got everything you got music yes Starbucks that's how they got a Starbucks I wish I could get one with that surgery today no coffee what is old school that's old school who remembers when old school is good come on a record player that's all cool let's put it back can you put it back thank you buddy look at Jersey putting it back yeah Jersey thank you yet clap it up for sure good job look at jurors in the Barnes & Noble walking around he knows what he wants he's going straight for the toys a canapΓ© what if the pig say oh yeah I found the perfect book for Jersey let me show it to you Shh don't say anything look at it look at him look at him he was doing it guys I think we have to get him is he's gonna love it yeah what is that baby shark oh he knows he's excited so you think you want to get baby shark book guys I had no idea they had this but we gotta get if we don't get it's gonna break his little heart he's gonna love this it looks like it's fun but it's also gonna be a good book because it's also a bunch of pages in here that we can read okay what book yeah I'm gonna buy this not the book that's the book you instead can you see it I have at school you have it at school yeah okay what that's the book you want you can get it let's get let's get baby sharks for you okay you're gonna get we're gonna get that and we'll get one more you know Jessie being so young I'm trying to get books more than just visual stimulation he likes to look at things and point and when he points I like to explain what it is or telling what it is so he has good word association especially the animals and stuff so I think that's what I want to get as a second book we're gonna get baby shark cuz that's fun he loves that and once again in the comments let us know what you've decided for your child or grandchild or initial nephew what book seems like getting them when they were you know 16 months old guys this is the one I think I've decided on animal ABC you know why it's because there's a bunch of different animals in here and I like the way the pages turn all the pages are different you know how they can turn out like that and some of the pages actually turn up I like that not only associating the letters of the animals or whatever but also learning how to turn pages in a certain way figuring out the motion of things figuring out that things move in a different way the Oh turning pages is a big deal guys did you I'm finishing up my college education I gotta tell you about that I'm almost done I got one more semester left I want to tell you about that more so but we're glad you came with us to the Barnes & Noble and want to do another video of Jersey reading his books for the first time


  1. I love to watch these when i feel down.So cute and resourceful for anyone who wants childern one day.

  2. Justin you could die for the pain of your tooth..Girl act like baby still Not mature for 6 years old…Notice Ava squinting her eyes now too…dry eyes..

  3. Looks likes Jersey understands your words but maybe you should have him repeat words. Like show him banana and have him repeat after you until he gets it before moving to the next. Like say bus, now Jersey say bus and keep repeating til he says it not blah blah blah. I think you are letting him be lazy. P.S. papa you do look with darker beard, like much younger.k

  4. You guys are such a beautiful parent to your beautiful children may God continue to be with you all and love you all

  5. Yes Dada those were the best books to get Jers! 😊😊😊 Also animal books can teach him to be nice and compassionate for animals and all living things! πŸ’œπŸ’πŸ…πŸ¦“πŸ·πŸ˜πŸ‹πŸ³πŸ¦‹πŸž

  6. Amazing 😍 great job Jersey. I have a newly published children's book titled It's Okay To Be Different. It's available on Amazon and Barnes. If you anyone decide to look for it, it's I am Lydia Green the cover has beautiful flowers on the cover.

  7. Great parenting. My Mother is a ret. teacher, she loved getting kids to read and is impressed by the girls reading. Jersey will catch on even quicker because of them. They are well mannered too. I know we all have good and bad days but overall they are very cool 5yr and 16 going on 17 month old darlings.
    Jersey is the bomb.

  8. No disrespect, I tune in to hear about Jersey. I am starting to hate to tune in about Jersey because what the dad is talking about himself. Maybe he should get a channel for himself. I appreciate see you with the girls when they were young and how wonderfully you taught and interacted with them and now Jersey that is enough for me. Back then you did Not always interject YOUR personal going ons. I REALLY enjoy seeing your family and the progress of the children. Thanks!

  9. I noticed Jers with a little congestion maybe his little socks , until the weather stays one way , all about loveπŸ‘ΆπŸ½πŸ‘ΆπŸ½β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

  10. It's official. JERSEY IS THE CUTEST 16 MONTH OLD ON THE PLANET. Also, Justin, the time you spend with your children is a joy and an inspiration to behold. Thank you for sharing it with us. Also, these children are all growing into such brilliant, caring individuals, I almost don't mind how quickly they're doing it. Blessings all!!

  11. That's really good learning I would to have a child one day to be able to teach them. GOD WILLING

  12. A book on recognizing emojis…. times have definitely changed since I started my teaching career over 40 years ago πŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ’πŸ™‹πŸΏπŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ‘‹πŸΏ

  13. I am a retired early education teacher and I think it's awesome the way you teach Jersey toddler ages and stages of development πŸ™‹πŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏπŸ‘‹πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏ

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