Jersey Cow Giving Birth

so Bell is now in active labor and she's getting ready to have this calf so we're excited there's a bells first calf so all of this is brand new to her and we're just trying to keep an eye that everything goes well – so she's doing a great job today here's the head so the heads above yep above the seat there's the nose she's gonna be yes fine what's the name right good job though you're doing so good [Applause] stead of figure out that perfect tuition what's it gonna take suppose Lincoln's gonna bring her a snack here I and another little bit after giving birth mom is back to eating mom is back eating the first green grass and keeping an eye don't get too far away she says don't get too far long and gangly and just as brown as Bella's hey little calf hi mama hello mama Joba we named the little calf Annie and her and Belle are just absolutely doing amazing and she was just such a strong and just a really good little first calf and so we are so thankful and she's just so healthy and so it was just a great first experience for Belle and us and we are so thankful for that


  1. Beautiful little heifer calf! Glad the labour was quick. Also, may I recommend trimming Bell's hooves? They seem a little long!

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  4. Glad to see Belle made it through it alright!Β  One question is does the calf have its teeth yet or do they come in now?Β  I just wonder because of the pinching at meal time.Β  Congrats on everyone making it through.

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