Jersey City retired detectives step in to deliver new dog to boy fighting cancer in Indiana

surprise for a young boy from some unlikely friends miles away three retired detectives from Jersey City they traveled 14 hours in an RV to deliver a dog to a young boy who's battling a rare form of bone cancer and if you think that little boy was happy just watch three police officers traveled all the way from Jersey City to Kokomo Indiana with one mission in mind when a said Indiana I said Oh a little far away isn't it being that Jeremiah is now one of our armed and honorary detectives he's part of what blue family so we're gonna do whatever it takes to help him through these difficult times 12 year old Jeremiah Dirk's is battling a rare form of bone cancer when the officers heard he'd lost his dog they wanted to help the officers first learned about Jeremiah with a local police captain in Indiana recruited help from officers across the country asking them to send their patches and hopefully lift Jeremiah's spirits the collection has grown so much he's received patches from all over the world including Germany France even Afghanistan his father thinks he's collected 30,000 with the help of home for a good dog rescue the Jersey City detectives found the perfect match for Jeremiah and off they went Jeremiah meets Shiloh your new dog yeah I'm just speechless I love her Jeremiah and his family are grateful for the support from law enforcement so far away and this special gift making one boy very happy people say that dogs are your number one best friend but I think they're family oh great all three of the retired officers are members of the Jersey City Police Detectives benevolent association the organization helped fund their trip to Indiana


  1. Awe. Very cute. I hope he has human good friends too. Maybe he wants to play with another child with a similar condition just to go out and have a good time.

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