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Jersey City is urban living just across the river from the thriving metropolis of Manhattan its desirable location has enticed many Manhattan companies to move their headquarters across the Hudson to New Jersey Jersey City is also referred to as Wall Street West since large financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch set up residence in the area that investment has spilled over into the housing development homes range from historic brownstones in the highly desirable areas of Paulus Hook and Hamilton Park to luxury condos and buildings like Trump Plaza and Liberty Harbor in recent years many industrial buildings around the city have been converted into lavish apartments new construction projects are consistently being developed in Jersey City's coveted waterfront area Jersey City's Liberty State Park allows residents to enjoy fresh air and open space it's home to the all points west music festival that takes place each summer the Statue of Liberty at Ellis Island is also accessible from Liberty State Park by a ferry that runs between the two the Jersey City waterfront also features one of the largest clocks in the country the Colgate clock which faces Manhattan shopping is just around the corner with the Newport Center Mall which contains a variety of department stores and boutiques and AMC cinemas an 11 screen movie theater residents can take in the amazing city views from the rooftop bar of Iron Monkey or enjoy karaoke night at York Street tavern Jersey City is only a short distance away from the amazing attractions of Manhattan such as Times Square Rockefeller Center Lincoln Center and Central Park they are easily accessible from Jersey City by the ferry light rail or the path with unique homes varied nightlife options and proximity to the city jersey city has much to offer everyone contact the professionals at brian david realtor's to help you buy your ideal home you


  1. It's a dump nothing but spit dog shit and crack viles on the sidewalks. Everything is filthy there and it's overpriced. This video is bullshit. Even downtown is nasty dirty and unsafe. As long as there is a light rail the criminals will always have access to the downtown area.

  2. Why don't they move in to the black part of Jersey city like the Greenville part why don't the move on mlk and ocean

  3. I was born in jersey city in new jersey and i moved to georgia when i was 4 dont get fooled this place is shitty all i remeber cause it was a lonnnggg time ago was police everywhere and the schools were REALLY bad it was to ghetto and it was to much trash and my momma couldnt pay rent cause the rent was to high like $1000.00 per month for a shitty apartment there were shootings everywhere im so glad my momma got me out jersey now🙏🏾

  4. Thanks for the video. there are great places to live still. i found a great home
    and its wonderful. away from all the yucky

  5. Jersey City — This would have been a great neighborhood to live in. Unfortunately the predominance of people with narcissism (or perhaps even plain ignorance) is highly visible. What a pitty and such a shame. Let's face the awful truth …. this has become a very puritanical society which neglects the important issues such as "respect for humanity" and "common decency".

  6. Nice video however it only covered downtown. What about Journal Square or Route 440 or the West Side by St. Peters (which is where I lived). I loved Jersey City but it is a little more than downtown.

  7. lol jersey city is a piece of shit place… the only area thats great to live is near the harbor side, which is ridiciously expensive.. aside from that, everything is all hood

  8. I was dying to see if they could promote THEIR city without mentioning the overbearing to NJ, NYC.  I guess it is not possible for them to sell NJ without mentioning NYC, which is a good selling point, but it does not tell the uninformed what JC and NJ have to offer on it's own.

    NJ has the worst road system in the nation, you can't pump your own gas and you get tolled to death!  Get off an exit – pay a toll!  One road can divide into four different roads going north and south, many without warning!  NJ should conform to the road system of NY, CT and the rest of the nation!

  9. It's a promo video, showed only the small desirable part. Stay out of the black parts of JC, if you go into a black neighborhood you are no longer safe and need to watch your back. Indeed luckily JC cops do try to contain them the best they can and keep the blacks out of the good part of JC but some slip through and ruin it for the rest of us civilized folk. Just watch your back in JC. 

    "If you ain;t watchin your back there's prolly a black"

  10. Jersey City – 25 years of Asian American students topping the best high schools in the nation from the poorest counties, only to have the Irish Asstalian mob steal development through taxes.

    White people ruining Asian American neighborhoods.

  11. Funny! I remember it was a dump back in the early nineties when I was there.
    This must be more recent. And of coarse they probably only show the nice parts.

  12. There are gorgeous sections in Jersey City, particularly towards the Hudson.  You want to stay away from Martin Luther King Blvd and the other black sections of JC.  They are dangerous and violent.  Fortunately the JC Police Dept keeps the blacks on their reservations in their own ghettos, and humans are generally safe as long as they stay away from the black ghettos.

  13. um… that's just downtown……. where they purposely made it look pretty and left the Greenville section to turn into a hot mess even though if it was cleaned up better it would be more beautiful than downtown. 

  14. i love this city but the people at top want the blacks gone u see they aint say a thing about the hood the bull we have to go threw

  15. Lol great marketing. Show the brownstones, heights, waterfront, and most importantly white people.

  16. Drive up the rent and taxes so they can shake out the long time residence to make room for the corporate rich assholes… thats Jersey City!

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