Jersey City council postpones vote on short-term rental regulations

this is the one a and B okay and the place is a pigpen Jersey City Councilmembers didn't hold back when discussing the downside of short-term rentals like Airbnb at a caucus meeting you know rough estimate of downtown right now is between five and ten percent of all the downtown rental units are now being used to short-term rentals it's a big impact that makes a big impact on rent and that's a 100 percent increase since 2016 that's why council members introduced in ordinance in April to regulate short-term rentals it would replace the city's 2015 regulations and severely restrict hosting services but this week after home sharing business owners pushed back councilman James Solomon proposed amendments to the proposed ordinance so right now if you live on site and you're renting out another unit there's no limit to the number of days you can rent however if you leave your principal residence you leave your home for the summer the current ordinance says you can only rent it out for 28 days that would expand this amount would expand that to 60 days but even with the changes some argued jobs and revenue would still be threatened a spokesman for Airbnb says the Home Sharing service is actually helping the local economy not hurting it I think it's important to remember that you know many of our hosts live in the units if they share write this these are not empty vacant units for the most part these are places where people live and they're sharing extra space in their units in order to make extra money and support their families for instance we bought furniture we have long-term leases we hired people and we don't commit to people on a day-by-day basis or you know we commit to people for the long haul some business owners claim they were blindsided by the proposed ordinance and are now pleading with the mayor and council members to work with them I've is just out since this happened so I just I wish they will come to some type of medal instead of just taking it away ultimately the council postpone the decision for nine the table without public hearing the City Council says they will introduce a resolution on Wednesday establishing a committee to look into this a new ordinance will be presented 30 days after if adopted it would take effect on January 1st 2020 in Jersey City raven santiana NJTV news

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