Jeans Tamil Movie | Scene 01

Wake up Coffee Your coffee 2 dollars If you win $4
If you lose $2 Okay? Find out at least today
which one of us is Visu Eenie meenie minie…Visu! Wrong guess
You lost again, Juno I’m Visu, he’s Ramu Tomorrow I’ll win
Wait and watch Why…why? Even though I’m so intelligent
why am I unable to guess right? Juno, you need 6th sense
You have only 5 Tell me then how
you are right all the time? They are my sons, da! Okay, but we break
our heads, right? At least they can
dress differently? No…no…even in their dress
we shouldn’t differentiate Then they will get a complex That will make them drift apart Their entire lifetime, my sons
should be together always That’s why I’m impartial
even in the smallest detail “Though we are apart
you are in my heart…” “Sweet memories
keep haunting me” “And deep in my soul
I know you are mine” “And my heart
belongs to you” I’m Krishnamurthy
from Washington DC I’m Nachiappan
from Karaikudi Is that so? When did
you settle down here? When my twins were babies
I came here as a chef By God’s grace, I now own this
restaurant and I’m settled here Are they your sons?
Very smart twins, sir They’re both
studying medicine They give me a hand
here in the evenings Coffee for you, boss Hello, sir My American friend
Michael Solomon loves your food He’s hosting
a party tomorrow Can you prepare Indian food
for 20 people and supply? Tomorrow…?
I’m very sorry, sir We close for
the week end My sons and I work without
a moment’s rest all week through We won’t get even
5 minutes to relax together So weekends we take
a break and escape “Columbus Columbus
Vacation for us” “Please discover, Columbus
an island to kick up our heels” “Hey dude…!” “Columbus Columbus
Time off for us” “Uncover an island, Columbus
where fun overflows” “Rest, recess, relaxation
We want an island for recreation” “Leave, holiday, vacation
We want an island for celebration” “Columbus Columbus
Party time for us” “Unearth please, Columbus
an island for us to carouse” “Columbus Columbus
Fun time for us” “Hey pardner!” “Columbus, locate an island
for a happy time on hand” “Rest, recess, recreation
We require an island for relaxation” “Leave, holiday, vacation
An island to enjoy in jubilation” “What do weekends
whisper in our ear?” “Machines as men volunteer” “Murder with missiles by the army” “Famine, hunger and politics dirty” “Columbus, can you give us an island
without pollution as an occupant?” “Columbus” “5 days in a week
sweat and toil, no break” “Weekend for sure
2 days to enjoy nature” “Steal flowers disguised as breeze
Whitewash your minds please” “We become kids once more
playing with waves ashore” “Fly high in the sky if you get
birds’ feathers on rent” “As birds don’t need any passport
you can cross continents in comfort” “We are occupied with only relaxation
But we don’t tire of this occupation” “We can swim here like fishes
with nirvana as wish list” “Columbus” “Hey brother!” “Take a look at these 2 legged flowers
Change quickly into the role of lovers” “Froth of the waves, can you gather
to swathe her in it altogether?” “Can’t you pluck the stars to sew
as hooks on her dress new?” “If your girl nods her head
make out in the week end” “Love for time pass, is it?
Make love till you split” “Weekend of rest
Live life to the fullest” “Columbus” “Columbus Columbus
Vacation for us” “Columbus, find us alone
an island to let our hair down” “Columbus” “Rest, recess, recreation
We want an island for celebration” “Columbus” “Leave, holiday, vacation
We need an island for rejuvenation” “Columbus”

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