Jeans Fashion & Care : How to Wear Tight Jeans

Hi, my name is Mitra Chester, and we’re at
Deluxe Resale Shop in Eugene, Oregon, and I’m going to talk to you today about how to
wear tight jeans. Tight jeans are great, they show off your shape, the skinny jeans that
are pretty popular right now are pretty much tight all over, but there is definitely an
example of “too tight”. So I’m going to talk about the difference between successfully
wearing tight jeans and wearing jeans that are too tight. So you want to make sure that
basically things are fitted correctly most everywhere. Length should be basically to
the ankle unless you want to cuff them, they can be a little bit longer. They should have
a little bit of give in the crotch, just some wrinkles here, and definitely some in this
area as well. But the problems you run into if things are too tight, we’ll start from
the top, are initially “muffin tops” which is excess skin bulging over the waistband.
And that can be fixed by getting some jeans that have a little bit of stretch to them
or finding some where the waistband is going to hit you a little lower on your body or
a little higher so that they don’t create this problem. As you can also see the difference
between the segue between the butt and the thigh here, pretty much it’s kind of free
of wrinkles, or the wrinkles are filled up with skin, versus kind of some room here where
there’s some actual room to like bend over. And the crotch is the same area, there looks
like there should be some natural kind of wrinkling in the fabric going on here, but
these are a little bit too tight so it looks a little bit awkward. And throughout the basic
thigh, the contrast between the thigh and the fit in the calves is a little awkward
because they’re too tight in the thigh. For skinny jeans, there may be varying opinions
on whether they can be too tight in the calves, but it’s kind of a matter of your personal
style and what you feel comfortable pulling off. So definitely rock the tight jeans, you
can wear them kind of as leggings with tunics or dresses over the top. You can wear them
with tight tops or with longer things with a waist or hip belt. Casual or dressy, definitely
sports them with some heels or boots over the top, those are fantastic ways to wear
tight jeans. But definitely keep in mind that you want something to fit you correctly even
if it’s going to be looking tight. And if you wear something with confidence and feel
comfortable in your own clothing, you can pull off a lot of things, so good luck!


  1. lol she used her mom and made her look like crap. muffin tops, flat ass, and a camel toe. that mother must love her daughter haha

  2. This is such a silly video. How to wear jeans? Put them on. If they don't fit? Take them off and find another pair. That takes no longer than 15 seconds to explain.

  3. ok i'm a girl and even i think she has a nice ass but whatever js
    nice vid i shall follow these rules
    and i feel kinda sorry for the old chick having to stand there and go though that lol

  4. yup yup me too xD
    Cause the girl is like somewhat calling her fat with that extra skin hanging off the waist of the jeans.
    i'm too skinny xD
    If the skinny jean fits me it's too short.

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  6. @FlapJackFreeman Your so funny!!! "old hag" Im 22 I think you have have age issues amongst other problems, you poor sad creepy little treat O and your 28 I think your the hag so…meh:P

  7. You should NEVER have looseness in the crotch area, it is very unattractive especially when you sit down.

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