Jean Michel Pilc – “Improvised Storytelling” – Jazz Piano Masterclass

Let’s start with storytelling. I just want
to say something. It’s very difficult to create the story if you don’t have a flow, if you
don’t have something that carries you. That there is a melody, a bass and a rhythm, see.
Sometimes people say, you’re playing free. I don’t feel free when I play like that, I
really feel like I am the dictation of music, and I have no choice. So, you can use that
Stella By Starlight as an inspirational basis for creating a new song derived from it. One
note changes everything. If I do, for example…Flat. You are a composer, you are an improviser,
you are an orchestrator, you are a colorist, you are an instrumentalist, you are everything
all at once. What’s on your mind, musically, comes out as a story that everybody can fully
understand and remember.

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