Jean-Michel Jarre with Jeff Mills (Track Story)

The history of Electronic music has been marked by cities and Jeff Mills is definitely one of the pioneers of the Detroit Techno scene and he was very high in my wish list. We met each other, I think, around the year 2000. I had come to Paris to show a new soundtrack that I had made “Fritz Langs Metropolis”. After the Showing I received a letter from him at my hotel asking if I had time to meet. A car came and picked me up and brought me to his location where he was staying. We talked for hours and it was such an honor to meet him. I conceived a track with a slow BPM acceleration, like when you add floor after floor after floor until the top. So I had sent many different parts and many different stems and things for him to be able to consider but I didn´t really wanna conclude what he would do. I just kind of left that up to him because I kind of knew that he probably had a masterplan for it once he heard it. I also asked him to conceive TR-909 solo like just a drummer would do. The drum machine, the Roland TR-909 … I was manually playing the drum machine as if say a live drummer would play a drum kit. Cause I could get to a machine I laid many different solos in that way of the same tempo and submitted it to him to see how he would insert it. It was really the first time that I had anyone to want to consider that type of using that machine and in that type of way. I always considered music and architecture quite close to each other. They are both abstract and mathematically organized. Architecture is what I really refer to a lot – especially in early 90s. The process of building something and then once the foundation is built then you know you can experiment and get all crazy with it. I think, for the final result what he did was just match it.


  1. Small error in the YouTube error Descrption, which states Gary Numan ;)…

    Anyway, I hope there will be track stories with Pet Shop Boys and Yello? Can't wait :).

  2. I was hopping that you would have chosen to do a show in Detroit, sadly I had to drive to Chicago which was OK until they canceled the soundcheck option due to union regulations, nevertheless, your show was a dream come true, and I hope once day to see you performing in Detroit.

  3. The Bells !!! ^^ Jeff Mills, un des pères de la Techno de Detroit et du label UR… voir: Techno Story ou l'histoire de la Techno (FR)

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