Jean Marie Houghton, MD, PhD: The immune response & the development of certain cancers

the research in my laboratory focuses on
inflammation and cancer specifically cancer of the esophagus can save the
stomach contents of the cold and we look at chronic inflammatory conditions and
how bone marrow cells from the patient’s bone marrow migrate to these areas of
information using inflammatory environment to home
to the area stay within the tissues and become the cancer initiating cell so why this is important clinically is
because if we can identify the cell that initiates the cancer potentially
lethal identify markers on those cells that allow us to target them for
therapies are collaborations include the clinical
gastroenterologist here u_-mass immemorial as well as the immunology
group as well as the oncology group just looking from strictly a g_i_ perspective chances of the esophagus the stomach
colin can be found early and in some cases
founded a pre malignant stage and they can be prevented if we have patience that have barrett’s
esophagus state budgets of screening procedures to pick them up in early
stage if they have on history of inflammatory
bowel disease there’s screening for colon cancer and the population in
general needs to be screened for colon cancer beginning at about the age of
fifty but the colonoscopy unless it’s a family history is so important to talk
to your doctor talks your clinician about what’s appropriate screening for u
for your age for u genetic background for your particular situation because finding something early can mean
the difference between life and death and finding something before it becomes
an issue can prevent it funding from the cancer
walk is so incredibly important because it allows us to take small ideas which
wayne may not be part of our main research focus and may not have other
finding allowing us to do it and gives us the opportunity to pursue
these areas once we have small studies underway and small advances in the area
we can then go on to bigger agencies and get funding for a major projects it
allows the community to get involved with our research here it allows them to
understand what we do and also allows us to come back to the community with
hopefully new and different approaches to malignancies

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