Jean Battie Interview

Ok, I’m here today with Jean Battie and Jean Battie, well I’ve known you for years And been in the same genre or area of what you work in but you’re like the engineer, I’m like the oily rag so that’s why I’m here today to understand about your spiritual pathway because for you, from what you’ve said it’s been a real discovery probably from early childhood can you tell me when the first time you were getting spiritual experiences or seeing things? [Jean] I suppose when I was first getting them I didn’t actually realise what they was because I thought everyone was the same because I’ve never not had it And one of the very first ones when my Mum and Dad started to realise I came down and told my Mum that her Mum had just gone over (my Nan) and my Mum said “you shouldn’t say that” because she lived in Ireland and I said “No, I’ve just been talking to her upstairs” she’s gone to Heaven and I actually got told off because my Mum, being Irish… and within half an hour she got the call that she had gone over and it was like, you wasn’t suppose to talk about it then I think my Mum thought I had something evil because that’s how they saw it [Adrian] so did they treat you any different after that experience? a little bit more cautious? or did they want to find out more? [Jean] My Dad did, my Dad the typical Cockney he wanted to know everything but he would do it when my Mum wasn’t there he’d say “right, who can you see now?” “who can you see now?” but my Mum, we had to completely blank it [Adrian] and what sort of age were you when you experienced this? [Jean] I must have only been about… four, about four years old you know, when that happened [Adrian] so was that frightening to you at that sort of age? [Jean} No, because I’d already seen other people it was only that it was my Nan and because she had gone to Heaven it wasn’t a problem I’ve never looked on that as a bad place And because I have always seen people and especially the first one around me was Mr Butters and I used to call him and my Mum used to hate it [Adrian] So tell me a little bit, sorry to interrupt tell me a bit more about Mr Butters [Jean] Well, Mr Butters, which is a very funny name which you wouldn’t normally have he was the one that was around us all the time he’s the first one I remember [Adrian] and how old were you then? [Jean] I don’t know [Adrian] Really young? [Jean] I was so young [Adrian] You weren’t frightened? [Jean] No No not at all I would have if he’d done something nasty to me but he didn’t he was like a friend and I was, I suppose… there was eight of us and I was a bit of an outsider I was more of the quiet shy one and, which I was for a long time even when you first knew me I’d be the one to sit at the back of the room because I didn’t need other people I had plenty of people I could see around me and I knew, if they told me something I knew it was right [Adrian] so you trusted them implicitly? Oh completely so you never got… the wrong information? no, never, ever and because I use to say to my Mum no, I know I’m right with this it caused friction because she’d say “No, you’re not right all the time” and I’d say “No, I know I’m right with this” and it got so stupid that if I had lost something and got told off I use to ask them to find it for me you know “find my shoe otherwise I’m going to get in trouble” and I could guarantee within 10 minutes that shoe, I’d know exactly where it was [Adrian] because that came in as a thought? [Jean] Yeh, it comes in like… oh I know where I’ve got to look [Adrian] Yes, almost intuitive [Jean] Yeh, and that still happens today if I’ve lost something, I always ask them to find it for me and if they don’t want me to do anything like, for instance, if I’m not well and I’m not suppose to work I can guarantee I will not get work [Adrian] you mean the phone won’t ring? [Jean] The phone won’t ring, nothing [Adrian] so they even manage your calls a bit like having an agent So, as you grew up, from that early experience how did you cope with this, with the outside world as you became a young lady and a teenager and how did you manifest, if that’s the term to use to make it the skill set that you’ve got now that very natural one [Jean] I never actually planned to be a medium or work as a Medium I never thought I would do that it was just, if someone was hurting people would just come to me and there was a missing girl once and this was going back years I must have been, I don’t know, about 30 I suppose and her daughter had gone missing and I don’t know how she knew to come to me but she did to ask me was her daughter OK and I said “Yes, she’s fine” I said “you will hear from her” I said “she has gone away with a friend” but, you know, it won’t work out and she’ll come back and she did she got her back so people have just seemed to be drawn to me [Adrian] and would you call it a gift? Or how do you see it? [Jean] I don’t see it as a gift I think it’s something that everybody’s got It’s just some people see them more than others and because it’s something I’ve always had In actual fact, sometimes it can be… not a gift, it can be the other way you know, sometimes you want to be on your own and you have to say “look, enough’s enough” [Adrian] Now, is that the people coming into your life requesting help… or is that Spirit coming around when you’re having a relaxing evening [Jean] it’s more the people on the earth to be honest than it is the spirits [Adrian] they just want and want of your ability? and would you class yourself as a spiritual medium? or a psychic medium? what would you class yourself as? or don’t you class yourself? [Jean] I don’t class myself as anything, I’m just Jean [Adrian] Yeh, but you’re giving spiritual messages you’re giving spiritual guidance you’re finding people [Jean] when I do a place and everything I say to people, look… I’m not here to preach the bible although I’m Catholic as you know, I’m not good with addresses and things I said, it’s just Me when I do the mediumship I’m working with two worlds to bring them together and that’s all I’m doing, I said… it’s your loved ones coming through that want to talk to you not me so I’m just there as a tool that is helping them to talk together and that’s it [Adrian] and for those who don’t know you is this an ability you’ve developed, or… it’s blossomed like a flower or a rose? [Jean] I think it’s… They decide when you’re going to work, not you and I think they decided I had to work with it because it was always the same there I just didn’t use it as much as I do now and, like I said, I’ve done work with the police so, it’s like, they just decided and I don’t advertise, I don’t put anything out there it comes to me [Adrian] so word of mouth, or maybe a few spiritual connections that bring people in [Jean] Yes, it always just comes to me It’s not anything I’ve ever had to work at it’s just the way it is [Adrian] and you’re an excitable, happy person aren’t you in the way that you are so, you must love what you do? [Jean] oh yeh, I do I love it because you can’t get a better feeling then when someone has been really down depressed, something’s going on in their life and they can’t sort it out and to see that person go away being happy makes you feel happy yourself what you give out you get back [Adrian] So, with people’s level of understanding or not level of understanding do they try and test you sometimes? [Jean] Yeh, I’ve had people come in with their glasses and scarfs round their neck so you can’t see their face because they think they’re going to give something away you sit there, and it’s nothing to do with their face and the way they look at you [Adrian] it’s just their insecurities or lack of knowledge or trust in what you’re doing [Jean] Yeh, and then you say something and then all of a sudden you see the glasses coming off and the scarf coming off and they’re looking at you as if to say how could you have known that? because I’ll give either their animals’ names if a dog comes in or something I’ll say “I’ve got so-and-so here” or a person and I can describe them because I see them [Adrian] And, sorry to interrupt, how do you see them? do they appear in front of you? or is it in the mind’s eye? [Jean] No, I see them just like seeing you so I see them, they sort of come in and often or not, if I’m doing a hall or something you’ll actually see a door open and that’s happened at Bancroft [church] and you actually see the door open and I’m looking thinking someone’s ready to take a seat and then realise it’s Spirit because they have a light around them it’s not like you see through them or anything like that [Adrian] They’re as solid as you’re seeing myself in the room [Jean] Yeh, that’s how I’ve always seen them So I say to them in my head I suppose because it’s not fully out not when you’re working when you could be here it can be that loud, I’ve had it where my kids have heard it when we’ve come in and someone’s said “Hello” and we’ve looked all over the house and there’s no one there and everybody’s heard it we’ve had that in the hall so, they can be loud but when you’re doing it either as a reading or you’re doing it as doing a show then all the contact is within your head so as you’re talking to them they’re telling you [Adrian] I suppose, because you work very fast as a Medium it’s quite exceptional and quite fantastic that you do if you get distracted by people walking around who are Spirit People you are very fast with your messages how others should be so it’s dynamic [Jean] Yeh, because that’s the way they work it if I’m doing a hall the way it works is they’re normally at the back of me and I know who I’m going to go to before I finish the next reading because just that person is there and it’s like tunnel vision it’s like I don’t see other people walking around the room I don’t see all the faces sitting there I just go into tunnel vision and I see a light and I think, I need to go there next [Adrian] so, if we think about people who have had experiences but don’t know how to develop it what would you recommend for them to do? [Jean] I would say it’s very much like a lot of people say ” do you know, I had a feeling that was going to happen” “I’ve got a gut feeling about that” that is them working with you actually and it’s learning to open up that and use that don’t think, oh well I’ve had that but I’m not going to listen to it then it will go wrong but if you actually always used that you would always be led the right way [Adrian] yeh, because people often say about having a gut feeling about something and it’s usually those chakras 2 and 3 that are running or some people describe it as that inner voice [Jean] Yeh, that’s right these are always the first ones that you feel that everybody’s got or someone will walk past you and you’ll think, ohh I don’t like them but you don’t know why you know, you don’t know them at all but you know you don’t like that person [Adrian] there’s something not compatible with you so in essence are you feeling a balance, or unbalance, between the energies, the auras? [Jean] I mean, that’s actually saved me a few times by that happening you know, because, where you know someone’s following you you just know it, you don’t know how you know but you do, and you know it’s dangerous [Adrian] As you go forward, how long have you been doing this work now? as a working Medium? [Jean] since the time I walked into Bancroft [church] really [Adrian] so that’s almost 15 to 20 years ago [Jean] about 20 years, yeh [Adrian] and have you seen your work change? obviously your work load is great there’s always calls coming in, there’s always someone wanting something from that and you did mention the police so obviously they will call upon your services is that for finding people? [Jean] it could be for all different things, it could be missing people it could be something to do with a crime where they’ve got an idea who it is, they don’t tell you they just sort of give you pictures and things and you just tell them what you see [Adrian] right, and then they go away and work on the information you’ve given? [Jean] Yeh, I mean, one particular one I had was, they brought me in about 5 pictures and I picked 2 pictures out and I said “this involves these people” and they said “yeh, what are you picking up”? I said “well, I feel like it’s the girl that’s either missing or something” and they said “yes” I said “I don’t know where she is” all i’m seeing is yellow bags, like industrial bags and they said to me “we know exactly where she is now” the man worked in a hospital and it’s waste in the hospital [Adrian] oh my goodness [Jean] and they found her, and then they could solve the case but they said they wouldn’t have known to look there [Adrian] no, without a bit of guidance spiritual guidance [Adrian] so, have you seen now your role changing? has it changed? or the core of your work has been fairly much the same? [Jean] no, it has changed it’s a lot more in depth now I do a lot more different things like the police work and I do think, that people think that you can see through walls I’ve had people phone me up to ask me was there anyone in a room with their boyfriend and they’re outside so people think that you know everything [Adrian] it’s almost like remote vision or remote travelling astral travelling, all that sort of stuff they’re using it for the wrong reasons then some of them? [Jean] some of them are, some of them are [Adrian] because it becomes more of a psychic ‘how much money has he got in his bank account’ all those sort of things that we’ve seen in the past [Jean] yeh, and believe it or not, you do get asked those questions One of the ones I really felt good about was actually it was on my 60th birthday and someone from India phoned me up and said “Jean, our daughter’s missing” “we want you to help us find her” she had gone to they do this charity thing where they give them all a dinner for the day and the Uncle had done this and I said “well, there’s 3 of them” and she said “no, it’s only 2” “we know of two” I said “no there’s three girls” I said “and the Uncle has still got them” they’re upstairs, but if you’re not there within half an hour them girls will be gone and they went straight round and they phoned me up and they said “Jean we’ve found them” so I see it like like watching a film you know, I’ve never been to India but it’s almost like you’re walking around and I could see the 3 girls, and there was 3 girls you don’t have to be at a place to be able to see it it’s almost like you travel over there but you’ve got to also stop putting your own opinions over because you could have someone come and you think about what they’re telling you and you think ‘that’s awful’ but you don’t do that it’s almost like you’ve got to take yourself out of that and think, right this is important to her so you take yourself away from that [Adrian] so your personal views don’t get interacted with it you’re giving that information and asking if they understand it [Jean] and it’s like you could be getting the most emotional thing and I mean, I use to get my Mum say to me you’ve got no emotion in you because you learn to hold that back you just hold that back [Adrian] so you don’t get involved with the message [Jean] no, and as soon as it’s gone as soon as you’ve done the message it’s like, that’s it… it’s done, and then the next one [Adrian] because you’re giving them the responsibility for the message aren’t you ‘would you understand why this is happening..?’ and you give all the information they need and that’s it you’re the post lady of the spiritual world, and you’re giving out information So, if someone’s walking this pathway, having these ‘gut feelings’ are we sort of recommending that they go to development circles, meditation groups to develop that side if they wish to? [Jean] I would say… when I first went into it the first thing I did was actually come to the medium church and actually saw people doing it and from there I wanted to go to a Medium’s circle and I think, do it slowly, don’t rush into it because it you rush into it, you’ll pull away from it just do it slowly and Spirit will decide when you do that because you also get the ones that they think they’ve got every gift that’s on the earth, you know but they desperately want it but they’re trying to run too fast and I say, you know, you’ve got to balance your whole life out not just your spiritual life you’ve got to do your personal life too because if that’s unbalanced you’re not going to go anywhere spiritually [Adrian] but I think, you looking so happy, you must find some balance in it [Jean] well, I find, since I’ve been doing this my life has changed completely from the first time I walked into that church you know, completely different person I’m more positive, I’m more outgoing I’ve got so many friends around me and I think it changes you it makes you different [Adrian] because you’re being of service aren’t you and it’s almost karmic in its way you feel really happy because you feel good money can’t buy that it’s a happiness that I’ve seen you just blossom over the years with the energy that you give and it rubs off on the people that you work with [Jean] I mean, the amount of people when they leave they say “God, I feel 100 times better” I feel like something’s been lifted off me and to a point, a lot of it is almost like counselling [Adrian] and with a little bit of help from Spirit maybe [Jean] and someone talking to them, or being able to talk to their Mum and say look this is going to be ok and sometimes that’s all it needs and that would make that person feel 100 times better [Adrian] it’s wonderful, you even make me feel happy just talking about it seeing how happy you are and we don’t see each other very often but just to have that connection, and just to hear what you say it inspires me to realise that what a great ability… i nearly said gift again a great ability it has that if you treat it with respect you work at it, you develop it in the right places then your life will be absolutely fabulous [Jean] yeh, I completely trust in it because I’ve always had it and it’s always helped me [Adrian] Jean, I’m excited because I’ve been able to speak to you today it’s been years since I’ve spoken to you and we’ve done something similar but i’m inspired by what you do and I hope others are too so thank you so much for today that’s wonderful [Jean] it’s been lovely it’s been absolutely lovely


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