‘It has to be now’: Jean-Claude Juncker rules out further Brexit delay

I’m not in charge of
the parliamentary ratification in Britain, that’s the job of Boris.
–Do you believe that it will? –I hope it will.
I’m convinced it will. But it has to…
–It has to, but if it doesn’t? Anyway there will be no prolongation.
–There will be no prolongation, –No.
–No delay? –Could there be an extension? –We have concluded a deal,
and so there is not an argument for further delay.
It has to be done now.


  1. So when parliament votes down the poopy deal Britain is leaving on the 31st without one. That must be driving remainers mad lol

  2. Hopefully at some point the UK citizens will be permitted to see what the deal that has been agreed actually is in detail

  3. DID YOU HEAR THAT REMAINERS '' This deal or no deal and that has come from the EU'' If we end up leaving on WTO terms then it will be the fault of Remain, how ironic is that.

  4. JUNCKER, we'll miss the side effects of your 🍷🍾🍻πŸ₯‚ more than being part of the EU.

  5. Deciding if there can be an extension is not part of Juncker's remit as it would go to the 26 EU nations to decide. He is just playing politics.

  6. Are people better informed now than 2016? Massively so. Do people now know what they are coherently voting for ? Absolutely

    Back to the people it MUST GO

  7. No deal here we come as the deal going back to parliament will rightfully be rejected. 66 million people voted for no deal.

  8. Juncker seeks to sell Brexit deal by 'ruling out' further delay β–Ί https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/oct/17/boris-johnson-and-eu-reach-brexit-deal-without-dup-backing

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