it Chapter two clocked in at a whopping
two hours 50 minutes however the initial coach was around four hours long meaning
the return of fascinating deleted scenes fans never got to see yippie Kay movie
lovers I’m John and in this video I’m revealing all the deleted scenes from it
chapter two and explaining the six our directors super cuts that we can look
forward to my penny wise Funko pop giveaway is still running so make sure
you subscribe and keep watching for more details on that and of course spoilers
ahead the trailers hinted an intriguing
deleted scene where Mike is taunted by penny wise when he visits the burned-out
building where his parents died and the world of it book reveals a lot more
details about the cut scene at the time the town of Derry thought that Mike’s
father had set fire to the building on purpose because he’d lost his mind you
can see a hint of this in the actual movie when Mike’s in the library looking
at a newspaper headline that claims his parents were crackheads in the deleted
scene when Mike returns to the building he encounters penny wise who shows him
the burnt corpse of a little girl who also died in the fire and the evil clown
tries to make Mike feel even guiltier by claiming his parents were to blame for
the girl’s death if they had included this deleted scene in the final film the
truth about Mike’s parents would have been discovered after the losers killed
it for good this would have happened in the closing scene of Mike at the library
where he would have noticed that the newspaper headline now read to locals
died saving neighbor’s daughter from electrical blaze so with the evil curse
of it lifted from Derry the truth that Mike’s parents were
actually heroes who died saving a young girl’s life would have been revealed it
would have been great to see this cutscene because all the other losers
visited a place from their childhood and had an encounter with penny wise during
the film but this barely happened for Mike other than that tiny flashback
after which he was attacked by adult Henry Bowers there’s an extended scene
of Beverly’s encounter with mrs. Kirsh at her old house the scene was already
pretty creepy in the movie but it was cut down for time and in the trailers
some of the moments play out a bit longer
Oh awesome music that clip wasn’t in the final film and the scene instead cuts
from Bev looking at the postcard to the music already playing this trailer shot
of flies buzzing around the window as we hear the music adds to the scenes creep
factor but was also scrapped from the final film this also concept art in the
world of its book of an unused scene of mrs. Kirsch transforming from the tea
making old lady into the enormous grotesque witch that attacks Beverly the
art looks pretty amazing and would have been cool to see in the film but the
filmmakers decision not to show the transformation does make the giant witch
his sudden appearance more of a disturbing shock there’s another deleted
moment with Bev after she runs out the building and into the street which would
have shown her being taunted by a bright red balloon with the words
sweet dreams bevy there’s a similar scene in the book and nineties TV
mini-series were after rushing out of her old house Bev is almost hit by a
truck and then is freaked out when a yellow balloon appears out of nowhere Beverly also had an extended scene with
the mrs. Kirsch water monster that she encounters when the losers end to the
cistern just before they go into Pennywise isler the monster drags Bev
underwater and the other losers dive in to help her out
however this deleted footage of the battle underwater with the monster in
the trailers Jessica Chastain apparently injured herself performing the stunts
for this scene so hopefully the entire scene of the loser’s vs. the monster
will appear on the blu-ray or in the supercut chapter 2 introduces a pretty
trippy origin scene for it’s with Mike giving bill a drug that lets him see a
vision of how it arrived on earth and slaughtered everything is encountered
however there was another scene of fact story phoned for penny wise that
screamed briefly for test audiences in Chapter 1 and which many expected to
appear in chapter 2 the scene was set in 1637 in a building called the well house
which later becomes a house on new book street in the deleted scene penny wise
terrorizes a mother and her child by shape-shifting into various forms in
front of her and then threatening to eat her her baby and all of her other
children penny wise then makes a bargain with her that if she leaves her baby for
it to eat it will leave her alone driven mad with
fear the mother gives up the baby then becomes hypnotized by the dead lights so
from then on she’s immune to the horror of Pennywise eating her baby and his
future atrocities the deleted scene was alluded to in the first movie via the
painting in the town library of a woman carrying her baby to a well a picture of
Bill skarsgård in an earlier human form circulated after chapter 1 however it
looks like the filmmakers decided against using that human form of
Pennywise in chapter 2 and instead had him putting on the clowns white makeup
and tearing bloody red marks into his face during the mrs. curse sequence
although chapter 2 brought the adaptation of Kings novel to a
definitive close there has been serious talk of a possible third hit film which
would delve much deeper into Pennywise as origins and time and dairy before the
losers so it’s possible the deleted well housed scene could be revisited if that
third movie gets made also revealed and the world of it book is an alternate
version of the flashback scene where Ben is taunted by Pennywise masquerading as
Bev in the final film this happened back at school but originally it was going to
take place at the quarry and linked to this there’s some deleted footage of
adults been walking around the quarry by himself which also never made it into
the actual movie the book reveals that stunt double Ciera Jones took the place
as a fear Lillis and war Byrne make up for the flaming head scenes and it also
tells us that in the alternate quarry set version of that scene after bed set
her hair on fire penny wisest hand would have also burst
out of her chest holding Beth’s beating heart this does sound intriguing however
the school setting in the final film is likely more atmospheric and darker as
it’s set indoors and the locker part of the scene also plays on Ben’s
claustrophobia which was highlighted at the start and end of the movie the
school setting is also a better fit for Ben discovering his token for the ritual
of chert which is the page Bev signed in his yearbook fans of the book may have
been somewhat disappointed at the lack of explicit references to the cosmic
turtle from King’s original novel however there was a deleted scene in
chapter 2 involving the turtle at the quarry in a call back to chapter 1 when
they were kids the surviving five losers into the lake and there’s an extended
version of this scene where the adult loses swim underwater and encounter the
turtle that bill saw as a kid the turtle director Andy muschietti has promised
that we’ll learn more about the turtle in the extended version of chapter 2 for
those who haven’t read King’s original novel the tarsal is a friendly cosmic
entity that created the universe after vomiting it up when it had a tummy ache
it’s name is Mattern and as a being of creation the turtle is presented as an
entity opposed to it who calls itself the eater of worlds there are several
other michurin turtle easter eggs in Chapter two which I discuss in more
detail in my ending explained video there’s a link to that in the video
description and also at the end of this video as well as the scene I mentioned
earlier Mike had another deleted scene with Pennywise in which the two of them
confronted each other about their plans muschietti described the scene on the
press tour as introducing the idea of belief as a weapon the cut sequence
played out like a chess game with Mike saying we’re going to get you now they
believe and Pennywise contradicting him they believe in me this would have been
an interesting moment but I can see why it was deleted as the idea of using
belief to defeat penny wise was touched upon in particular at the end when Beth
gives Eddie the spike he uses against the penny wise spider monster take it
big kills monsters Gus and in the final film we see the losers harnessing the
power of belief to imprint their will on penny wise and shrink him down until
he’s weak enough to kill chapter 2 had its first share of cameos including
Stephen King himself who reunited bill with his old bike silver director Andy
muschietti in the pharmacy scene and Brandon Crane who played young Ben in
the TV miniseries and returns here in the scene featuring adult Ben’s
teleconference with his architecture firm however fantasy and horror legend
Guillermo del Toro who produced must get his debut feature film mama almost made
an appearance in the scene of young been running away from Pennywise at school
del Toro was going to play the school janitor that Ben bumped into and of
course the scene would have ended up quite a bit longer in that case but
sadly mesquita couldn’t get schedules to line up with the famous filmmaker
who’s like Stephen King wasn’t involved in the first hit movie he really enjoyed
the film so for chapter two the filmmakers sent him an early draft of
the screenplay for feedback the author gave them a little list of things that
you would like to see in the movie one of which was the Paul Bunyan statue
attack on Richie which did make it in however in an
interview with io9 Andy muschietti revealed that King had also requested
the inclusion of a scene from the end of the book where the standpipe rolls down
the hill during the destruction of Derry the filmmakers ultimately decided
against this a muschietti explained that we didn’t go in that direction because I
wanted to keep the ending more intimate and more about the emotions of the
humans of this group still there is a nod in the final film to the novel’s
destruction of Derry went off to its death the underground cavern and sewer
system collapsed and the entire new boathouse falls apart into the sinkhole
below in Chapter two Bev manages to stop the losses leaving Gary when she reveals
she’s had nightmares where she’s seen them die if they don’t defeat it during
the current cycle but there’s also an extended version of this scene with some
deleted footage in one of the trailers where Bev seems to hint at how they will
die it consumes us from the inside since we don’t have a choice it sounds
like she was suggesting that if the losers didn’t deal with it now they
might end up like Stan consumed with fear from the inside and eventually
driven to suicide or some other horrible death after the release of chapter 1
producer Barbara muschietti said they planned for the opening scene of the
second part to feature the black spot which in King’s novel was a club mainly
frequented by black customers in the original script for chapter 1 there was
a flashback to the attack on the black spot Club however that was cut from the
first movie and instead there was just a brief mention when the young losers were
checking over Ben’s research into the history of Derry where they told us a
black spot was a nightclub that was burned down by a racist cult it would
have been interesting in chapter 2 to see if the black spot fire was connected
in any way with the fire that killed Mike’s parents in the end though the
filmmakers decided to open the sequel with the brutal Adrian Mellon scene
which follows Kings book and also fits well with a movie’s new LGBTQ storyline
if you’d like to see many of these deleted and extended scenes and the
great news is that Andy muschietti is working on what he calls a supercut of
both it chapters 1 & 2 which he estimates could be around 6 and a half
hours long as well as adding back in many of the deleted scenes from both
movies muschietti is planning to film two additional scenes one of which is
from King’s novel while the other is entirely new in fact one of those new
scenes will be related to a resolution of the perpetrators of Adrian melon’s
beating bringing some justice for that crime miss-ghetti reckons that in the
Age of bingeing content fans will love a six hour plus movie to watch either in
one go or split up into smaller pieces in fact another possibility is that the
entire story gets recut into a mini TV series that includes the original and
unused footage in a similar way to how Tarantino did with an extended version
of the hateful 8 movie on Netflix by the way if you’d like to see more called
chapter 2 bonus scenes concept art and fascinating behind-the-scenes details
check out the world of it book links in the video description below now which of
these deleted scenes would you like to see in a supercut of it and would you
like a third movie about Pennywise is history and dairy share your thoughts in
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