Introduction – Setting Up Sewing Machine for Free Motion – Part 1 of 8

hello everyone I want to welcome you to my studio today throughout the years when I have been teaching I have noticed that many of my students do not know how to properly set up their machine for free motion now it doesn't seem to matter whether they're doing free motion quilting or their thread painting there's just always some little confusion there as okay how do i balance out everything so that I have a the perfect stitch so to speak and today I want to go over the steps necessary to successfully set up your machine now in free motion the adjustment between the top and the bottom threads is crucial but if your machine has been serviced lately in this in good working order many times a simple adjustment to the top or the bottom threads that are at the bottom tension is all that is necessary to balance out the top and the bottom threads and today the specialty threads that abound in the store it's just so important that you know how to adjust your machine to compensate for all the different weights now in a few tips just might avoid an unnecessary trip to your machine shop for service now before we get started I would like for you to check with your owner's manual if you don't know how to setup your machine for free motion also go ahead and print out the PDF documents that accompany this workshop in case you want to make notes so now let's get started we're going to get it to the Machine and we're going to show you how to set up your machine you


  1. I watched all eight of these videos. They are fabulous! I learned so much. Simple , straight forward advice from a lovely lady with lots of experience. As a beginner to freemotion sewing I found this invaluable. Thank you Nancy! 

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