"Insta baddie" clothing haul (GIVEAWAY)


  1. My favorite clothing store/line is Monki. I don't know if it also exists in the States, (I live in Denmark) but i LOVE their clothes.

  2. Fashion nova will always be my favourite store but these tiger mist items tho omg 😍😍🤤✊🏾

  3. I would love to win anything just so I can show more of my style but I don’t have a lot of money to do it with my instagram is @tdtkg just look that up if you want to and you can find it

  4. Hi, I love you so much I love your hair 😂 I’ve done all the following to enter into the giveaway 😊 also my fav brand/store is forever 21 (Instagram: Matayafavell) and btw I would totally wear all of that 😂

  5. my favorite clothing brand is forever 21, my instagram is @liyahhhhhhhh_g, i hope i'm thw winner :"( thank you!!!

  6. my fave clothing brand is prolly prettylittlething becauseee you already know they the plugggg for errybody out there! anyways, goodluck everybody
    ig: seriyahedits

  7. My favorite clothing brand is Subdued, probably u don't know because it isn't really famous but is really cool. (Instagram @mybellxssxma )

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