Inserting a hair tie for the Crochet Sprig Stitch Bun Beanie

I'd like to show you how I am inserting my hair tie into the top of the bun beanie and I simply hold my the elastic behind the next stitch that I need to go into and just insert my hook and grab the yarn and go right around it and I'm skipping over and just doing working one single crochet into the top of each chain two space for the sprig stitch and I'm bringing them in kind of gathering as I go and that naturally gathers the hat around this elastic and at the top and then it will also leave a little hole for your ponytail to go through or your bun so I'm going to just go ahead and finish this around and I'll show you when I get to the end how I just work a couple extra single crochets to cover the elastic and then I just slip stitch it to the very beginning it's getting a little bit tighter cuz it's gathering in and I can push that it down it's not that big a deal couple more just working right into the tops of those chain to spaces and here we go the last one and now I can see just a little bit of the elastic so I'm going to just work a couple more single crochets just to cover it up and I will work one more I'm just kind of poking it in anywhere because that doesn't really matter pull that up it's covered and now I'll slip stitch into the next one that I can see and pull that through I'll be clipping that off and weaving it in and here we go the gathered top for the bun beanie okay so hopefully that helps you and I think this is just a perfect stitch that turns out great for this little hat so thank you for coming by I've got this end to weave into and learning how to make my spring stitch bun beanie

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