[Applause] hey everybody its view masters reactions and as you can see I am home because I am getting my new bed delivered I got one of those purple beds I'm gonna see how it is I hear they are amazing and with all the moving and construction type work I do my back ain't as good as it used to be while I'm waiting for them this trailer dropped this is called in fabric this is the picture on every thumbnail I've seen I know that actress I can't remember her name but that is pretty much the only hint of what this is I've never heard of it I have no clue what it is all I see in front of me is that it's by a 24 which makes great movies they have a pretty good track record they're more like a lower budget film company however I know nothing about it so just get a jump right in guys this is the official trailer for in fabric in fabric is making me think like they're inside the fabric like a purchase on a horizon who just look him thank you the hesitation in your voice soon to be an echo in the recesses of the spheres of retail the dresses your village come to what you project through an illusion so reminding me of just going on a date it's a spiritual kind of thing keyboard your date will complement you I would like you to announce the numbers to your telephone oh one six three two as promised nasty maybe just the washing powder I hope you don't catch nitrous this we're going – everything's fine what's your machine went bananas you who wear me will know me just a cheap bit of mystery I think something's wrong with that rest don't tell me you're scared of a dress ripped it to pieces spanking new comers it's definitely like a demonic type craft like it reminds me nice in the sales just a dress it reminds me a lot of Suspiria definitely a Suspiria type vibe it's got like that grainy 70's look same kind of sound effects it has that possession demonic type thing feel to it very bizarre though in today's day and age making a horror movie about a killer dress and I'm assuming it's in theaters I didn't see a date or anything though 8:24 does do horror but that is some wacky shit to have a kill like I thought they were gonna be like a killer dress when you wear it it possesses you but it at one point it actually looked like the dress was floating and actually had like a mind of its own or something very bizarre the lead woman is from something so familiar she was like someone's wife or something she's in something very famous and I can't think of what it is I don't know about this one guys I'll definitely check it out cuz I am into horror and this just looks weird and interesting and I definitely dig unique and obscure stuff but I don't know this one just like looks very odd we'll have to see more of it maybe there'll be another trailer or two and by then I'll have more info but right now it is extremely weird this just took me by surprise it's definitely unique to say the least you guys let me know what you think comments down below like and subscribe I'll see you guys on the next one hey

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