Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – This Man Has No Fear | truTV

Gentlemen, I know
what you’re thinking — “Interesting choice
on the lavender top, Joe.” But wait.
It’s part of the game play. Watch and learn, fellas. Q: There he goes.
No way. This man has no fear. Murr: [ Laughing ]
What was — what was that? -So nice, right?
-Yeah. Just walking in the park. [ Chuckling ]
How is he doing this? How is he doing this?! I can’t take it. Where you girls from? Yeah? Nice. Are you kidding me
right now? Where are we going?
Where are we on our way to? This way? Is it the feminine, purple shirt that’s making you seem completely —
-I’m telling you — it’s purple. I’m nonthreatening. [ Laughter ] [ Ding! ] Sal: Okay, guys,
I’m actually nervous, actually. You should be.
There you go — red shirt. Oh, God.
Jesus. He just picked his nose. Oh, gross. Nope.
Not doing it. [ Laughter ] Here he goes.
He’s got one. Q: That’s not gonna go well. Sorry. I didn’t know
if you wanted to hold — you may want to hold. Oh, he’s taken? Murr: Sal’s 0-2. When you wear a black t-shirt,
you’re not giving off the lavender glow of love, like myself. Oh, it’s not the shirt, Joe. It’s not the shirt. Sal,
your technique sucks. -Get in there and grab a hand.
-Man up! Yeah, and that’s
when you get punched. -The jogging guy.
-Here he goes. [ Laughter ] What the hell? Q: This ain’t patty-cake. That doesn’t count. Joe: You’re supposed to try
to hold hands. [ Laughs ] [ Laughter ] That was
a colossal failure. [ Buzzer! ]


  1. This is another repeat? I'm going to have to unsub from truTV if they are just uploading all their videos all over again.

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