I’m Becoming A Genderless Monster | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

JAZMIN BEAN: I don’t mind people being scared of me; I actually enjoy it. It’s just like, funny because under this, I’m just like a 5’3’’ human. JAZMIN BEAN: I have days off because obviously I don’t like being harassed every day. There’s a lot of loud reactions, especially looking like this. JAZMIN BEAN: I don’t know it’s strange. JAZMIN BEAN: I’m Jazmin Bean and I’m into posthuman creepy and Japanese fashion. JAZMIN BEAN: A lot of people feel like people that dress like this are wasting their body but I feel that I’m wasting my body by not doing this. JAZMIN BEAN: I’d like, to say my inspiration is in a bit of like, fantasy, fairies and cool little like, creatures like, mythological. This is spider, I wore it to like, this con and I was like, carrying a spider around like that as if it was like my pet. I have like, a lot of like, Japanese toys and also like the more Tim Burtony side, dark, creepy. JAZMIN BEAN: I started just with drag make-up. I was doing like, face looks, and it just kept on evolving and evolving. It just feels like, it’s like cutting into my eye, but it’s ok, anything for the look. Everyone has to suffer a bit for fashion. JAZMIN BEAN: Nullification is just like, when you have no sexual organs or at least that you can see. Right now, I’m wearing a binder just to give off more of like, the alien genderless look. I’d like to wear it more on my off days but it does get quite damaging for your ribs. One day hopefully I’ll have surgery just to be like, completely like, nothing. JAZMIN BEAN: This is Gum; that’s her name. people think that if you are looking like this that you are just in some fantasy world and not having a job and you don’t do real life stuff. JAZMIN BEAN: But you have to as much as you don’t want to and that’s just like, the reality of it. JAZMIN BEAN: These are my weapons, I’d like to have a lot more. I wanted to get like, a few swords and stuff but they’re really expensive. I wanted to hang this above my bed like that but then I realized if it fell like, it’d probably kill me. Is that allowed? I know weapons aren’t allowed in London, but this isn’t real, but it is but it’s not. JAZMIN BEAN: This is Elmo, he’s blind or mostly blind. JAZMIN BEAN: I just want to like, go and leave the house and do stuff but people are very mean. And obviously I’m just trying to go and do my thing. I don’t really want all the attention. JAZMIN BEAN: I met a lot of my friends from online. One of them, Salvia. SALVIA: We met at Electrowerkz, it’s a club in London. JAZMIN BEAN: When a body meets a body, there’s just no choice but to become bestie westies. Definitely it’s helped with my anxiety a lot. I remember before I started doing this, even taking a picture like, in public would be like, “Oh my God, don’t let anyone see that they’re taking a picture of me”. Now I think being so outrageous in this element helped me to not be afraid. JAZMIN BEAN: I don’t think I’ll ever stop. JAZMIN BEAN: When I’m 70, before I die, I want to just like try everything. JAZMIN BEAN: Seeing people like what I do and be inspired by it most of all is lovely. JAZMIN BEAN: Find your own thing before anything because obviously we don’t like copiers.


  1. “Find your own thing because we don’t like copiers” ok like you’re the first person to do creepy make up, also said her look is inspired so she’s copying too 🙄

  2. Do these people understand what gender means
    You mean Becoming a sexless alien? If you were genderless you wouldn't be a girl…

  3. She's SOOOO DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION. This behavior is rebellion and hostility towards the Love and attention she wanted and never got!

  4. she is very cute and her style is amazing but I don't understand the genderless part? Like I understand if she doesn't want big boobies but why does every Thing like this have to be genderless? not being rude it is just necessary :/ in my opinion://

  5. Pulls eye contact out and says “you can see the bacteria”… proceeds to put it in and then complains about how it hurts and feels like it’s cutting into her eye, but “anything for the look”…

    My God… smh… yea, going blind is worth it for sure. Smh. I’m sure they’re non-prescription contacts just bought online. Man that’s so dangerous!

  6. Im shooting my shot, and she's still going! Hell outta here genderless monster thing. Yeah aight tho! Kinda being sarcastic kinda not! 😁😌

  7. They look like they would be a huge fan of Fecal Matter lol Also, pls, take care of your chinchilla and of your eyes!!! Don't go use dirty contacts… :/

  8. The only thing that put me off about this is the fact she put the contacts in after the makeup😩 Advice from a cosplayer you always put the contacts in before the makeup or you can trap makeup particles under your contacts and damage your eye😩👌

  9. I dont want attention… goes out and takes pics with people and talks about all the attention. im a hermit and hate people… u love it so shut up.

  10. Their makeup and style are so creepy cute! If they want to dress to show off their personality there's no harm in it who cares if people don't understand.

  11. I think this people are depressed ☹️, they're trying to escape the reality. They need to speak the truth and be free

  12. I actually really like their fashion thou, it's different but cool at the same time 😍 I like the purple skirt a LOT and ofc the spider 🕷️

  13. I hate when ppl are like this. Like i love to scare ppl and get the attention. Ppl are so mean. I just want to go and do my thing…
    Grow up then. Seriously sad.

  14. mom: "go to bed more early, kid."
    me: watches a nurse-like "genderless monster" swear and hunt a blind chinchilla on the floor
    "mom? can we get a chinchilla?"

  15. My only question is:
    What’s the monthly budget for make up for girls like this?
    I use the same powder, eyeliner and mascara for a whole year.

  16. Everyone bitching about her saying she doesn't like attention ever considered the fact that she's autistic ? Us autistic people completely separate attention from style and frequently will get highly distressed from people paying to much attention. And from my experience even if my style is a little weird I'm more comfortable in something weird than something that's not me .

  17. Thats simple. In today's fay and age. At this very moment i can identify as a genderless monster. There make a video of me

  18. I want to know how to have makeup like their’s. If I was them I would cosplay, with makeup skills like that!

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