Being grown up comes with a lot of responsibility. From credit card bills to mortgage payments and remembering to feed the dog, Betty’s sure got a lot on her plate! Do you really have to run around right now, Judy? Gah! Why is it that kids don’t understand the stress of being an adult! I wish for just one day, Judy could understand what I go through! And that I could just be a care-free kid again! Be careful what you wish for, Betty! Huh? Who’s hands are these? Woah! This isn’t my body…is it? Uh, why are my hands so small? Am I in Judy’s body? Well, looks like Betty’s wish came true! These two just body-swapped! OOPH! That chair came outta nowhere! Gah! Looks like Judy is not worried about her new body. Watch out for the — boxes. Oh well! It doesn’t hurt as much as it seems Yes I’ll be coming in late today, I’m having a morning. Oh man, I dropped my keys. Now I have to bend over and get them. Oh, my back! Hmm, I’m not young anymore, it hurts. When you’re a kid, it’s important to explore your creativity and express yourself through art! And Judy is about to create a masterpiece – with Betty’s hands, of course. But when you’re an adult, letting your creative juices flow can be difficult. Grr. Let’s see here…yup! That looks about right! But unlike a kid, adults struggle overthinking things, making sure they’re perfect. Kids, however, just paint what they feel — no need to think about anything twice! See? Look how wild Judy’s imagination is! She’a talking to a beautiful bird! Woah there, Isn’t art supposed to be fun? Behold! My latest masterpiece! Ooh, for something that’s supposed to relieve stress, this sure looked painful. Ugh, I need a long hot bath after all that. Art’s overrated anyway. You know what else is fun about being a kid? Getting to pick from the kid’s menu! Wow, look at all this yummy stuff! I’ll start off with the grilled cheese. Then I want a hot dog, fries, — ooh and pancakes! Oh and I forgot about dessert! Wow! I definitely want this thing. Yep! Okay, Judy! Your food is hot and ready to eat! Woah! Your eyes are definitely bigger than your stomach! How are you gonna fit all this stuff into your belly? And when it comes time for the bill, don’t sweat it. Because this adult comes prepared with plastic! Oh yeah! Being a grown-up rocks. On the flip side, when adults sit down to eat, they’re a bit more sensible, to say the least. Let’s see what we have here… What do they think I am? Made of money? These prices are out of this world! You know what? I think I’m gonna go light and stick with some water. It’s only three bucks after all. You hear that, mister? When it comes to being a kid, it’s all about having fun. Especially when it comes to experimenting with your look. Let’s kick things up a notch, shall we? Why stick with boring makeup when you can use bright colors like the ones in this paint palette? Now we’re talkin’! Kabam! Kaboom! Woah! check out your new look! But with grown ups, things are a bit more serious. Okay, a lot more serious. What? I don’t have time for all that playing nonsense, I have under eye skin to de-puff, here. And of course, a yummy beverage adds a little bit of fun. I can feel the magic working already. Trust me when I say, this adult is having a ball. Hmmm…what do I feel like wearing today? Yes! This jacket is perfect! Now I don’t even have to ask mom to borrow it! Hey, what’s that I feel in my pocket? Ten whole dollars! I can’t believe it! What will I do with all this money? When you don’t have bills to worry about and groceries to pay for, ten bucks can feel like a whole lot of cash. Way to make it rain, girl! Yes! My $1,000-dollar paycheck came through! And while that sounds like a lot of money, it’ll be gone in a flash. See what I’m talking about? Mortgage payments can really spoil a good time. But at least there’s still 500 bucks to spare. And we’re back to square one. Awesome. Now I have 10 dollars left in my account. Whoopty-doo. Man, this adult stuff is rough. Aw man, there are no good snacks in this house! Nope, nothing in here either. C’mon, anything? Ooh! some chocolate! And it’s empty. Drats. Why don’t you check some more cupboards, Judy? A-ha! I’ve found the jackpot, ladies and gentlemen! This stuff is the absolute best. And there aren’t any grown ups around so I can just eat it with a spoon right out of the jar! Isn’t it beautiful? And it tastes even better. Holy hazelnut spread, that’s delicious. AHEM. Looks like you’ve been caught red-handed. An apple would be a much healthier option, don’t you think? I guess you have a point. I’m just going to take this stuff off your hands, okay? Adults do know best…right? Alright! It’s time to get ready for the day. And boy does this hair look boring. I think I should spice things up a bit! Let’s start from scratch, shall we? When it comes to doing your hair, the possibility are endless! And taking time to experiment with different styles is half the fun! Woah! Things are getting crazy up in here! And I think we’ve found a winner! Another day is here and I have a million things to get done. And that’s why today, I’m faint with what I know works. There we go. Oh hey, messy bun, welcome back! It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, kids always have bucket loads of energy! Day or night, you can bet kids like Judy here will never run out of things to do. Hey, isn’t it your bed time, missy? She’d stay up all night if no one stopped her! AHH. I finally can sit and chill for the night. Ooh, it’s not quite bedtime yet. A party, tonight? Nah, definitely getting out of that one. After all, I’ve got a whole night of snoozing to do! Ever wonder if it’d be easier to switch lives with your parents? Share this video with your friends and see if they’d want to swap bodies! And be sure to subscribe to 123Go Play! for more hilarious videos like this one!


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  2. There's no point of swichin lives with your parents beacouse one day you wil be an adult and be like your parentes

  3. Some kids are always saying I want to be an adult and then their parents give them a lesson of being a one and then they will regret there desision

  4. This ones funny XD btw adults are really serious and wants nice art XD
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