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Welcome to “everyone can crochet” we go
today this cute baby dress crochet is real
very easy first I want to thank you very much
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but now we are going to start this fun cute baby dress
I’ll tell you what you need and how then I’ll see you again so soon! we need: a (take 2!) ball
mixed cotton from the Hema, a stopper crochet hook nr. 5 a pair of scissors, a button and an centimeter and the mixed cotton consists of two and 52% acrylic and 48%
cotton so with a scoop I have the dress
achieved, …. or crocheted (was the smallest size) so … we can start until so we start with a setup loop, then you grab
the end of your thread and you turn your thread, and then you pull this thread through
the loop and pull on both wires and then you have a setup loop and the
stitch is divisible by 2 so we start to set up separately and we set 60
unload on a three, 1-2-3 and I’ll see you at 60 I’ll see you again see you soon! and now we have a chain of 60 loose ones, I’ll just measure it I now have 40 centimeters and that is enough
for a baby of six months, 6 months and
but we will now start with the first tour and with that we set up two separate ones
a 2 so these two count as first baton … one
half stick we’re going half the first row crochet sticks
so we put in the first second in the third
that’s what we put in, so in the third, from the crochet hook here
we stick in you pick up your thread and you turn and you go through all three loops, turn in the next stitch
pick up and turn thread in all three loops, turn-over insert wire pick-up,
capsize insert all three loops
thread pick up all three loops
so you finish a whole tour on it end
then i’ll see you again so soon! we are at the end of the first round
look then you really have a long yes intent necklace with all half sticks in the
last stitch of course also with a half stick
now we are going on the next tour and then go to work with two
unload a two times work then we go again
on every stitch and me take this stitch as 1st stab here we go
half stick again so we stick in my thread and we pass through 3 loops and
this way we complete tour two yes and this also counts as
stick, half stick and then we go immediately
close their ring and then it comes one button on
Anyway we’ll first go on tour 2 finish it all up
half sticks in every following stitch I see the end of round 2 then I see
you will be back again we are also the end of the second row with the half sticks and in the last and make another half a stick, so you have to make sure that you have one on each stitch half stick then we go to the third
tour with 3 unloading 1 2 3 and we reverse the work and now we go alternately
make chopsticks so we go into this now just put a bribe first
stick by two turn by 2 this counts as a baton
so here are two sticks in one then put in the next we put one
stick on the third stitch 2 sticks again so we go every
turn 1 and 2 sticks in one stitch and in the next
a baton then again two sticks in one stitch I see that time I do not know for sure
or not their real baton so I’m going to go back from a baton you have to pay attention because you just
of course you did half a chopstick but you go 2-1-2-1 and again two
sticks in a stitch and another one and I’ll just take the example
at least the dress or and then you see that I take 2 rpm
have done chopsticks and now I have one stick done in 1 stitch and 2 sticks in one
put a stick a stitch and 2 sticks so row three
let’s continue with alternating 2 sticks 1 stick 2 sticks 1 stick and
then I’ll see you at the end of round 3 then i’ll see you again so soon! and we are at the end of the third round
and then we do that in the last stitch we put two sticks in it and now we are going to connect it, so we are laying the chain or your houses are arriving each other, so you lay the bottom or the
neck together you keep your thread on the back and we
go in the third stitch we are going to make half a fixed one there, we
therefore close the tour by half fixed, you turn over
and you get through 2 loops you see? then this is now the opening, I’ll just
take the example with it and watch it Keep it like that, then at the third round there you put it together here you have
so two sticks a stick and you put put it together here and this is your start again if you are working on this then you see it for yourself, because now
we go and the fourth round starts the 4th tour we now start the fourth round with 3
release one two Three
and now we go between those two sticks here, so we’re going to make three sticks here so we switch between the first and
the second because the first counts we are going to make 2 sticks so this one
counts and one two oh no, we will keep this off as a start
we put three in, three sticks between the first and the second we put three sticks and then we merge on these this one baton we are going to make a baton and then we go between these two, here between the two are we going 3
make chopsticks 1 2 3 and go on this single you make a baton you can do the
always make playback speed slower between these two we go 3 again
making sticks 1 2 3 and on that few here 1stokje and so we complete row 4 and then
see you at the end of the tour here I will see you there again so soon! and we are now
at the end of the fourth round and we now go between these two
let’s hook three more sticks in between between these two sticks
we are going to hook three more sticks one two three and then we go after this the start
look here we are no longer bothering on
we now go to the first second third loose,
we immediately go into half a permanent one and then we close the round 1 2 3
we put that in, you pick up your thread and one more time through the last loop and then
this is closed with a half fixed and then we will immediately release 3 again
up we start the fifth round with 3
release: 1 2 3 I have the example caught so that you can see how we are in
round 5, make 4 sticks, so we go 4 sticks on the middle stick of the
make a third so on the middle stick of the third
so round 5: we did three separate ones and then we go on the middle stick
from the group of three we are going to make 4 sticks in one stitch 1 2 3, 4 in the middle stitch of that
last tour there we went 4 sticks and then we go to the one
stick, we put a stick on it then we go to the one two again
middle one, we put 4 sticks on it one two three four and then we go to that one, it
one stick and there we put a stick on, so this is round 5
you start with three unloads, you go to the middle of the third there you put 4
stick on, then stick on stick and then you put 4 sticks on it again
put the middle stick and another one stick and I’ll see you at the end of it
round 5 then i’ll see you again so soon! we are now at the end of the 5th tour
and I still have three sticks here previous tour there I go in that
put another 4 sticks in the middle and then we close round five in the third, I always have a bit of a point into the crochet hook, because it is always one
a bit difficult to see and then with my thumb, I actually push … I want two loops to have so .., and then you turn around and you make one
half fixed we’re done with round 5 and I’ll see you
back in row 6 see you soon! we start tour 6
with 3 releases one two three you see? that those three loose so beautiful too
run through that this then your backside then you go between them
group of four in the middle, they are two you skip and in that
middle one here, you are going to bet 5 sticks, so you
start round 6 with 3 releases and then you go in between a group of four
between the 2nd and 3rd there you go 5 use sticks one two three four five,
so then you have a group, you start round 6 with 3 off and you continue immediately
you put five to your group in between sticks then you go to the few again
the single baton and there you put again a baton now you are in the group of four again
the in that gap between the second
and the third there you go five sticks again in making
1,2,3 4, 5 and then you go to the one again
stick there you put a stick on it and then you go into the next group and
put it here again … put five again sticks in …. another stick, five sticks,
a baton 5 sticks and at the end of the sixth round
here … I’ll see you again see you soon! and we are now at the end of the
sixth row and we go between those here four in, five more hooks 1,2,3 4 5 and we are going the second round one two
three in the 3rd loose there we close the tour by half
fixed what a nice result, isn’t it?!
double, you can already see that it is one is getting cute dress,
this it is the front this is the back really fun! but we are now on round 7
to start we are now starting at round 7 and round 7
counting shells I now come to 30 shells and we go
crochet five shells that is half the back
then we will skip five shells and a shell is just a fan
out of five, so that’s a shell, so we are going to skip 5 hooks and 5 and then
we are going to hook 10 then we will skip 5 and 5 again
crochet, we’re just going to start we’re going now 3 we start with that and if you have done those three separately
we start with five of these shells and then we go again 5 sticks on hooks and we take them on the 3rd, we are going to hook 5 sticks on it, 1,2 3.4.5 then we take the next baton
we put a stop to that and so we continue until we are five
have shells, so 5 sticks of … 5 shells of five sticks and then see
I’ll get you back so soon! we now have one two three in round 7
four five made groups, 5 shells and one
baton and now we will skip five and this
is therefore the armhole 1 2 3 4 5 and this baton we connect
again with this baton so we are laying it now double and then we make it, it
armhole oh here we go so you keep your thread at the back you hold this baton, at least you look at this, you make this baton there again you see? that you then made an armhole
so you have one two three four five shells
then we go to the front and then turn it so that you have the front and
then you make 10 shells of five again sticks in the middle,
in the middle you make another group of five sticks
and you will do that 10 times 1 2 3 4 5 and a baton and if you get 10 of those shells again
have done from the front then i’ll see you again we now have 10
done shells on the front 5,6,7,8,9,10 and then you make another armhole and we hit it five over 1 2 3 4 5 and then you keep this
put this stick on, you make it like that you make it go double and you
pick up your thread again you turn around and you go for this stick
make a baton you see you immediately have an armhole
and then we go again a 1,2,3,4 Make 5 scoops and then you’re on it end of round 7 at the back
So now you make up five more fans the 3rd
you put five sticks again on and you will do it all the way to the end
and then I’ll see you again see you soon! and then we are now at the end of the round, round 7 and then we go back into the
first second Third there we will close the tour again with a
half fixed and you see this beginning, this will continue
nice at the back and this thread you can use this for
the button and then put it around the button back and forth I tidy it up,
no matter what kind of button you like grabs,
we are now starting round 8 we are going to start at round 8 and because we
now have the armholes closed look, you see? I will briefly
Explain that you just reach the armholes now you can … round 8, we can
crochet all the way around but then you have to have this shell … and
put a bite on this … and then we go on this shell
make another shell of five sticks and we do that every time in the
middle one so round 8 is: 1 stick, 5 sticks in the
middle, 1st bar, 5 sticks 1 stick, 5 sticks, but you have to pay attention
that of course you do …. now take the plea and no longer at the armhole
comes, so that you really will crochet because of this but I’m going to explain it for a moment
you start round 8, release 3 .. and then go you on this,
on the middle weather, a fan of Make 5 sticks turn the video slower, if it’s too fast
turns on, or the subtitles on … both can you see? another stick to the next
stick one two three … in the third again 5 and again a stick and then
i’ll hook up to here … at the armhole do you see? this is the armhole
and then I’ll see you again soon and then we are now in round 8 here at the
armhole you see? I already have five sticks here
crochet on the previous group and then we go to the armhole these two connect, say through here
and then I insert another time, that you really like this
close well, I’ll show it again I pick up this stitch and I go behind here and I go to again behind
and then I pick up my thread and then close this
armhole well with a stick and then go you get the pattern again
continue, you go on to the next shell, on you on the 3rd stick, 1,2,3 there you go make five sticks again you see that round 8 makes it complete
round and when you are completely round then I’ll just leave the example
see, then you just go … this row 8 die just follow you as far as you
it wants, look this is a very small one buddy this is buddy 56
but then a few centimeters when grabbing this is 20 centimeters but you need size 62
25 centimeters and it’s in inches 8 inch size your 58 and for size 62
and I don’t know if that’s in America … it nine and a half inches
that’s the length so about 25 centimeters, so row 8
just hook all the way around You see that here you just have it
have armhole and that you have all rpm just go down crochet you can
finishing it, with the usual edge I did fixed you yes it is not necessary
in a different color and the closure me with a little button and just it
loop caught where I got this loop caught what I am with
let’s see where it went but it started with
so round 8 off the hook and rows round 9 round 10 you just crochet through to
you have the desired length and then I would say: thank you so much for watching !!
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bye !!!


  1. Keileuk jurkje. Ben een beginner en weet niet of dat golven wel goed is. Ik ben op toer 5 en het golft heel erg.

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