1. Hey, at least it isn’t fake! That makes it so much better, and the funny things happening go to a newer level!😊✌🏽😊

  2. It makes me so annoyed! Because you need to like do your makeup different especially if you are dressed up like a boy Because GIRL I CAN SEE U

  3. In the end Brooklyn was buying baby clothes for a video did you already film that and uploaded it or did I miss something

  4. you should totally like go shop somewhere (like a supermarket) and buy the same thing and say the same stuff so the person thinks they're crazy

  5. those employees seemed so sweet!! like I would've thought if I went to an employee telling them I was playing a prank on my twin sister, I feel like they'd get mad or annoyed and I'd be hella embarrassed. >_<

  6. Lol how did she not notice? I have an identical twin sis, and we definitely would have noticed each other. Also, when the video popped up over the clothes & Brooklyn was RIGHT THERE, it scared me 🤣

  7. Hey , brooklyn and bailey can i have a giveaway or shoutout or pinned pleaseee…!i love u guys…!u guys are so so so pretty…!i subscribe ur channel and like

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