I Wore “Thong” Jeans For A Day

– I feel like a doll that
a mean older sister took and then like ruined her clothing. (upbeat music) – I was looking online and
I found these high fashion Thong Jeans that debuted at
Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo. They’re basically just
jeans with everything cut off of them except for the seams. My first thought was,
Sara’s gotta try these. So I went and tried to find
them but it seems like the only place that the designer
sells is within Japan. So I am going to DIY them. Let’s do this. Honestly, this seems like a
waste of perfectly good jeans. They are complete. I’m gonna go find Sara
and make her try them. – [Chelsea] I made them for you – Oh my God. I’m gonna put these thong jeans on and I don’t know why I agreed to do this. Can you imagine not wearing
anything with these? You would be seeing everything. Fight. I look like a video game character because video game characters
always are wearing outfits that you’re like, “Why?”. People of New York City always surprise me with how much they like
the weird pants I put on. So this time I’m gonna guess that they’re absolutely love the thong jeans. What do you think of my pants? – Are you sure those are really pants? – Yours are like my jeans on steroids. – I’m even surprised
you can call them pants, but I like them. – Wow. – It’s all about deconstructionism really. Obviously, this is breaking it all down and then you know, not
building it back up. Just leaving it down. – I think they’re
interesting and cute and fun. I think it depends on what
you’re wearing underneath them. – A bitch knows to layer in Manhattan. – Where would you see these pants again? – The beach would be great. – What you’re doing is
perfect with these pants. – Museum Installation. – Amazing. So you’re basically saying
these jeans are a work of art? – Maybe if you like wore it to the beach, just like an easy over thing. That’d be kinda cute and sexy, I guess. – So what would you call these? – I think I’ll go with fake pants. – Fants. – Outline Jeans. – Rags. – Oh my God. – Strip tease jeans. – These are, the internet is
calling these thong jeans. – Fun pants. – A g-string. – G-jeans, like g-string. – What celeb can pull this off? – Rihanna. – Rihanna will walk outside
and go to the Grammys with this and we’d be
like, “Oh my gosh, yes.” – Taylor Swift. – Tina Turner, for sure. – Jaden Smith would pull this shit off. – Sansa, from Game of Thrones. – Lebron. – I’d like to see him dunk with these. Do you guys think that this
is a trend that will catch on? – Definitely make parents
not happy and kids love that. – Maybe if you started
this beginning of summer, it’s possible. – Wear them confidently and
have your friends wear them and let’s see how it spreads around. – I have a lot of old pairs of jeans that I don’t know what to do with them. So if I cut them up, yeah,
I can see it happening. – You look great, you do. – I’m back in from wearing
the thong jeans out. It was an experience. I’m not really into these pants, but I’m still very happy that I went out to the streets of New York City and asked people what they thought. Because people are
really nice and friendly and even if they were
mean about the jeans, they were nice to me and
they made me feel good. The young man I interviewed said that I was pulling them off
because I have confidence. Which is not something I really felt but apparently I exuded it. So, that’s good to know, that maybe even if you don’t feel
confident in what you’re wearing you can look confident and that’s enough. Alright, well, I’m
gonna take them off now. I mean, or I just leave them on ’cause it’s like I’m
wearing nothing anyway. (laughing) That was so lame. – Alright, this is a
commentator on society, take her seriously no matter
what her fashion choices are. That’s a very personal and
individual subjective thing. You can not really judge someone based on their fashion statement. – Thank you so much.


  1. It’s like fashion designers were thinking “what’s the next new trend?” And then they watched the CollegeHumor “Jeggings" series. Then, thought "Brilliant!"

  2. I think the jeans look good only the but part looks of. I think its more like an Accessoire than actual pants

  3. Video game characters and always wearing weird clothing, see sims series, gta V, cod series, jolly rancher, tf2, whack any game with people in it.

  4. "It's all about deconstructionalism really, obviously, yuh know. This is breaking it all down and then, yuh know, not building it back up, just leaving it down." When people asking me about my life

  5. I love when people buy clothes that have more missing material than existing material lol. I love it cause it makes it really easy to spot a sucker.

  6. This reminds me of the Ryan O'Neil movie with the assless jeans… Maybe it was mentioned??? But (not butt) I watched this with the sound off. Great video!!!!!

  7. I've seen people wear Jean ripped to the point where I wouldn't consider them pants so I wouldn't be surprised if they took it a step further

  8. Im from New Jersey.
    New Yorkers are not like this at all.
    They were being nice to her because she was filming.

  9. Lame! Take the shorts off underneath and wear them like they're supposed to be worn and maybe it gets a thumbs up. But until then, this was a waste of time.

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