I Wore Clothes from the Men’s Section for a Week

Hard-working daddy, I’m just trying to get memes on the table for my kids wearing my suits or So a lot of you guys in Twitter have been saying that you guys have been wanting a video where I just Got genders and genders gender stereotypes, so I decided to film a whole entire week of wearing men’s clothing And I’m going to be talking about all my experiences and what happened with all that and so on probably excited for this video But first I have a giveaway. I’m trashed for hot topic they just need to sponsor me already I’m gonna be giving away a Hot Topic gift card for $100 it’s a lot of band t-shirts. I know you guys my people you guys are in so many fandoms. You’re like Oh, okay easy. That’s an easy 20 t-shirts 20 different fandoms I’m in it’ll be easy for you And all you have to do is follow on instagram at jesse page and extra entries if you follow right Josh cool And I’m gonna do with the whole entire month that makes me happy. I love to go broke for my people I’m a hard-working dad Let’s see if we could get this to 40,000 likes if you also believe that gender should be in our hands in 2018 whether it comes to Pronouns or even just how you choose to dress I personally shop in the men’s section a lot And I’ve heard other girls say to other girls and guys to the other guys like that’s a boy outfit like oh I look like a boy in this it looks so bad or I look like a girl And it’s what do you mean and I believe that? Genders and identity that you should be able to control and that comes with everything your pronouns Even how you choose to dress like if you decide to you know use she/her But you also wanted to shop in the men’s section and adopt masculine traits. I think that should be accepted we stand In this household all my videos in 2018 of has messaging and messages. This is one video I’m so incredibly proud of and I did this for you guys and honestly Authentically, I think there’s so much to learn from this and I was able to learn Anyone that struggles with their own just like identity and gender identity But especially just in relation to anything whether it’s not something comes with your name pronouns. Whatever it is. This is for you Let’s get started so I shop in the men’s section all of the time And I’ve had quite a few people be very rude about it even some very like feminine friends of mine Just think it’s a little weird or just praise me more When I wear dresses and so on and I always thought that was to be curious I’m going to an event tonight and actually as a response to this video I decided I Don’t know why about a home phone. I don’t even know the number for it I decided to wear a suit But I also decided to wear a pink suit So it kind of intertwined with two very common gender stereotypes so the first day I found myself going to the grocery store. I wore a t-shirt and shorts and the cargo shorts are probably the most masculine I personally really enjoyed this video I always had like crushes on the Tom boys growing up, so it was like cool to dress like one of them I always just like thought they were hot especially in cartoons like I always felt like cartoon boys are like So here’s my first outfit. This is from forever 21 We have some vans. I just assumed cuz bands are pretty unisex this would work And then these pants that are like they were way too big on me But they’re from forever 21 and also a forever 21 man’s t-shirt it has guns and roses on it And then I just have on my very thick black eyeliner because I would look good without it He I’m excited. I actually really like this outfit. I don’t know alright. We are going to the food store I’m really feeling different. I feel that we’re comfortable which is really Filming I don’t know I’m feeling it. We’ll have to see as the week goes on and like I have different outfits let’s think of like weird paparazzi be So I went out with my outfit I Definitely feel like I did have a few people looking up and down It’s kind of like huh, that’s a little especially because like my hair is curled like it looks very glamorous And then the outfits kind of polarizing But I didn’t feel any different. I felt great. I felt pretty cool, and this is so comfortable honestly I would genuinely I feel like wear this. Also it works for the weather super well I Don’t know it was super easy to put on. I’m feeling it. I don’t know how other people are feeling yet I can’t totally feel that out, but I know I’m I’m feeling this Feeling myself, okay? I Guess the most exciting thing I’ve realized is that now I can play a pretty good Sharpay with my hair That’s the most exciting thing was happened to me today We yeah mucho gusto And then We’re good, sorry, okay? Well that’s all right birthday. I didn’t get too much I was wearing this outfit and it reminded me of Mike stranger things because he tends to wear a lot of stripes so I decided To go to a forest and do a cosplay shoot. I love Comic Con. I literally like dressed up as Princess Bubblegum oh I love Comic Con so I decided to do a cop place shoe and dress up as micro stranger things because I was wearing men’s clothing and Um it was really cool to play a boy even though Female I think it was really cool And I don’t know who just posed more masculine and so on it was really fascinating Um and I felt very confident and cool and accepted with yeah, I don’t know Wait should I start with Alright today, I’m doing something very very very special with one of my favorite humans and Take a guess from the music the bike the human the trail Go yeah walk forward and go behind a tree Now jump in the ditch Oh I decided to go over to my friend Alan’s place and right when I walked in legitimately bright walk when I walked in she was like oh And she definitely was confused because I had a room Lee dressed like that and it was a very like loose loose loose Pit and it was just a bit weird and I could tell she was trying to be polite But she also like wanted to ask whoa Just Lee what’s going on, so I’m currently just gonna wear my outfit around all day today. We’re gonna. See how it goes I really feel comfortable and like happy in this outfit, so we’ll have to see pants fall down I’m about to go into Alan’s place, and I’m gonna see if she react to my outfit. Hi Queen It’s her video, I’m wearing men’s clothing for a week you never Jessi never wears black and it’s work Let’s show her outfit of the days we wanna really it’s like opposite true Prom pose oh My god, so now I’m gonna have Mia react to my outfit, so what do you think? Skater boy yeah Later boy he wasn’t good in that mud. I look like like it’s impossible was even more of a Tom When I walked in for you like you know like do you think I was like dressed differently or like okay? It’s more mess really like like caught off guard, or did this like what’s it like? Oh, I got something just where I thought it was you you normally wear like weird things. Yeah You never you never wear black So I thought it was super weird and you know even when I’m like you look kind of like baggy and like lazy you know Just my butt look good Yeah, I like the pants imagine the pants with like a tank top sure that’d be cute. Yeah more fit That’d be cute. We love The next day we’re the same outfit, I’m in true Jesse Paige fashion a true And then the last day I decided to go in and see a ton of people that know me super well And I actually got compliments that they liked the new look you’re like oh yeah, it’s cool Like you look a lot more edgy with the word Which I think is boy like edgy tends to be defined as something that’s kind of like on the edge It’s like it’s very almost risky with whatever, maybe it’s more when your life or normal Whatever is normalized to society, so I thought that was a really cool word And it just it felt felt right so everybody don’t have some more people react to my outfit This is a shirt, I bought like just for myself like not even for the video And it’s really like Mario and I wanted it my brother, and I have the same t-shirt so I decided to wear it but this time with men’s jeans that I tried it I love Selling this is an output Video Annamarie expands which can be unisex and my hair is pink so So far I haven’t gotten any Super weird looks. It’s just like this outfit Makes me look a bit younger anything, so I feel like this had more like lycra ladies looks mild me feel like oh She’s cute with everything, but well had to see the reaction though Hi everyone I Like this outfit for these that you always told me that when you see me so this is like Some wearing men’s clothing for a week Honestly, I love this jeans yeah, there’s drifted So overall, I definitely was treated differently which was something I wasn’t hoping to have to say, but this is really fascinating to see how I was treated differently I thought it was just so crazy how within one day It was me wearing all men’s clothing people noticed and it isn’t always gonna be like a positive thing And I thought it was incredibly interesting this reaction. I was assuming that all my friends. Just be like okay Especially cuz I tend to wear like black skinny jeans and unisex hoodies I tend to wear a lot of unisex clothing like gender-neutral clothes So I thought this for this really interesting in the future. I would 100% do this again first off The men’s clothing is a lot more Comfortable and I wonder why that is so the comfort level was definitely a lot higher within Masculine clothing which for me. I’ve been told multiple times I have the body of a twelve year old boy So like I don’t need a word tie clothing the compliments were definitely really cool and unexpected They came from people that are very just comfortable within their own idea I look up to them a lot because they’re very comfortable from their own identities And I think that partially why they’re just very used to girls more masculine clothing etc And I think that’s a beautiful thing a point. I’m gonna make no one called me beautiful Edgy Which would have been cool would have been cool to be called beautiful Even though I was wearing clothing that wasn’t hugging I mean a little bit of curve. I have overall though yes I was treated differently, but I felt more comfortable. I felt so That’s something I really felt, and it just like I felt like I wasn’t trapped within this need to wear certain to clothing I just felt comfortable in the fact that I was wearing something that wasn’t necessarily designed for me but I was doing it because I wanted to and I think that’s a beautiful thing Just like I think there’s a lot to be said about that fact even though other people maybe were treating me Differently I still felt more confident even though was getting more comments. That would normally make me feel insecure I felt more confident just in knowing that I was wearing something that made me feel comfortable And there’s so much to be said about that and that’s that’s almost like magical I mean if people were to make those comments to me, and I wasn’t wearing something unusual I would have felt so insecure, but because I was wearing clothing that was deemed masculine and I just already felt comfortable because I was doing something so unique I Was confident and also another thing to say is that male and female clothing they’re not that different honestly And I think if you want to shop from one section if that’s what you personally just identify with as a person Or if you want to shop from both sections go for it do it because I felt so comfortable in knowing that I don’t know there was just like an air of acceptance within my own mind It’s just I feel great Essentially what I’m collecting from this video is hope that you are able to feel that my comfort and confidence that I got to feel This and just know no matter who you are you might have that criticism But knowing that you’re happy is what comes first I think that’s what’s important, and I think that’s there’s so much that comes to identity, it’s I’m gonna beat you my people I love my people and your amazing accounts I love your accounts like Jesse Paige’s daddy, Jesse Paige snatched my wig. I love you guys all snatch my wig my wig I don’t know where she is she’s all the way Oh, she’s all the way 2012 tumblr what there she is right next to it Harry Styles, Jim I don’t know what that was and I love my people I appreciate you all so much. This is for you I’m so incredibly proud of the messages that my videos have been spreading, and I hope they’re making you feel better, too And I will see you guys in the future


  1. What's interesting is that I think society will let women get away with wearing mens clothes without too much hassle, since womens clothing varies so much anyway. If a man tried wearing womens clothes like skirts and dresses, I believe they would get far more looks and less compliments. I could be wrong since I'm a guy and I don't know what it's like to be a girl, but that's what I think would happen anyway.

  2. When you said you're giving out hot topic gift cards and talked about band tees I stared directly at the Panic at the Disco t-shirt I'm wearing along with my other t-shirts in my closet…

  3. If she didn’t say that these were men’s clothing I wouldn’t be able to tell they were men’s

  4. i was shopping at the mall the other day and i saw a striped shirt that i loved but it was in the guys’ section and there were people around so i didn’t get it ._.

  5. Dude I wear men’s t-shirts too, I don’t get why people make such a big deal about it; ITS JUST CLOTHES WHO CARES!

  6. I can't believe I just recently found your channel. I AM OBSESSED. New sub and follower on all your accounts <3 <3 <3

  7. jessie I was re-watching this vid because I thought of the third outfit and I really liked it so I wanted to know where you got it but you didn’t say it so could you maybe tell me where you got it?😊

  8. I may sound so weird, but I wish I were almost a tomboyish girl… Like I feel like as a guy I dont fit in, but I also feel like being a guy still kind of is me… ya know

  9. I always wear basketball shorts a baggy tee and a beanie… I have a got a few stares, it sucks but it's me. And everyone is beautiful 💓

  10. on the first day of school i filled out alot of those get to know you sheets and a lot of them asked what pronoun you prefer

  11. My brother committed suicide and he was gay but he loved Comicon and animay if he was a girl he would be just like you it’s crazy with the social anxiety and everything it crazy I love you jessi

  12. i hate shopping in the "mens section" cause i just get so anxious about it. Like the person will come up to me and say "oh are you shopping for your boyfriend? Or your dad?" Just let me be my masculine self jeez. I don't need a bloody store categorising where i freaking shop

  13. The Mike cosplay outfit is the absolute most gorgeous thing on you. Genuinely, I loved everything about that outfit, 💖💖 This video was wonderful.

  14. My girlfriend is a tomboy and trends to dress pretty masculinely day to day, but work she has to dress more business casual. People are so much more polite and kind towards her when she’s dressed for work.

  15. I think clothes suposedly made for females are uncomfortable bcs they are made for fashion purposes or for the hetero typical macho male stare, opposite to clothes "made for males" since clothes still carry "male bread winner" stereotypes, even though is not the reignant reality since decades ago, and bread winners of any gender have to be comfortable and confident to succeed, or to at least be efficient without struggling with unpractical clothes or coping with being objectifyed.

  16. Amazing. I loved how chill you commented the experience. Today I was walking in the city in a Henley. Since October started to slowly implement men’s shirts into my fashion again.

  17. Love you sm Jessie love what you have been doing 💞💞💞 also Holy Ghost in the outro made me die lmao ❤️❤️

  18. I'm genderfluid and this video made my cry because no matter what gender I am at the moment, I'm a tomboy and never really wear dresses. A lot of people think my clothing is weird and my mum keeps forgetting that I don't have the same style has her but I always manage to sneak off to the boys section because I like the t-shirts. It just made me really happy!

  19. It is SO REAL that people less often call women “beautiful” in more masculine clothes…we want to be complimented too ❤️

  20. Im a trans nonbinairy guy but i stil sometimes like to wear "girl" clothes like skirts and collors but i cant since that isnt masculine enough.
    My family wil say stuf like you look like a girl and they wil use she her pronounce for me wich makes me feel verry dysphoric.
    I just want to be able to wear what i want.
    (Also the style i want to wear kind of like your style but more egie is kind of imposible to find where i live.)

  21. Every time I watch this video I always wonder if Jessie new during the intro a piece of her hair was like nope I don't want to stay down like the rest of my hair

  22. Ugh I prefer wearing clothes that are sold in the men’s section but my mom doesn’t like how they fit in me :/


  24. We had a “gender flip” day at school, and since I always wear graphic and advertising tees, with over sized flannels, I wore a dress. My classmates were so confused, saying I didn’t “gender swap” at all, I just dressed normally. I was like ExcUsE mE!? I’ve also gotten into verbal fights about how there are more than 2 genders. It always me and my best friend against the entire class, sometimes the teacher too

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