I Went to the Fashion Nova Store in LA (inside the dressing room)

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra and
welcome back to my channel. Today we are going inside the
dressing room at Fashion Nova. Most of you guys probably
known Fashion Nova as the online retailer with
some very unique clothing items and very heavy use of Photoshop. But they actually have
a few like in-person retail locations in LA. So I was intrigued, I really
wanted to check it out, and I’m gonna take you guys with me. So when I did my first review
of Fashion Nova last year my main problem was
like the huge variation in sizing and in fit. Seriously, the sizing varied
so much from like one item to the next item, it
was impossible to know what size was actually gonna fit my body. So, trying on in store will
actually give me a chance to adjust the fit a little bit. Going into this video I’m gonna be honest I’m not the biggest fan of
Fashion Nova but I’m open to it. Let’s see if my mind can be changed. So, my friend Skyler and I
hopped in my little Prius, drove up to LA, and we went
to the Fashion Nova store at the Montebello Mall. Alright you guys, so we just
got to the mall here in LA and I am at Fashion Nova, an actual in-person Fashion Nova store. I’m very interested, don’t
really know what to expect, but we’re gonna go
inside the dressing room and figure it out, let’s do it. I looked at the reviews
on Yelp before we went and they were pretty dismal. So I wasn’t expecting a lot but I was actually like
pleasantly surprised by the store. It was clean, it had a nice layout, and the employees were like
super, super nice and helpful. And even though there
definitely were some of those more like out there Fashion Nova-y pieces that aren’t my personal taste, there were also some more
like typical, daily wear, wearable clothes that were pretty cute. So firstly, going into this video, going into the store I
was like I’m just gonna do an inside the dressing-room,
my typical kind of video where I just shop like I normally would and show you guys what I try on. But like it’s Fashion Nova
and when I saw some of those very like trendy Instagram batty outfits that Fashion Nova is known for, I couldn’t resist
grabbing them to try them and actually see what they
would look like on me. So in the end, I ended up
picking six clothing items that I actually liked
and would consider buying and four that I’m gonna be
honest were just pure curiosity. I was so interested to see what they were actually
gonna look like on my body. It’s Fashion Nova, I feel
like I just had to try on some of their more popular
styles to get the full picture. But let’s start with the
clothes that I picked in my actual style, clothes that I’m actually
interested in buying and wearing. I’ve heard a lot of people like raving about the fit of Fashion Nova jeans and there in a pretty low price point so I was interested to try them. I grabbed a size 13 in their Jirelli Distressed Skinny Jeans and they were $35. These jeans did not fit at
all, not even a little bit. I’m usually a 12 so I got the
equivalent 13 in teen sizing but they were way too
small like everywhere, especially on my thighs. These just did not fit my body anywhere. I needed to go up to a 15
and luckily, being in store, I could just swap it really
easily and try a bigger size. Also I didn’t even realize
that these jeans were low rise when I picked them and
I am all about high rise so when I swapped them
out for a different size I actually went for a
different cut altogether. These are the Glistening
Jeans in medium blue a size 15 and they are $35. At first these were a little bit tight and kind of like hard to get into so I thought they were
still gonna be too small but once I actually zipped
them they fit really well. I don’t really like how
massive the distressing is on this side, it’s just not
really like my personal taste. And I feel like after a few washes that would start lookin’ really scraggly but other than that the
jeans fit me really well. They’re curve hugging but I
wasn’t squeezing out of them and they actually had
enough room in the thighs. I can totally see why these are so popular and why like curvy girls
especially like rave about these. The fabric on these jeans
was super stiff though, which is why I think
they were hard to get on. Definitely more traditional
jean than jegging. And I’m a girl who likes having
some stretch in my jeans. So these just weren’t
quite perfect for me. But I had one more pair of jeans to try. These are the Classic
High-Waisted jeans in black. I am wearing a size 15
here and they are $35 like all the other jeans they carry. These jeans are freaking bomb, oh my gosh. Like the fit, the material, the stretch, everything, everything. They are super, super, super high waisted like way above the belly button and actually hit at my natural waist so they would be so flattering
paired with like a bodysuit or a crop top or even just like a tied top like I’m wearing right here. These are just so great. I’m really shocked, Fashion
Nova jeans, I’m in love. They were also just super easy to get on compared to the previous pair. They had a ton of stretch to them and were really, really comfortable. Finding jeans that
actually fit my proportions and my body properly is
a huge struggle for me and these ones totally fit the bill but I never would have figured
out how great these jeans are if I had just ordered online because the sizing would
have been totally off. For example, these black
jeans that I was wearing when I went shopping are from JC Penny and they’re also in teen
sizing, they’re a 13 and they have plenty of room. If anything, they actually
fit a little bit bigger than the Fashion Nova jeans
when I do a side by side. So I really like these jeans but if you’re gonna order
them from Fashion Nova definitely size up. Moving on from the jeans, next I tried on the Kiki
Cropped Top in black in a large and this is $13. And I paired it with
another Fashion Nova item. This is the Celine Blazer in blue. The blazer is $30 and they
only had a medium left out on the floor so that’s
what I’m wearing here but I probably would have been a large. I actually really like the
way this looks together. I’m still wearing the black
Fashion Nova jeans here so this is like a full
head-to-toe Fashion Nova look. It makes a really cute outfit
that flatters my figure and still feels very true
to like me and my style but it’s definitely
very like trendy still. I did not expect to like this cropped top because it’s very tight and very short and usually things like that make me feel a
little bit self conscious, but with the high-waisted jeans and then like the blazer over the top, it actually works and I felt
really confident in this look. But like I said, they only
had the blazer in a medium and I think a large would
definitely suit me better. I would say that both of these
items fit very true to size. I would expect a medium at
pretty much any other store to be snug on me and this
blazer is no different. Next we have a two-piece set. This one, oh my gosh the names. This one is called The
Too Much Money Velvet Set. I actually like laughed out
loud in the dressing room when I read the name on that tag. Anyways, I grabbed this
in a large and it was $40. So everything about this
set is just a big no. Let’s start with the pants. So first positives, the sizing
of the waist and the thighs is actually a really good fit for me but there’s like a weird
amount of extra fabric in the crotch which makes
the fabric like bunch up and just look kinda
like weird and awkward. They’re also a solid five
inches too long for me and I know I’m not like the tallest person but I’m five five. I’m not that short, but the
material does feel really nice and pretty high quality. And I think we can all see that this top does not
have nearly enough fabric. I’d say the pants were
actually a little bit big for what I’d expect from a large. Sometimes I have to size up
to an extra large in pants but the top fit more like a small. So we basically have like a small on top and like an extra large on
the bottom with this set. To be fair though I’m
sure it’s really difficult to get sizing down right
for a two-piece set because everybody’s bodies and proportions are built so differently. But the sizing difference
between the top and the bottom is just huge. Next up we have the Just
What I Need Minidress. This was $30 and I’m wearing a large. This one isn’t like all good or all bad. It falls like in between those two. It’s kind of in the middle. I really love the structure of this dress, how it kind of gives
that like hourglass shape but it’s not skin tight, it’s not clinging to my stomach at all. It’s structured in a really nice way. When a lot of sweater dresses
that I’ve tried like this are just more like baggy and shapeless. It also has pockets, which is really cool. We love a dress with pockets. I like the turtleneck, I
like the sleeves, but overall it’s just not perfect enough
for me to actually buy. It’s definitely see through so I would need to wear a slip under this and I don’t really like dresses that take a lot of like
extra effort like that. I like to be able to just throw a dress on and not have to worry if
you can see my underwear. And even though like I
love that it has pockets it’s super convenient that it has pockets, they kind of gave like a
weird shape to the dress, especially when you actually
put something into it. It just gave this like weird
bulk that I didn’t really like. Now let’s get into the
more experimental items that I wanted to try. This is the, this is the
fun part of the video. So first, we have the Melrose
Sweater in a medium-large and this is $45. So I actually saw this item on the rack and grabbed it thinking
it was just a sweater and it was gonna be with
my normal items to try on but then when I pulled it off the rack I saw that it was a two-piece set that came with matching sweater shorts. Now, I love sweaters, I’ve
got nothing against sweaters. I love them and I actually
like the top of this set. I think it’s really cute
but I think sweater shorts are just like a terrible idea
and should disappear forever. That’d be great. These shorts are just like all bad, easily one of the most
unflattering things I’ve ever worn and I’ve worn a lot of unflattering
things on this channel. Also, maybe TMI but they’re
just like camel toe central like no, no, no, no, no, no bye, bye. Also, I feel like I need to tell you this. This set smelled really weird
like it had been sitting in like a mildewy warehouse
for a really long time and they just took it out
of storage or something. All the other items in the store, all the other items I tried
on smelled perfectly fine and normal but for whatever reason this one set just smelled like nasty. Next we have the Like An Open Book Set and I am like 99% sure that
this is the Fashion Nova set that Kylie Jenner promoted. So when I saw that they had it, I was super curious to see
what it would look like on someone who isn’t
built like Kylie Jenner. So, this is $45 and I’m
wearing it here in a large. As soon as I put this on it reminded me of like old fashioned long johns, like what your grandpa
wears when it goes skiing. Like you know, do you know what I mean? The fit and like the material of this set were also very reminiscent of the jumpsuit from Fashion Nova that I wore in my Wearing Outfits I
Hate For a Week Video. So the bottoms of this set
have ruching along the butt and I think that’s meant to make your butt look like
more like perky and bigger but in real life it just looks like you
have a weird wrinkly crease going down your butt. I usually love ruching,
like I’m a big fan, it just didn’t look quite
right on the bottoms but it totally worked on the top. It really flattered like
my chest and my stomach and kept the top from just
being all tight everywhere. I feel like the top actually would be okay with different pants
that were looser fitting. Personally I usually like
to balance my outfits so that it’s not just like
all tight or all loose. It was also very, very
thin and kinda see through but this two-piece is really skin tight so trying to layer something underneath would definitely not look right. I think it’s safe to say I definitely did not feel
like Kylie in this outfit. Next we have the Birthday
Bash Sequin Romper in a size large and this is $35. I love rompers. I think they’re great if
they protect my thighs from the chub rub and they
work for like a big variety of different looks and occasions. But I have to show you guys
how badly this one fits me. I’m wearing my little
half T just to show you without like gettin’ demonetized. But it would not fit over my big thighs. It’s meant to come up and
be like a strapless top but the romper got so held up at my thighs that it barely reached my bellybutton. The idea of this romper is pretty cute but uh, it would not work
for anyone with thick thighs and definitely did not work for me. And our last item. We have the Caught Your
Attention Midi Dress in blue in a size large and this is $35. These cups are not big enough
for the majority of people who probably wear a large. I know this dress is meant to
be like low cut, boobalicious, but if I pull the top of the dress up to where it’s supposed to hit, the wire on the cup cuts
my book like in half. I wouldn’t personally wear this style but other than the boob issue it actually fits okay everywhere else. It’s meant to be like tight
and show off your curves but if I was gonna wear this I would probably wear Spanx underneath. I don’t wear Spanx a lot, like they’re not
something I typically wear but with something this tight you can actually see the
outline of my bellybutton which kinda makes me uncomfortable. So, in the end I bought three items, I’m guessing you can probably figure out which ones they are. The Classic High-Waisted
Jeans in black for $35, the Kiki Cropped Top for $13, and since I liked the
Celine Blazer so much but they only had it in a medium I ordered in online from
Fashion Nova in a large. That item actually
arrived today, here it is. It does fit me really,
really well in the large. Okay, so Fashion Nova. There were definitely
positives and negatives about this store but overall I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised. Once I found a pair of jeans in a size that actually fit my
body in a material I like with the stretch I like, I loved them. I also really liked that
blazer and that cropped top and just the way it all worked together. And while there definitely were some items that were very off with their sizing, I would say the majority
of the items that I tried did fit me. Fashion Nova definitely
goes for a specific branding and style and like type of girl and while there were
definitely a lot of those items that I think of as Fashion
Nova that are more out there, very Instagram batty, they still did have quite
a few wearable items that would work for the
average girl’s style. And it was super fun to divert from my typical
style for a hot minute and like try on some of those Fashion Nova Instagram batty outfits that
I would never normally order. I still would be very hesitant
to order anything online from Fashion Nova though because
the sizing does vary a lot and their return policy is just terrible. I’m gonna put it up on the
screen here for a second. It is seriously one of
the worst return policies I’ve ever seen for an online store. So, it’s definitely
something of a guessing game unless you happen to live in LA and can go try it on in store. So, what did you think of the
Fashion Nova retail store? I thought it was super, super interesting because they are like so well
known as an online retailer. I still highly disagree
with their practice of Photoshopping their product
models to fit their look but aside from that the store
itself was very interesting. If you liked this video and you wanna see more
inside the dressing rooms, there is a card right
there for that playlist or a link in the description. Make sure you’re subscribed so you can see all my new fashion videos when they come out. I make two videos a week
every Tuesday and Friday. Be confident, love your curves, and I will see you guys next time, bye. (upbeat contemporary music)


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