I spent way too much money on clothes… (brandy melville, urban outfitters, pacsun)

hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel and welcome to the video where I show you guys how I spent all of my money I just feel like every single time I flip over here in my bedroom in this specific setup it's because I'm filming a hole of some sort if y'all follow me on instagram we if you aren't you should follow me this is it right here at Tara Jane Beth's you would know that recently I went to California and while I was there I literally just like shopped a lot like more than I've ever shot through my whole life sure do make myself feel better about that I thought it was food video I hope you guys liked it give it a thumbs up you guys like whole beers I hope I don't let you go mine to you and comment down below letting me know what time it is Walli all watching this video it is currently 11:40 fall for me sir let me know the comments what time it is for you let's get into me showing you how I spent all my money I heard my mom doesn't watch this video she gonna judge me she's gonna ring me up and be like oh really how you spend all your money saw okay let's do it sooo I know what to start with let me go get the goods okay kicking it off I wanna show you guys the stuff that I got a talk show I kind of forget how to fill holes I feel like this hole is like a weed mixture between sweaters and jeans and like super summery clothing also resizer I saw an article in Twitter the other day that said toke up is like closing down so you're like if y'all think this stuff is cute probably gir to talk pills yeah we probably have a good say oh sorry I'm gonna link everything down below by the way if y'all want to shop everything I show in this video I got a pair of black jeans from Topshop and I freaking love mom jeans so much because that's very much more comfortable but these ones have a thigh rip which I love because I feel like it's like trendy to have like a butt rip it I'm just like no edgy enough for that I know I just feel better about a Cyrus honestly I just want like all the old ladies to come at me and say did you know that you have a little rip in your jeans does that ever happen to anyone appreciate I have a deal on mom jeans sir we also have another pet light wash nerve rips hello grandma friendly situation Topshop has the cutest freaking little crop tops at the Merman sir we got this one which I'm obsessed with because I don't have to wear a bra is this not me cam I probably I feel like my boobs are like small enough where that cloth as small but like not small enough where I don't have to wear a bra so like I always have to wear bras to basically what I'm trying to say I don't have to wear a bra with this cuz it's tight enough sir we love that I feel like YouTube is so sensitive these days that I'll probably get be monetized so that and then I got this talk which I got it in a size bigger because they didn't have my size sir I'm pretty sure as men to grow up like this but every time I wear it it falls off my shoulders anyways this is super cute it's like crochet I have an Instagram in it this is it and the last hops I got is this little pink frilly really super short crop top they like just look really cool with their like the non ripped jeans that I just showed you guys AI feel like normally I would never wear something this curl but you know la changed me I really haven't even been to LA yet I like Disturb from the Apple to Palm Springs to go to Coachella and someone in DM me and they were like la has changed you I was like how how is that even possible but gage I'm sure you guys and stuff that I got from Brandi that's why I'm mercy excited about comes very dramatic y'all me nervous but weird how Brandi where I live sir every time I've ever bought from Brandi I've been like actually a hundred dollars to ship it we went a little in I got this super cute little tesha situation I don't know why iOS a situation at the end of things but we got this when I was in there I actually got this like little schoolgirl looking Scott which is sure different from something I would normally wear but I wore it I took photos in it and I liked it so much that I went back and got like the same sky it is a different color and y'all are if you've watched my whole video is that every single time I film the whole I say that I'm branching out so this is me branching out because I wouldn't only go against stuff like this but we love it I have something that is kind of ugly I feel like this sweater dress is like so ugly that it's cute but we got this brown sweater dress I can just imagine now my friend Holly telling me that this is ugly like she's watching this video and she didn't disliked it cuz she's like that ugly the next thing I got from brandy melville that I'm like kind of not sure if this is actually cute / how I'm gonna wear this is these shorts which honestly these not look like men's boxes do you think that yeah I feel like it would've been cheaper for me to buy men's boxes I feel like it might look like a skirt when it's on wiecek's feel like it look what the lesson isn't cute nice these look like bench or the last thing that I got from brandy melville I am not realizing that I will this to Six Flags and I have stains on it it's just a v-neck you can't feel like a mess we got some coffee stains on that next door open outfit okay if y'all follow me on instagram then you have definitely seen these two pairs of pants I got this stripy pair of mom jeans I feel like I could have size down in me but like what the Frick this might be the cutest pair of jeans that I'm ever gonna own in my whole life we love those these jeans I'm actually upset about because I may be needed to size up I wore these for like 10 minutes just to take furthers and then when I try to change my outfit I like tried to pull them down but they were kind of tie and I ripped a hole in the pocket as you all can see that kind of upset about it these are so cute sorry if y'all see me walking around with a hole in my pocket it's because these are the cutest things ever and I caught like guard the hole that big I really the hole but that big either I was so sad when it happened I was like it was like a movie right away you could hear the hole ripping in the pocket it's not even a cute rib and then I thought this Scott I feel like I didn't buy a lot from oven because it's so expensive one evening one oven we got this cute little skate is good that's like you didn't see it's got striped be right back home with a face sir I get invited to my very first ever gifting suite which I am NOT a cool enough influence a typical I know what gifting suite but like okay please invite me sir if you guys don't know what that is which I do know but that wasn't feel like I'd invited you and Eva when you like an influenza why does saying influence and stuff make me feel awkward and they like invite you and you like go try on clothes and if you like the clothes the brands will give the clothes T so I went to one why just making me feel so awkward why don't I say I've given free clothes and I'm not trying to brag about it so it's making me feel very awkward I'm just gonna show you guys what I got I'm gonna cut that whole bit out okay so as fast thing that I got is from the branmer tell which I have a few things from retail but it's just this little black off the shoulder dress I feel like you can't see it very well but you'll see it in the overlay when I saw this art I just like envision myself with like a black hat wearing like cowboy boots with it which I got a pair of cowboy boots I'll show you guys in like a second I'm getting way too excited and oh that's Kim in videos I also got another dress this was by the brand naked zebra actually Wednesday's event with Sierra and we both got the same dress sir it's probably gonna look wait here huh then we got a MIDI Scott which is alter like Keon Mike Ovitz herb of 2019 branching out I feel like this looks so cute with like a little black belt around the waist by the bread then these are cowboy boots that I hope you about got these from princess Polly loved doors well let's go to where these decree chela but didn't have a handful of them sir Neha this is what happens when I film a video after having like five coffees there it is it realize that those a bunch of stuff that I miss I got this hat from Evan and then I got these shoes from top shelf as well I will need like a minute I got a compliment sir y'all won't choose to give me all the compliments that hit up Topshop also they have a platform I'm 5'4 which isn't show up and it isn't old and we love little platform we went to garage I went in true garage the first time a lot guys I actually feel like this video is gonna make me seem like I have the trumping problems but I just never be me in any of these tools before and ended it for you guys okay don't we to tell you that I really just did it for me I hope you guys enjoy this holder fast things fast we got a pair of denim shorts lil mum short situations this is the front this is the back I feel like I've already said this about a completely different pair of jeans in this video here but I got the cutest jeans that I've ever seen in my whole life but they just have these like stripe down the front if I was gonna ever make a pair of jeans this is what it would look like and that alters the most comfortable jeans I've ever ever put on my body that's the fact for you very interesting whole videos with Sarah but I wore these in a photo shoot that I did with Andre moving on we also got a couple of top so I got this little hole to next situation it's like crochet super summery a strappy orange singlet top because we love to be comfy but bolts are cute at the same time this kind of looked ugly on camera but we got this cute I actually can't stop myself from saying the word cute it's like a wrapped up it kinda looks ugly on camera but it's cute on sir dang it I can't even grateful life in 20 seconds so we went to Chili's because I'm pretty sure like Kane had like one Teesha that he didn't wanna curl up so we went to Chili's McCain I everything he got anything but I did I feel like because I was taking 70 photos I just like was trying to buy lots of cute pieces of clothing full diverters I got this crochet top and like ties up in the back obviously this is like a really nice tall sure I'm good I didn't different Koloff and then I was trying to channel my email ax adilyn and I go myself a little yellow t-shirt if I wear this show up back to front but exact gonna be okay cuz I feel like it's here at the back when I post Instagram partners in this be standing like just so everyone can see the back of my chest we went to American Eagle cool I feel like I need to be clear I didn't do all this shopping on one day like we were in LA for five weeks so like this to know happen like in one day I'm really trying hard to justify this hey adding to me justifying this I've never been to American Eagle sure we got some tough bathtub that we got from American Eagle is a little like tie up situation I feel like this one looks are pretty on like Tiffany mom hopefully it looks as good on me it would look on kidney but if Noah painted me you had this toe and then I got three strapless top they definitely had a deal on like strapless tops so I got a crochet one very summery alter I think this is a size too big for me but it like ties up at the front so we can just like secure it it does kind of look like a beanie and then I'm pretty sure that these last year or exactly the same we got this one little patent situation and the exact same thing but it's Yeller actually the material feels 100% different do these feel different yeah they do but they like the same talk right my whole suitcase the whole time I was away was just like her jealous / like really warm weather stuff because I feel like everyone always talks about how hot LA is it's freaking not I took one sweater sorry I had a group buy one I got this one from PacSun I want to say but it's just a crop champion hoodie I love the color they're in super crazy actually I got another hoodie as well I went to every Tia and I sold this Death Valley hoodie a lot of people ask me when I wear this if I beam to Death Valley crossing my fingers that y'all actually like trying on holes because I literally just took me like two hours so Komarov alert do you like transposon you prefer what it's like another try on do you guess all sorry I remember in the video but I'm holding everything down below back to video anything with the one death in it Death Valley we ain't trying to do this all these people commenting like I live in Death Valley I hope you guys liked this video give it a thumbs up if you guys did and derp if you get a comment down below what time it is for you right now I'm also gonna be doing this thing wet api's calm comment on my newest photo on Instagram saying that this video sent you and I'm gonna be replying to a bunch of you guys sir I'll see you guys on Instagram little confession moment what are you doing after this video shopping going to lies no no don't lie people don't believe you now everybody's going shopping yeah see you guys in my next video probably a whole next week


  1. HAPPY WEEKEND CUTIES, hope y’all enjoy the viddy & I linked everything in the description for you guys!! ALSO, what time is it for you?! ⏰ xoxo

  2. do u live in australia im so confused and brandy melville doesnt ship to australia so confused xxx

  3. It is 10:10pm and I love it when you do try on halls because you are one of the only you tubers that will do a try on haul and when you show a top you never know how it really looks until you try it on.

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