i spent way too much money on clothes… AGAIN

hey guys it's Katie and today I'm going to sit down to do a gigantic clothing summer haul I have been splurging way way too much recently and I've been buying so much clothes that I don't even know what to do with and so today I thought I would sit down and show you guys and when I say huge clothing haul like this is hundreds and hundreds of dollars I have two over $100 packages from forever 21 I've stuff from American Eagle hmm basically I just have a lot of clothing to show you guys and then I do have a few like accessories like I have a bunch of phone cases and then two other packages that I got from Cooper pop that I would love to share with you guys so first I'm gonna be starting with all the clothing and then we'll get into like the few things that aren't clothing at the end but if you're new year please don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe down below you can also click the bell icon right underneath the subscribe button to turn your hashtag post notifications get notified every time I post a new video and if you want you can follow me on Instagram add me on snapchat and follow my tick-tock all my social media to keep up with me when I'm not posting videos on my main channel why do I look so cool it's not very nice and then of course if you want to subscribe to my vlog channel I post a very regularly summer content on there of my everyday life so with all that being said we're just gonna hop right into it I genuinely don't know where to start but I think we're gonna start with the forever 21 so I'm gonna push all this aside and we're gonna jump right in we're gonna start with my two forever 21 packages I ordered online one came in a box and one came in a bag I think I have everything I've worn some of these clothes already so it might not be everything everything but it is like a majority of the stuff also I don't know if I'm gonna make this a try on haul because I just have way too much we're gonna start with this forever to me one bag and it's gonna pull out random stuff so first I bought this really really cute rainbow pattern ribbon a tube top it has all this rainbow like ribbing and crocheting on the outside and then it has like the lettuce thing on the top and the bottom this is a really really cute top and I could imagine it with some jean shorts just for a cute summer fit this doesn't have a price tag on it but it was in a size medium then I got this at like peachy corley colored tube top this is a size medium slash large and it was ten dollars I actually think that this is supposed to be a bra but um I bought it as a tube top I think it's supposed to be like a strapless bra or like bandeau top it doesn't really look like when it's definitely more of like a tube top shape hopefully you guys can see it it looks like it has like this ribbed stretchy material so I bought this one in coral and then I bought the exact same top in white there are about $10 and I got them in a size medium / large they're really cute basic pieces that you can wear with jeans shorts or just anything you could even wear them underneath so you can have like the sides poking through I think on if you wore like this top or this top underneath like a tank top that like hung down low then that'd be really cute because you could see the Bandos and then I got tank tops I wanted to get a bunch of tank tops because in summer pretty much all I wear is tank tops and short shorts I love over 21 tank tops these are so cute these are just like basic ribbed tank tops very thin and stretchy but then they have this like elastic band the elastic band gives us some detail and so I picked up three of these they're all in a size medium so this one's green and it was $10 $10 green just simple little tank top and then along with the green one I bought the same exact thing in Orange I do not own like up green or an orange tank top and so I decided to get these to get like out of my comfort zone colors but I really like the way that they look so this is the orange line very very cute and then I got the exact same style of tank top and pink I wore it to the mall when I met like a ton of different subscribers so you probably saw that in one of my vlog channel videos when I went to the fair and met people I also posted an Instagram picture where I was wearing it on a ferris wheel with Cole so yeah I just love those tank tops super easy to throw on and then I got another shirt and there's a so out of my comfort zone for this is the next top and this is what it looks like it's just like a tank top crop top but it's very out of my comfort zone I would not normally buy something like this just because the pattern and like all the different colors scares me and I'm not a very big like pattern person I like basics simple pieces I don't really go like big out there with patterns I don't know that something hit me and I was just feeling like being a big old girl so we decided to get this I like it though it has a little slit right here and then the detailing the texture is also a really cool feels like a crochet type thing and I got mine in a size large and it was $15 depending on how short a crop top is all size up just so that it would be longer because I very tall I'm 5 9 so if I want a crop top to be like longer all sides up but sometimes that means it's too big so I haven't tried any of this on either this might be a little too big but hopefully it's not the next thing that I picked up is the super adorable red and white polka dotted tube top on the sides it's like pulled in to make it tighter and this really just reminds me of Minnie Mouse gives me very strong Minnie Mouse vibes it's super super soft it is kind of like a short crop top but I like it was super high waisted shorts or with like a pullover it could be cute this is in a size medium and I don't know I just really like the way that it looks and I cannot wait to pop off and then I got some biker shorts biker shorts are such a huge trend and I wanted to hop on it so I decided to get this pair I ordered a pair of black biker shorts but they were like a satin material from forever 21 and a size medium and they were huge on me and I haven't been able to wear them yet but I decided to get another pair that is like a cotton pair to see if it fit me better so I got these in a size medium and cotton and it fits me so well they fit great and biker shorts are so comfy I've yet to wear these out but I love them and I will be doing that I got mine in size medium and they were at 394 dollar biker shorts I love them they're a fairly well and I'm excited to wear those the last clothing thing that I got in this forever 21 purchase is these shorts these are just like comfy loungy shorts and this what they look like I don't know really how to describe the core color it's a it's like a burnt orange Coralie color I don't know they fit really well they're a little big so I do have to tie this pretty tight and it comes with zippers on the side I got these in a size medium and I think they're like 15 bucks I wore these I posted an Instagram story in them but they're dirty right now so I need to wash them I literally wore those yesterday so I need to wash them then the last thing that I got from this forever 21 trip yeah so I think I got from this Robert 21 purchase it was a little over 21 accessory for sunglasses and they were gold and black and they were eight dollars let me go grab them these were these sunglasses that I bought they're just black and gold I think they're really really cute and they can make it for a good Instagram picture just like chillin at the beach or at the pool you can wear them low and be like cutesy or you can wear them like normal people and what I'm driving would like to top down and like the cars that's really nice so I can see you know seems like eight dollars they feel really high-quality and they're very very you that's all that I got the best online package from forever 21 a second complete different order came in like two days ago and this one came in a big box from forever 21 because I bought shoes I've never bought shoes from forever 21 but I would needed some sandals cuz I did not own not one pair of sandals we're gonna start with the clothing this is the first thing I got and it's a super super cute tank top blue and white polka dots with the lace at the bottom lace at the bottom is adorable and I love navy blue one of my favorite colors of all time I got this in a size why aren't you telling me I got this in a size large and it says it was $7 again this is a kind of short crop top so definitely high-waisted shorts for me but I love it feels very nice can't wait to wear that and then I wore this shirt yesterday with those shorts that I showed you guys from the other forever 21 package and this is just a cute little white flower only printed tank top the back has a little cutout here and that's just what it looks like it's adorable it fits really well this was in a size medium and it was ten bucks this shirt and these shorts make a very good outfit I posted on my Instagram story yesterday but like I said it's dirty because I work yesterday so it's washed I'm gonna wash that later today but I want to show it for the haul continuing on from forever 21 I bought some biker shorts these were labeled as biker shorts but Tamiya would call these spandex they're basically just like knockoff Nike pros Nike pros are very expensive and I do have a few pair but I seem to always lose them I can never find my Nike pros and since they're so small they always get like caught up and on my dresser and stuff so I was like hey cheer season is starting again I need another pair of like stretchy spandex so I bought this one I don't even know what it says on the top what does it say it says limited edition you're not even gonna be able to see the top so it doesn't matter I just needed spandex be these are mid rise short medium and they were eight bucks they look like it will fit very nice and do the job that I need them to do which is to fit under my cheer uniform and then the last clothing item I got from this forever 21 package is a dress it's basically like a t-shirt dress has a white t-shirt here and then this bluish green teal color striped dress when I ordered this online I didn't know that the t-shirt came underneath the dress like it's attached I thought that the t-shirt was just as an example like you could put a t-shirt underneath the dress so when I got in the mail is kind of confused it does come with the white t-shirt underneath in the dress which i think is a cute look I just wasn't expecting it this dress in a size medium and it was a $20 it's very soft I cannot wait to wear this though it looks so good and for a cute little cutesy photo shoot I see the vision I have a vision then I got an accessory again from fabric 21 and this accessory was a cute little anklet ankle it was four dollars a tie my ankle right now if you guys don't know I have a lot of like friendship bracelet anklets but I wanted a cutesy little one so it looks like it's just silver and then has a cute little star you probably can't see it but can you now it's time for the shoes that I bought from forever 21 shoes are expensive and I didn't realize this so each of these pairs of shoes for like 30 bucks the first pair of sandals that I got are these these are just white sandals they have a little bit of a tiny heel and they're very strappy I tried this one on my foot and it fits well I'm a size 10 oh these were only 15 bucks okay pop off these were 15 dollar sandals like I said size 10 I haven't worn them yet but they're cute and I just needed some because when I do photo shoots who did a photo shoot with Natalie and I didn't have any sandals to wear so I literally went barefoot kind of embarrassing but I wanted those for like dresses and cutesy outfits when I don't want to wear vans done the last and final thing that I got is the second pair of shoes this is from forever 21 but it's not forever 21 brand like those were I've worn these before though and they're adorable I wore these to a Father's Day dinner which was a few days ago and look at them tell me these aren't everything these were expensive these were $30 I know that for a fact they're also on a size 10 but they're just like this brown a platform II kind of like aesthetic shoes I don't know I really liked it the way they look they remind me like something from Steve Madden I like the crocheting and the tiny little heel in the strappy it gives me very summer beachy vibe so I picked those up and then I guess forever 21 was like hey you spent a lot of money and they send me a free razor i mean i'm damned with razors are expensive but like kind of weird and that's all from forever21 in general we should be glad that we move past this section already and you're expecting any more things from forever21 I'm sorry to disappoint you but now we can move on to more stores basically my entire wardrobe is from forever 21 and Tilly's and so I to venture out and go to like H&M what so I went into the mall and normally I do online shopping which is why all my clothes come in like boxes and bags and stuff because I just like to online shop way better than shopping in person stressful too much work I don't like it and we went into American Eagle and I bought boys boxers I bought boys boxers choose pair of them and I've not regretted it ever since I've been living in these they are my favorite things in the whole wide world so basically I bought these donut boys boxers from American Eagle you have like the cute little American Eagle band right here and then they're black with pink Donuts they're in a size medium and I just roll them up like twice and then they're shorts and they're cute I've gotten compliments on them I've posted Instagram stories with them and everyone loves them I highly recommend if your girl buy boys boxers I would definitely suggest wearing underwear underneath them if you're a girl because they are underwear but they're not girl underwear along with the donut ones I bought pickle ones and the pickle ones are so cute too they have the gray American Eagle band again just roll them a few times and they fit perfectly a shorts I think if I got a small they probably fit better but I choose to get a medium so if they're roomy and Spacey best purchase ever been living in these I love them so much that was wrong American Eagle hold on I feared money oh yes I love finding money I'm I'm all at American Eagle they have like a stand of all the boys underwear and you have to make sure that you're getting boxers and not like any of the other ones because otherwise they'll be very tight on you and won't fit you like shorts but I love these I actually just got them out of the wash right before this video so I could show you guys them so these are brand new and very clean and I'm going to be wearing them later today this trip where I bought those American Eagle boxers was from like a week ago and then I went back to the Maltz yesterday with Colt and at the mall I went back into American Eagle and at American Eagle since I loved those boxers so much I bought more and I probably shouldn't have because I'm gonna waste my entire money on boys boxers but I did it again these aren't open because I haven't worn them because I literally bought them yesterday but these are the same exact style and everything but these are galaxy galaxy boxers like tell me those aren't amazing they're out of this world I love them and along with the galaxy ones I also about these cash-money ones Cole has the exact same ones you bought them too so now we're matching and though although he'll wear them is underwear I'll wear them as shorts I love them so now I have four pairs of boys boxers and if you're judging me I give you the right to because you probably should be but I love them so comfortable and since they're like graphic shorts you need a plain t-shirt and it's just a fit and I got compliments so much all the way that gets tears so that's all from American Eagle I also went into Victoria's Secret because they're having their semi-annual sale or something like that they have two five for 28 underwear deal so I got five yards new underwear for $28 I'm not going to show you guys none because that's kind of like personal but I did get some new ones and I want to throw that in there cuz thirty bucks I would like to show you guys now when I was at the mall with Cole I also went into H&M they completely took down the H&M at my mall and then a rebuilt it so now it's huge and when this was my first time going in there since they rebuilt it and they kind of popped off got some cute new clothes everything was on sale too so that was kind of fun and fresh so the first thing that I got is this red like tablecloth printed dress it's kinda tighter at the top and has a little tie right here and then at the bottom it's looser and flowy I love it it kind of reminds me of like a country tablecloth I think one of those kind of themes and it was originally 18 bucks but I got it on sale for nine and this was in a size six it fits perfectly I don't even have to wear a bra with it I love it and I think that's gonna be so cute to wear I didn't try this on because I just didn't want to so I went with the size six and if it's neat great so I'm so glad I also got these shorts users like these blue flowy shorts and I only got them because they were three dollars literally three dollars over to only ten ten dollars isn't even expensive for shorts but then they were on sale for three and I was like I love flowy shorts so comfy I love they're also extremely stretchy but these were in a size small and they are three bucks I love they're so comfy and soft and OH lastly from H&M I bought another pair of shorts these ones weren't on sale but these were the first things that I saw when I walked into the store and these are just like comfy sweatshirts what they look like they have pockets in them which is a great addition I got mine in a size small and they were $13 so this was the only thing that wasn't on sale but I love them and I'm gonna be wearing them every single day I live in comfy clothes I only dress nice when I go out places this is like what my entire wardrobe consists of the last thing that I bought at the mall was a build-a-bear I really wanted to build a bear with coal so we went in and we built one this is her she's a little bunny rabbit this is the bunny rabbit Ramos Jun we named her Jun because this month is June and today when I'm filming this it is actually cold ice five months since we've been dating we bought this yesterday and we were thinking of a name cuz you have to fill out like a paper with its name and all that stuff and I was like hey it's Jun this or five months let's name it Jun so that's why it's my new child this is colonise eighth child and that sounds so bad saying this is our eighth stuffed animal child my eyes are watering whenever we're together we always buy stuffed animals and he always buy stuffed animals for me but we made this child together and this one costed Jun costed 18 dollars at the Big Bear workshop and we love her she is our eighth edition and this is her little house box that she came in I don't leave her in there no cuz we don't want to trap her she stays on my bed that's my new kid like we love her she's welcome to the family I won most clothing and then we had accessories and a makeup that I want to show you guys during the spring break Cole's family and my family both went to sea side which is Rosemary Beach like I said same thing and our families got to dinner together at this old fish house place it's a restaurant and we our families went out there together and Cole went back with his family last week for an entire week and he came back and got me a shirt from there so he got me this fish shirt from the fish house that we went to with our families it was basically just a really good night and a really fun night to remember and so he bought me a shirt because he went back in wanted to get me a little present this is what it says on the back it just says like what it is and I honestly love it he bought me it in a size large so it's oversized my favorite thing the whole wide world the colors super pretty though and I love this and then he also brought me back some speaker and he also brought me seashells because every time I go to the beach he brings new seashells okay so next this was sent to me complimentary from aunt dolly and this is the first aid Beauty ultra Repair Cream they sent me this and the rosemary mint kind and it's basically just like a moisturizer it's alright I don't really love it too much but I've been using it at least my skin feeling a little greasy but it does feel hydrating so I don't know I just don't personally love this but I have to put it in the video so I wanted to show you guys I've been seeing these things so they're like these spirally hair ties going around and everyone has them and I googled it and basically they're called the care coils or spiral hair ties and they actually work so good so I wanted some so I ordered some on Amazon so what they look like this is the little pack that it came in and I got the blonde one so that way I'll like blend in with my hair as much as possible it came with two clear ones a white one two of these like see-through blonde ones those dark blonde one and I gave one to cold so I've been using these non-stop they're basically just like fun and fresh hair ties I'll show you guys and literally just hair ties but they don't hurt my wrists because ever really fat wrists a normal hair ties hurt these also don't pull out your hair and they do a really good job of securing it it also looks very cute I don't know and it doesn't rip out your hair so I like these a lot I've been using them and then a little Lola sent me some more phone cases if you guys don't know little bola is my favorite phone case shop we've been working together for the longest time and so they decided to send me four more phone cases this is three of them that they sent me and then the fourth one is on my phone right now so the first one that they sent me is this really pretty blue and pink and white like I don't know what you would call this I think it's like striped pattern I don't know they also sent me this adorable like pink glass marble typed one and then I have this pink ham a lot on my phone for the longest time I just switched it out a few days ago to this one this is my favorite recently it's just like these peaches and then I added my own white pop socket on to it little hole that makes the best cases they're adorable they're so cute and they come wrapped in this little package this is what the little packaging looks like if you want to check out their website I'll link it all down below they make my favorite phone cases and they're so so kind to me you can follow them on Instagram I'm always promoting the money Instagram because I love them and know this isn't sponsored I just genuinely love their product I think I have a code with them I'm not sure I think it might be KD 20 for 20% off your purchase I'm not sure though I'll put it on the screen and that is my code if you want to save money you can use my code when checking out they honestly do make the best phone cases not only are they cute and trendy but they secure your phone and I've never broken my phone when I've had one on knock on wood now all that I have left to show you guys is my color pop packages color pops is BPR every single month and I've been saving this stuff to show you guys where if they sent me there a little summer collection and I just wanted to share with you guys what they sent me cute little notices hi sunshine you're the bee's knees and then if you guys ever want to save money for color pop cosmetics you can use my code 5kt to save five dollars off your purchase no it's not an affiliate code so I don't get paid but you guys gonna say five bucks so use it if you want so their whole summer collection it consists of all this like red kind of watermelon themed packaging I love it it's so cute very bright and vibrant the first thing that they sent me was this main squeeze palette and I've actually used this I used a list for an Instagram look I did on my makeup Instagram and this works so well color pop is one of my favorite brands ever I just love them their eyeshadows perform amazingly and I love this palette I have been using it non-stop when I do eyeshadow looks I haven't used any of the rest of this but I loved that this is the mini literally obsessed body glitter they've been making a lot of body products recently this is their Super shadow and it's in the shade sand castle it's like this cute metallic red and then there's a little body glitter it's just like this white little holographic glitter I don't really use body glitters or body products very often then they sent me their glitter Lee obsessed body glitter and this one's in a shade it's what's called trippin on skies and just like this really pretty white shimmery metallic like I said I don't really use body glitters but they're pretty whoo I haven't seen this this is their super shock shadow number 5 called birthday treat so they send me their super shock shadows all the time and I've never seen them do a red packaging before so I love this these never fail to disappoint they're so pretty performed so well I love the red packaging the red packaging is honestly everything the summer collection is so good they sent me an ultra matte lip and I'll see this color ooh this is just a very very bright red shade I don't wear matte lipstick but that is a really pretty I might wear that around the holiday time and then the last thing that they sent me in their summer collection is the slice-of-life liquid lip balm bundle so this comes with a red shade called swing-away right here and then it comes in a ultra glossy lip in the shade fresca which is just like a pink shimmery color that's they said to me their summer collection this is what it looks like and that's it their new glitter collection they're constantly dropping so much things it's so fun but this is their glitter collection it's called the glitter pops and it could just comes with everything glittering in here they sent me there literally obsessed mini trio which just comes with three body glitters this is what it looks like it's kind of hard to show you guys because all of its like clear packaging along with that they sent me all of their new loose glitters and these are I think that's just ten different shades but they're just very very different pretty colors of the rainbow the last glittery thing that they sent me is their eyeshadow palette this is their glitter eyeshadow palette as you can see one of my shades broke during shipping it's a super pretty pink shade and so it's gotten all over me and all over the box besides that I've never had a problem with their shipping before that shade did break which is kind of sad but it comes from this super cute orange packaging I love it though everything that they do is so good and again you can use code 5kt to say five dollars off any purchase from colour-pop that is the end of this hall if you were thinking that it wasn't gonna be huge you were wrong I hope you guys enjoyed seeing me I show you guys all my new stuff that I've acquired I'm so glad and so grateful to be able to buy all the stuff for the help of you guys in support of you thank you for letting me aspire to do what I love and I hope you enjoyed seeing all of my unhealthy spending happen if you're new here please don't forget to hit that big red subscribe button down below to turn on your hashtag post notifications and get notified every time I post a new video click the subscribe button and follow all my social medias to keep up with me when we're not posting videos on this channel follow it being said I will see you guys in my next video and have a great day peace in the Middle East

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