46 thoughts on “i spent all my money on trendy instagram clothes

  1. What an amazing haul, Zhirelle! You really scored a lot to SUPER cute shirts and dresses. You are so beautiful and look stunningly gorgeous in everything you ware and do. Looking forward to videos shot with your new camera, for it will accentuate your beauty even further. Thank you Zhirelle, for all your vids. : )

  2. oh wow look a likes, hmmmm. if there are look a likes up on porno of youtube underage girls, then it should be reported as terrorism because look a likes were done do people with people who were warned about the WTC, imagine a porn star doing a look a like porno of someones mom back in 2000 but he worked in the wtc at the time and is now a porn star, someone might have saved him and did this to someone as a joke, but the jokers saved him so they might have known what was going to happen in there .  report it as terrorism with the youtube page and look a like. it will skip the police and lawyers and judges mumbo jumbo lagging justice.

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