I Spent $200 At AliExpress For The SAME Clothes You Get From Fashion Nova + Other Boutiques

hey guys I'm welcome to welcome back to my channel so you probably see this bagel and when I say big ol I mean big ol Bek sitting here on my lap um if you guys remember a couple weeks ago like maybe a couple months ago I mentioned that I purchased some lashes on Aliexpress and they also they do not go so well but well I was also on the website you know how websites have those like recommended things on the sides of the site well I saw clothes and I started thinking to some of the clothes they had on the side were kind of cute but then I was like you know we've all heard those but I asked for versus what I got pulse and stuff like that and stories and then I was like am I really gonna buy clothes off Aliexpress until I started seeing clothes that I had purchased from fashion over a pretty little thing all that other stuff for less than half of what I paid for them specifically I saw a jumpsuit that I I posted him before I've worn before that I purchased from fashion OVA for like $40 and I saw it on Aliexpress for a 7 and I know looking at the picture on the site I know for a fact it was the same quality because the fashion of equality was like tissue paper so either it was the same exact jumpsuit with the same exact quality or it's a seven dollar jumpsuit with better quality than the one I bought for 40 something that is why I took the bullet there I spent like $200 at Aliexpress I've already started posting in some of this stuff and yet today we're just gonna break down everything that I got so if I was able to find any of the things I got on Aliexpress on other websites I'll have them pop it up throughout the video so that you can see the difference in prices and I guess you know just start with like the worst thing that I got out of this whole you know what I asked for versus what I got and you know me really taking the risk of buying clothes on Aliexpress it is this two-piece I've actually posted a picture on Instagram in this but you guys seem to like so the irony and me saying that this is the worst thing that I got but this is 1374 and here's the reason why it's probably the worst now as far as the design goes I thought it was really cute which is why I got it on Aliexpress these are the matching shorts again I think the design is really cute here now as far as the shorts go the only reason the worst because they're just too big which is a size problem but the top is an issue because these are not the same length like if I'm you know like this no one's really gonna notice actually you might actually be able to know to see how much extra sleeve there is here around my elbow compared to this arm that's because they're not the same length there and I'm gonna leave my hands down like this you can certainly tell that they're not the same length so that's why you know not to take an L on this set here but if that's the worst that we can expect from this we might have done something here with this home next up I got this shirt for 1139 and let me tell you this does not feel like 1139 quality okay this feels like something that you would get from Banana Republic or something like that I definitely did not expect this type of feel to this this feels like you know a sturdy business shirt that you could wear to the office this feels like you can wear this and everything you're wearing under it won't be seen under um and I like the sleeves of this as well it's probably something I would wear you can't see the sleeves that I would wear up to my elbow not let it hang down um oh yeah and I got that brown shirt to go with this two-piece here now you see how this looks white blackish but in the picture it looks brownish creamish there that's what I thought I was buying so that's why I bought that color shirt but I still feel like that color shirt works with this you know if I want to wear it on top of this but you know again what you asked for versus what you got but this was how much was this two-piece here this was eleven ninety one I've seen this on other websites I think I saw something similar to the picture at least not necessarily what I got but the picture for like fifty dollars on dolls kill or something like that and I like this um these kind of feel like biker shorts ish to me I like how they look on they feel good on again you know the quality for what I'm paying here is nice on this two piece here the only thing is the top you see it's like a tube top you know your girl's got boobies so it fits there but I don't really be fitting around the waist area so it's kind of where cuz it'll fit like up here and then you get to down here and it's just kind of loose hanging out like that which isn't that big of a deal for me and it was probably more of a that's your body that's that's the cause there and not to be not the item that you're wearing so it can't really be too mad at it there but I like this two-piece even though you know not really the color I was going for there now I'm pretty sure a lot of you have seen this next two-piece look a lot of these are two pieces okay I guess I got a thing for two pieces but I'm sure you've seen this two-piece all over the place fashion Nova Instagram boutiques I I just know a lot of you have seen this summer and I've always wanted it but for some reason though my spirit just wouldn't let me spend the forty fifty sixty dollars that companies are asking for this so I got this on Aliexpress for $18.99 it is this polka dots mesh fish two-piece here you'll probably notice it more on the picture than you do me holding it up but there's a long sleeve top here and then there are the matching pants that go with it what I like about it are that it kind of has like a little bubble effect to it if that makes sense you'll see it on um and I I do like it again feels like really nice quality for how much I'm spending and I'm kind of telling you it's the same exact thing that you're seeing on the other websites I don't have any complaints with this I feel like it fit nice the top and the bottoms fit nice and I got it for a decent price okay maybe I was wrong before about how we're just gonna go in order from worst to best there because there was this this is a skirt you button it up here like that this was $12.99 now as far as the quality goes I don't really have any complaints there this that sound of this might irritate some what which is kind of throw me off with this skirt is like where are you supposed to wear it I know I'm saying that as if I'm not the one who bought it but I don't mean where as in like we're out can you wear this I mean where where is the slit supposed to be worn on your body because I saw it on the picture and I tried it that way and I was just like no and I kept moving the skirt around and I was just like the slit is she kind of high there you know so again that might be more of just like a mean thing like Oh sis where do you think you were going to wear the slit when you bought it but um I don't know I don't know what I was expecting first what I got here but other than that you know you don't have to worry about that I don't have any complaints with this I thought it fit nice um yeah I'm gonna just have to keep playing around with that slave so the next item is this skirt now remember exactly what they call this cuz it's like a name I think I like a suspender skirt or something like that because it's a skirt but it also has these straps that it ties up on top of whatever top you're wearing with it again feels really nice for something that was 10:08 um the only thing is the the straps are a little too long for me so I might you know cut those down because I don't want you know like the the straps dangling down on the side of my shoulders that's the only thing there so I might cut those down a little bit but and I thought it was cute now oh I I'll have to show you the top that I bought to wear with this or you know I thought would be cute to pair it with because I can't wear actually we just I'm just find it so I bought this top to go with it you know just a regular long-sleeve I think it's a crop top there why should I spend on this this was seven eighty some dollars eighty cents um I can't wear it because my head doesn't fit into it you see the hole there where your head supposed to go in my my head is not fitting in that when I tried and you could hear the sound of like the the fabric ripping there so I was like you know I'm not do that because maybe someone else can wear it whose head can fit in there but like who other than a child whose head can fit in there I it's not for me there but you know other than that if your head can happen to fit in this you know feels nice it's not not those you know like full-on see-through barely-there type fabrics so you know there's something to what you're gonna worry about you so this next one is a a funny one because I feel like stuff like this only happens to me so I got these pants for trying to come video thank you I got these pants for 609 ok I thought they were cute online I've seen other people with them from you know like other other stores that they got it from and I thought they were cute you know so I ordered them these these are the pants they're here um on the inside you know it's got this fabric so it's not like here your lights are just straight up against this pleather here but um I couldn't get it on like at all at all the size of this this is in a size this is in a size medium ok it's in a size medium and I could not get these past to my thighs um I'd like I want you to see what I mean when I say I couldn't get it on but then then I'd have to throw on a shirt that goes past I pass my hips because I'd be showing everything if I didn't because I can't get the pants on so maybe I'll throw on a shirt so that you can see what I mean here but yeah these these did not go up past like my thighs they're um I've heard the sizing on aliexpress runs really small which is why I did order these in a medium and even the medium did not fit so I guess I would have to get like a large an extra-large because medium didn't go up past my thighs there um so yeah that's I'm gonna upset about that one cuz I'd like these would have been cute pants if they actually fit but they don't so there's that next I have this top and this is 1169 this kind of reminds me of the white one as far as you know like the design of it knots the design the the shape of the shirt um but you know it's see-through there but it's see-through on the side like you know going into this that it's gonna be a see-through top you know you can wear it like that because I mean it's see-through but it's not it's not you know like wow like really like fully safe you're thick how well can you see my face through this top um so you you can wear it like that if your about that life I'm not so you know I'll probably wear like a crop top or a bando or something like that with this but um I feel like it's cute the quality is feeling a little little cheap it's a little cheap here but I mean it was cheap to get so again it was cheap to get on Aliexpress now if I paid you know boutique prices for this then some of my pedophile the next thing is probably my favorite it's another hurt to peace there but I think it's qualified as a jumpsuit let's just say it's a jumpsuit but it's my favorite because it's like this color block type of jumpsuit so you know this is what the top looks like and then the this is what the bottom looks like and then the top is the opposite you'll you'll see it when I'm putting it on but um I don't have anything to say about this it feels nice it looks nice it fits nice again that's probably why it's one of my favorite oh my bad the color block was 1899 and this next one was a 1799 it's another jumpsuit and I'm annoyed because I can't find the top and it's a really cute jumpsuit that I know I'm gonna want to wear this is it here I again you guys probably seen this on other sites um it's a really cute jumpsuit when I first try it on it fit well like there were no complaint with it like I'd probably say it's a it's a runner up there for a favorite or you know second second favorite out of this haul but I cannot find the top anywhere and I'm so annoyed because it's it's a really cute outfit so I'm gonna keep looking for it because I'd like to try it on in this try on haul but I can't find it and that's that's said the next two-piece I've also seen for a while and I kind of wanted it when I saw it but again I saw places charging like what $60 or selling them separately for you know $20 for the top and 30 for the pants and I got it on Aliexpress for $18.99 both pieces it's this these are the bottom here the color I feel is really cute and these these are really nice pants like if the first brown striped shirt was like a really nice shirt these are really nice pants and these feel really nice there and the this is the matching top that goes with it the top am I on I I think I'm just alright on the design itself not so much the quality or the anything else about the shirt I just feel like I don't know I'm just okay on the shirt there as far as the two-piece goes but yeah I saw it for like what are doctors for what I say 1899 yeah I got this for 1899 did you guess the next thing was gonna be another two-piece because it's another two piece here but this is more like casual I'm not sure why I buy this I was nice like to work out but I feel like this is the type of fabric that you would work out in maybe you would mean maybe just to wear around the house I don't know but the color was cute look at this red here okay um this is the top there no complaints on the top I mean as far as quality goals we're getting more towards a little you know mediocre there and these are the bottoms I'd appreciate the bottoms supposed to be biker shorts again no no real complaints on the bottoms there if anything I guess like the only thing I could mention is the quality is just okay on this one but nope no other complaints there and how much do I spend for this here this was 1492 so really can't can't complain that much there so the next jumpsuit was a 1699 and you know when you buy something and then you get it and you're just kind of like why did I buy this like what am I gonna do with this what was I thinking but I thought this was cute and that I could do this and I could do that with that that's what I'm feeling with this because I really don't have many complaints as far as what I got you know I feel like I got exactly what I paid for the the print is cute you know I feel like it would look nice on but for some reason I'm just I don't know I'm just kind of feeling it that much anymore like maybe you buy things in that moment and then like the rush of wanting it just kind of wears off because I I'm really just like I don't know how I'm feeling about this but this off-shoulder you all know I love off shoulder things um but yeah you know she's cute and like maybe if someone else will really make fire out of this but I'm just kinda like when I do this so I'm pretty sure this is the first dress out of the whole haul this was 1249 this is what it looks like here um I was a little worried because on the website it kind of felt I don't know boxy or triangle actually it kind of looked like it was gonna make you look top-heavy um and I'm low-key you already got a top-heavy there but I feel like when I put this on I also posted a picture in this on Instagram um it it was actually it actually fit nice it might be a little too big like I might have got it in a size that was a little too big for me but it fit really nice when I tried it on when I posted a on Instagram you guys seem to like it um I'd like the design of this I like the fabric I don't know that's one where it was like that's what I saw and what I was expecting and I kind of liked what I got more than what I saw this is the second dress that I got this was 1492 um at first I felt like oh she might be she might be you know fashion of a see-through but I thought someone would have to be looking really really hard to be seeing this okay type quality um again it's one of those you know you can tie it low-key you customize it I guess low-key how you want to by tying it however you want to oh wait you can kind of see my orange orange emails under this so then you'd have to wear like you know like neon bras and underwear for people to see through this but again it's like an okay type of quality there I thought it was a cute dress I like the I like stripes for some reason I'm not sure why aren't you supposed to make me look wider though or no our stress supposed to slim you down y'all let me know in the comments and the last thing I have to show you I I know at least at least 5 to 10 of you are gonna say I saw that on this website I saw that on that website I'm sure you've seen this in purple pink green blue I got it in blue and it is this a two-piece here it's got the top which fit really nice for me quality is just okay on this one and then it has the matching skirt to go with it that you can tie you can tie a little knot around umm again the quality of this skirt is just okay but I thought this was cute on you know this is probably where would I braid this to around the house cute things I'm trying to think like where would I wear this to I thought this is more of like a you know club –is– type outfit y'all not gonna catch me in the club anytime soon kay those days are long gone um I don't know but it's cute I'm wearing somewhere even if I wear it to edit this video or just in a video I'm aware somewhere how much was it this was this was thirteen ninety nine and I've seen this other places for twenty three thirty something around there so yeah and that is it for everything that I got from Aliexpress I'm gonna say for for where I got it from for what I got and for how much I paid this was a pretty good office think about it $200 it's not gonna get you that much at fashion OVA or a pretty little thing especially not these boutiques if they're charging six dollars for you know a pair of pants um it wouldn't have gotten you that much you know any of those other sites and then you got the same things that you could get from those other sites for the 1/4 of the price there and you got to see your quality of stuff there now I'm if you're wondering how long it took um some of the things only took like a week two weeks the the glam maker everything that I got from that site took I wanna say three weeks to a month to get so you know if you don't need anything anytime soon and you just want to buy your stuff ahead of time maybe go ahead and take that jump there look I'm just the messenger okay I am just here to tell you what I found and you do with that information what you want so that is it for this video helps seeing some of these items and hearing some my thoughts on this shopping experience it's helped if any of you were ever thinking that you wanted to check out Aliexpress let me know if you already shop on Aliexpress um what some of your favorite sites are or if you've had some you know some hauls that did not go so well let me know in the comments down below but make sure to thumbs up comment and subscribe down below thank you all for watching I will see you in the next one bye you


  1. If you’re worried about quality, filter your searches on ali by # of buys AND reviews! And buy at least a month before you need them lol

  2. Completely unrelated to the video but where did you get your phone case? It’s beyond cute !!!

  3. I bought from AliExpress, $35 dress and supposedly my package got lost and so I asked for my money back and all they told me was that there were other items I could buy and I was like sooo…I can pick another dress and you'll ship it?? And they played dumb. I asked for my money back and they continued to play stupid….So I lost $35 NEVER AGAIN.

  4. Rain bow got the same clothes as fashion nova so I’m not suprised people b hyping fashion nova up but they get they clothes from China too just like a lot of these boutiques

  5. 😮 omg I just brought 2weeks ago on Allie the last two piece you showed.you are a beautiful woman 😍😍

  6. Why people WASTE money at IG boutiques is beyond me. The 50 bucks you spend pants you could try a couple different ali vendors and find a good one

  7. When I shop on Aliexpress, I be sure to look at the reviews and see if there's any pictures provided and that'll help me determine if I'll buy the item.. Ali is too tricky so I be taking hella precautions lol Nice video though
    I see so many things from FN, PLT and more smh 🙁

  8. About those blush pink pants that you got!!! There is a seller (maybe the same one) that sends the set at the same price that you paid just for the pants. And honestly, they may have forgotten to include the top in your order. Maybe consider contacting the seller/store. I have the same one in lavender and, again, got the top as well as the bottoms for the same price!

  9. That last outfit was everything and I can't believe sis was hiding this steam fish and okra body behind the scenes. (Aka body banging)

  10. reverse image search will tell all these brands’ business. it’s all from taobao and then dhgate and aliexpress mark it up a bit online. rainbow and q and all those stores mark it up a bit in stores and fashion nova buys from the warehouse and marks it up a ton. and these products are worth cents honestly and the people who make them are working in sweatshops

  11. Don’t take it personnally but you talk too much. It will be more interresting to show us the items longer than you did. Because we can’t’ see really how they fit on you. I had to do « pause » every time to look at the outfit (sorry for my bad english)

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  15. with $200 you can go to L.A. fashion district or NY fashion district and get TONS of clothes. The same you will find at Fashion Nova or SheIN – I mean you will find clothes for $1 or $2 you just have to have patience, ask questions and look into all the stores they have. It's crazy how stores inflate the price by almost 300% sometimes

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    On the ali app you can search from a photo. I screenshot one i like from an online store and see if i can find it on ali. 9/10 i do! Lol

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