I Sent Pictures To A Boy I Liked And Shouldn’t Have

I liked this one guy, we were super close.
We started talking like late at night and stuff, and he would ask me how my day
was and what I did…He would ask me how I’m feeling and stuff like that. He’d be
super nice. One day he asked me for racy pics and I said “no” but he kept begging me and
I was like “maybe”. I was trying to talk myself out of it. But then I was feeling
like “I don’t know what to do” and we had this thing and it was play pool, the
loser has to send pics of your body. And I said “how about something other than that?” He said, “all right, bottom pics” and I said “fine”. So we played and I lost so I had to send
him some pictures. And he liked them he was like ooh “really nice” stuff. Later
then he asked me for more like that. I said “no” but I was on the phone with my friend
she was like “what are you gonna do?” And he sent me a picture and she was like
wait “no he didn’t” and I said “yeah.” And I showed my friend and I was like “I don’t
know what to do he’s asking me for picture still” and I was like “fine” so I
sent him a picture of me in my top. And then he was like “take the top off”. So I
did and I put my hands over my chest and he said “send it without your hands.” And I
put emojis and then he was like take the emogiis off and I was like “fine” I did and
he was like “ooh la la!” “I’ll grab your bottom and stuff at school
if you keep sending them to me” and I was like “you know what I want to go to bed
good night.” A month later my mom found out that he sent me that because my
friends are talking about it in the car and she heard it. So then we had to talk
about it with my therapist she was like did you send him back and I was like no
because I kept lying cuz I was like I don’t want to but then my mom threatened
to take it up with the school district and like tell on him and say this is
just illegal you better look up his picture and say like “oh he did send it”
and like he should get punished for it and I was like “Mom you can’t do that” and
she was like “why did you send it back?” And I was
“if I did would you be mad?” And she said “no” and I started crying and I poured
down tears. And I told her the truth that I did. And she just hugged me and
she said “look, it’s gonna be all right but you know you can’t do that again.” And
I got grounded for a long time. And I never did anything like that again
because the feeling of thinking that someone might find out and ruin your




  2. You should have gotten an old picture of yourself and put it on your bra and boom you got a picture of you in your bra

  3. The idea that showing your body can ruin your life sucks. It’s a human body not 50 kilos of Colombian booger sugar.
    Anyway, yeah don’t do that. Some stupid boy will share it with 27 of his friends and then petty ass bitches will bully you bc welcome to womanhood.

  4. While grounded for a long time I think of a idea I will make a fake phone with a dating app and it showed it to my mom and she freaked out and she ripped the fake phone and said you are not allowed to use your phone because of that accident.

    So that night I made a wish to be ungrounded but it got rejected 🙅🏿‍♂️.
    In December I made a Christmas wishlist and put branded new iPhone 7
    And put myself on the nice list
    And mailed to Santa 🎅🏿 in the North Pole and then on Christmas Day I got a phone for Christmas but my mom caught me with it and got taken away

  5. Don’t let it get you down just flaunt that shit with style and if they pull that black mail shit just contact either the authorities or get someone/ your dad to tactically break his legs. Sickos like that are out to twist your heart.. like this other guy in the comments says doesn’t matter if your have a bit of a inner model to you just stay smart get a very good education and those pricks always come out in the wash.. know the types and as long as your heart is good they will never get the better of you. ✌️💪

  6. That guy definitely made her crack under peer pressure even if she does have some part of her actions. I’d just block the person cause that’s just wrong and disgusting

  7. Dude I just sent a stranger nudes and.i regret it and I feel guilty and wanna tell my parents but I don't wanna get in trouble

  8. Boy on Chat: Send me some hot photos
    Boy on Chat: Babe, that’s a chicken…
    Me: Oops I thought you said You want a hot pic of a chicken not me >w<
    Boy on Chat: Yeah yeah NOW SEND MEH NOWW
    Me: Sends a picture of my Pikachu (Male)
    Boy on Chat: not again..

  9. It does suck. Peer pressure is horrible. You have to be super strong willed some boys just keep on and on until some girls cave. Stay strong ladies

  10. Why do you have these horror stories? It's true you should be careful but there is nothing gross or wrong with the human body. Why doesn't storybooth have naturism videos? Why are they so one sided? Why are they sexualizing nudity? If you're really about sharing other peoples stories then why don't you have a story about naturists? Why is it taking so long for you to do that?

  11. Mom: did you take the picture's….?
    Girl: no…
    Mom: i wont be mad…ok
    Girl: yes i did😞
    Mom: uno reverse card beotch

  12. Now i feel lucky af since my mom used to beat me up when i would mess up but now she just sits me down and talks to me.

  13. Boy: Hi
    Me: Hi…
    Boy: Send Me Your Boobies
    Me: F* NO B*
    Boy: Do it…
    Me: Fine
    Me: Sends Boobies But Puts Emojis
    Boy: Without The Hands
    Me: OOF Ok (>:])
    Me: Sends Map
    Boy: WHAT THE F*
    Boy: Sees I Sended The Closest Prison Near Him
    Boy: F* YOU IM OUT
    Me: >:)

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