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JEWELZ MAZZEI: I’ve got 99 problems but my fat ain’t one. JEWELZ MAZZEI: I encourage body positivity
by putting myself out there, by showing other people that you can love yourself at any size
and being body positive is for everybody. COMM: 23-year-old Jewelz hasn’t always been this confident about her body. JEWELZ MAZZEI: I was definitely bullied when
I was a younger kid. I hated school. I could give you probably a whole dictionary of names:
fatty, tub of lard, whale. The kids had made up a song about me and it was, ‘A pizza
hut, a pizza hut, Kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut.’ And whenever I came around,
they would just make fun of me. I remember I had a friend finally tell me at the end
of school like, Jewelz that song was about you and you know it was really heart breaking. CATHERINE BEZDECK: As a young girl, she became
more introvert. And as she grew older, she stayed in the house more and more and more.
I knew her weight was bothering her and I knew the kids at school were bothering her. JEWELZ MAZZEI: My whole life people told me
that I couldn’t wear patterns such as stripes or polka dots. Even my mom would tell me that
that wasn’t the most flattering look because when you’re bigger you can’t wear those things. COMM: When Jewelz’s friend Vicky lost weight and then lost her confidence, Jewelz realised
someone’s weight does not control their happiness. VICKY MITCHELL: Losing weight in general does
not make people happier. I weighed about 230 something pounds. Losing a lot of weight like
left me with, well, stretch marks, loose skin, you know. I just feel very self-conscious
all the time even now. JEWELZ MAZZEI: Being thin is not going to make me happy and that’s really what I realised
and she was a great reminder of that and she is a great reminder of that every single day. VICKY MITCHELL: We should be aspiring for
a healthy lifestyle, not to get to a certain number. JEWELZ MAZZEI: I definitely think that I live
an active lifestyle and I think that that’s the term that people should definitely use. CATHERINE BEZDECK: Jewelz’s totally changed.
It was like, it was an overnight thing. There was this girl that used to walk around with
and I’m not exaggerating, three or four layers of clothing — all the time dark colours,
from here to here. And then all of a sudden one day a couple of layers came off and more
layers came off and I started to see skin. She was happy to be alive, she was smiling,
she was going out, she’s been making dates with friends. Then the butterfly emerged that
we call Jewelz. JEWELZ MAZZEI: I got into modelling actually through a friend. She was a photographer,
so she invited me out to do this body positive shoot because she knew I was starting to get
into that and that activism stuff and I went out and I loved it. I realised it was such
a great way to continue to inspire women. I would definitely say that modelling is a
career for me. I definitely introduced myself more as a body-positive activist, but my modelling
goes hand-in-hand with that. JEWELZ MAZZEI: Ohh, that’s pretty. LADY: Right?
JEWELZ MAZZEI: Yeah, these are gorgeous. LADY: I’m excited.
JEWELZ MAZZEI: I’m so excited. Yes. JEWELZ MAZZEI: Being body-positive has changed my life in a dozen ways. I can go outside
and I can hang out with friends and it doesn’t take me four hours to get ready. I can go
to a party and wear what somebody else is wearing. I can wear a bathing suit and I can
eat in public and I can do so many things that I never thought that I could be. And
I could be happy and that’s probably the biggest one. CATHERINE BEZDECK: Even when there is family
even saying, you know, what she needs is to lose weight. I have to speak up and say, ‘If
she doesn’t want to lose weight, leave her alone.’ She is happy with who she is. And
I’m happy with who she is. JEWELZ MAZZEI: So, the motivation for my photos is to remind women that they can feel beautiful too. JEWELZ MAZZEI: You don’t always need to see one standard size of model modelling. JEWELZ MAZZEI: Taking these photos, it’s
to inspire women and it’s to inspire everybody to realise that there is not one type of model
and there is not one type of beauty. JEWELZ MAZZEI: Anybody can be a model. JEWELZ MAZZEI: I get comments – ‘You’ve changed my life and I can go outside wearing things
because of you.’ Or ‘I know I can exist in this world; hashtags like, ‘big and blunt’
and ‘I’ve got 99 problems but my fat ain’t one,’ ‘big arm no harm’ is also a great
one and ‘*BEEP* that phobia’. COMM: As well as inspiring the world with her modelling, Jewelz is keen to promote body positivity though social media and education at schools. JEWELZ MAZZEI: I think reclaiming the word
fat and using in a positive sense is super important. It’s been used as a bullying
tactic. It’s about time that we take it back and realise that it’s not a bad word,
it’s not a bad thing and it shouldn’t be associated in a negative way. Since I found
body positivity, I haven’t stepped on a scale. I feel sexy in my body and I feel like
everybody should.


  1. You know why people dont respect obese and overweight people? Because someone who looks like that has o respect for his or her own body, so why should strangers respect you if you dont? If you are obese, it means you are lazy, and have no self control and that you do not care about your own body and health enoughto do something abojt it. It projects a certain image, regardless if its the truth. There is nothing to be proud off when you say oh, im so proud of myself being 100kgs overweight… why? What exactly are you proud off? What aboutnot caring about yourself inspires self worth? What about not beimg able to fit into chairs, airplane seats or clothes inspires a great selfesteem? Its not about the actual weight, its about what that represents. Someone who is too lazy to care enough about themselves to ensure they are healthy. Being that fat is nothealthy.

  2. I’m all for loving yourself, but I no world harming your body is beautiful, it makes it even worse when people have no desire to change, and then whenever somebody pulls them up for it they say something along the lines of ‘Stop fat shaming!’ even though most of the time they are genuinely concerned, imagine if there was an anorexia acceptance movement, that wouldn’t be healthy, and nor is obesity.

    In no world would killing your body be healthy, let alone beautiful, it’s simple, you are not healthy.

    You should work on your denial issues, that’s one of your problems.

  3. She is beautiful is someone is hating on her go away she is amazing beautiful and she embraces her beauty instead of hiding it and being scared she is such an inspiration to me and should be to every woman

  4. I'm sorry, you don't live an active lifestyle if you're obese. Also, body positivity isn't just loving the way you look, it's being healthy too. Someone who is obese like her, is not healthy.

  5. ALL kids sing that song. The next verse is "McDonald's." No kids made that song up about her although they may have sang it to hurt her.

  6. Ever heard the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well that doesn't just apply to your eyes it applies to everyone. Being massively obese is not considered beautiful by the majority of the beholders, because it is not healthy. Being in between 10% and 15% body fat with a good amount of muscle shows people you take care of yourself and that your body is a temple, that you won't abuse it.

  7. I don't know why people are being so rude in the comments. Its hard for over weight people to be confident. Standards now are basically "skinny women look good in bikinis" Uh no, everyone does. I think as long as she's happy and as long as she's confident its okay. I support the modeling. Its a wonderful thing to break the stereotypical woman.

  8. Actually it is her body and her life, she lives the way she want whether she wants to be oversized or undersized its none of ur business damn so stop being concerned about her health its her issue man ouffff just let her live 😇

  9. I THINK THE PIZZA HUT SONG WAS NOT ABOUT YOU… the fast food song was released in 2003 …. i think the artist wasnt thinking about you at the time 😉 and i doubt you went to school with the members of The FAST FOOD ROCKERS :p

  10. If losing weight didn't make Vicky happier, why doesn't she put the weight back on. Every female needs the fat or ugly friend when they go out to make them feel better about themselves.

  11. I was fat through grade school, high school, and my first year of college.
    The bullying and the low self-esteem — I went through those.
    But being a fitter guy now, this is my take on fat acceptance / body positivity.

    NOT OKAY : bullying people because they're fat ; shouting fatso or fatty at anyone ; assuming being fat means being lazy / stupid / dull

    OKAY : having confidence whatever your size ; being happy whatever your size ; trying to be active and engaged with life whatever your size

    NOT OKAY EITHER : denying the health risks of obesity ; discouraging obese people from making an effort to reach a healthier weight because it's "not body positive" ; claiming scientific studies to be "wrong" or "biased" because it "attacks" obese people

  12. That song, the "Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut" song, is not something they made up to make fun of you. It's a real song and the first time I heard it was in 1990 or so, which by my estimate was about 3 years before you were even born. Just saying, sounds like your friends were idiots.

  13. this girl is dumb. Body positivity is loving your body and treating it well, not killing yourself.

  14. I’m sorry you shouldn’t get bullied but you shouldn’t accept your weight problem. You will be happier if you lose weight. You can hide your stretch marks but you can’t hire your fat or fake smile. You can lie to yourself but don’t lie to the world

  15. When she saids I can be "happy" 3:41 it pains her to proclaim to be something she's not, trying to convince everyone else when she herself lives a painful reality, I've gained 30 pounds and trust me I ain't happy and will do something about it.

  16. MEDICAL FACT: If someone has an active and healthy lifestyle and diet, evidence of that is being in a safe/normal weight range.

  17. This year one of my class mates called my double chin from me being a little bit heavier than everyone else and everyday I would come home crying cause kids would bully me cause of it.

  18. as someone how has struggled with their weight "loving yourself" means making healthy choices. No we cannot all be swimsuit models but we can all make healthier choices and being morbidly obese, like the folks in this video, is a serious and life threatening health issue. Make healthier choices not demand acceptance from others

  19. Listen people, you can be plus sized and sill be healthy. Stop telling her she needs to lose weight, unless you’re stuck in bed because of your fat you’re fine to live how you want to. Honestly, seeing these comments are just bringing me down that everyone thinks that the best weight is being underweight. We struggle with people like this everyday and it’s heartbreaking that i can’t eve find one positive comment

  20. her mother is dumb, she should have motivated her daughter to lose weight or exercise or eating healthy, is not about fat shaming, it's about your health dont be stupid!

  21. When I was a teen I used to be fat, but I reached a point that made me realize that I have to do something, I started walking in the morning, less video game hours and later I fell in love with skippping rope!

  22. She has 99 problems but her fat ain't one??? Uhhh What about heart attack, high blood pressure, joint pain, joint swelling, strokes, heart disease… Uh should I keep going?? Honey u got 99 problems and they all stem from ur fat so obviously your fat is one…

  23. I love the body positive attitude as well as your natural beautifull good looks and styles. Keep on keeping on. I really wish more women would catch your Fat Positive Fever and run with it. So many female actresses these days get famous while they're bbws/ssbbws, then want to get "Healthy" and then they're popularity drops off and they don't do as many movies or tv shows. Why, because they lost what made them popular in the first place. Yes, they're funny and/or talented, but alot of Fat Admirers watch and support them cause there's so few of them out there to begin with. And they lose some of their fan base when they lost weight as we often don't want to watch it happen before our eyes. And really what kind of positive body image are you choosing to project and be a role model for other younger bbws if you lose weight. Melissa McCarthy, Queen Latifah, Rosanne Barr, Jennifer Hudson and Chrissy Metz to name a few. You can be healthy, beautifull and talented at any size, why? Cause you already were. Don't forget your fans when you make choices like that. We'll support you and watch or listen to everything you do to show our appreciation.

  24. Okay let’s make some more inaccurate quotes:

    I got 99 problems but my health ain’t one
    I got 99 problems but me dying early ain’t one
    I got 99 problems but my doctor saying I should really try to slow down on food ain’t one

  25. Pizza Hut song isn't about you. That songs been around for a very long time. Maybe before you where born. 🤗

  26. to all the people with  the pathetically snarky  remarks trying to be funny about her losing weight. being skinny doesn't mean you are healthy either. I have lost many friends who were skinny, died from all types of things. look how healthy supposedly bob harper from biggest loser was, he had a heart attack and he was in tip top shape at the time? y'all just run your mouths trying to be funny without so much as having any clue

  27. It's her life to do with what she wants…the fact that she is accepting her body for what it is…it's amazing she is beautiful and the fact that most of these negative comments are by people who have body problems of their own life is to short…do you girl!!!!!💋❤

  28. They didn’t make up that song lol they just changed it a bit it goes mc Donald’s mc Donald’s Kentucky fried chicken and Pizza Hut

  29. Y’all acting like she’s waddling or out of breath, can’t hardly get out the chair or something. You just heard some of her life story and yet you still have something negative to say. If she is happy then she is HAPPY. Yeah, being big comes with some health problems, but it doesn’t come with hating ourselves (ourselves meaning me because I’m a big girl and other big people). Being mean isn’t gonna help them 🤷🏼‍♀️ so why not keep it to yourself if you dislike the video? Thanks.

  30. Are people stupid? You can be over weight and healthier then anything!
    And the pizza hut song….She may not have known that it wasn't made up just about/for her….
    Some times I really wonder how peoples brains work

  31. 0:48 ‘’The kids had made up a song about me! ‘A Pizza Hut, a Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken…’’ How narcissistic are you? That’s a classic Boy Scout/ Girl Scout Camp Song. A song like Miss Mary Mack. They didn’t make it up just for you.

  32. Honestly i weigh around 220 pounds and trying to lose some weight. I wouldnt want to say anything bad about her since im not perfect but the only thing i could say is, dammmmmnnn she got a pretty face though.

  33. Wow, it is great that some women take a stand against the skinny ideal, espessially the skinny ideal for women. Call it body positivsm or whatever!

  34. It's always good to be Confident in your skin. It's just unhealthy to be overweight and advertising that is not good. I don't see videos where people advertise anorexia. It's all so contraversial

  35. Being fat is 399lbs of your problem, stop promoting poor life decisions as positive. Being fat isn't something to be proud of

  36. This stupidity of "body positive" has been taken by lazy people as the perfect excuse for not taking care of their bodies.
    Beauty is subjective so it can be very varied and different… but health is not..you are healthy or you are not. End of story.

  37. Inspire women? To what? Suffer a ton of weight related illnesses and die young? What these women are doing is no better than encouraging people to be stick thin. It's two extremes of the same scale, and both are as unhealthy and dangerous as the other.

  38. She is confident , what's the problem? Why is it when fat people are confident, it bothers people? I am not her Doctor, her family and media does not influence me. It is a personal thing how one feels about their body. Good for her….

  39. Being proud and happy of who you are is the best thing….
    Once you are confident of yourself you will automatically start adapting healthier life style like nutritious food,outdoor activities,running ,yoga etc.These all are byproduct of body positivity.

    But saying remaining overweight is good is a big no.Ultimately weight will affect your biological systems,restrict your movements ,knock knee.I lost my neighbour to heart attack at very young age and the doctors says the reason was accessive fat blocked his arteries.

    Their is fine line between body positivity and unhealthy lifestyle.Choose wisely.

  40. I always wear leggings under my dresses because I’m shy about my legs (my older brother always teased me about how white they are) but I feel legitimately inspired by this woman’s mental transformation that I’m throwing my leggings out and embracing my pale skin! It’s almost summer here so it’s the perfect time to take this step 🙂

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