I DON'T LIKE BUYING CLOTHS! – Reacting to Buying Clothes

what does of you guys I'm charvak sir today I'm gonna be reacting to buying clothes by the odd ones out now Ivan reacted to an odd ones out video and like a month or two now it's been a long time and I'm so glad the odd ones out is back and I'm so glad the odd ones out is back i friggin missed you I freaking miss you James anyway hopefully supposed to be quite funny the original exit description makes you go subscribe to the odd ones out without any further ado let's begin hey man have you ever noticed that we wear the exact same clothes every day we don't we don't wear any clothes that's who's gonna say I always thought you guys are naked what if we're both just a cartoon character and that's why our clothing is the same now you're breaking the fourth wall that's impossible cartoon characters mouths move we just open our mouths and words start coming out hey guys did you see my brand-new Rolex are you jealous doesn't your phone tell the time maybe he never noticed that his phone has a clock in it no one buys a Rolex to tell the time I can't even read this people buy Rolex is too indirectly tell everyone how much money we can throw away on useless objects Hey look what my watch can do ring ring hello you'll never believe what Brian just bought what do you buy watch really what a nerd Oh Brian I'm the are you kidding me are you kidding me and to the FOB I hate living at home I hate it so much I hate it pick up the foul my brother's here and I'm pretty sure he can hear me like in these frickin floors are not that insulated or whatever soundproof as a side note I was gonna say before the photo started ringing I went to a Rolex like on the website to look up how much Rolexes are exists all like Jake Paul and Logan Paul had them and I looked it up and the cheapest troll I think was around I want to say around $7,000 which is insane and the most expensive was like around forty to fifty thousand dollars for a freaking watch for a bunch of Steel are you kidding me that's insane kind of person who doesn't really care about my outward appearance a lot of times in high school we talked about having a healthy self-image of ourselves and teachers would say stuff like don't listen to the people who call you ugly you're beautiful and all I could think was there's people saying I'm ugly for the most part I haven't really tried to even learn anything about fashion most of the time when I get dressed in the morning I wear just whatever's the cleanest no my pants because what are those faces go over those faces fashion most of the time when I get dressed in the morning and then it's like it reminds me of the troll face oh this just needs like a psychic pebbles voice over top of it and it'd be perfect yeah whatever's the cleanest like I don't even know my pant size because I wear basketball shorts all the time I think I'm a medium my parents taught me the value of hard work by making me pay for all my clothes and I am a hundred percent on board with that parenting technique I think even the super super rich parents should still make their kids buy their own clothes because if you just buy your child anything they want then they're gonna turn into a-holes who just expect everything without having to work hard those are the types of kids those kids are the worst those kids are the worst oh my goodness those kids someone in my family not in my family but like a relative like a distant relative I guess they own like I don't know they own like a some kind of successful business and their kids are the most most oh I can't deal with it I can't deal with them spoiled little brats who grow up to flex all their money on people and who leave their basketball cards all over the cramped dorm and also buying your own clothes makes you think harder about what you're gonna spend your precious dollars on you don't want to waste your money so you have to pick clothes you really like except my mom told me I couldn't buy anything with skulls on them she said they were to edgy and you know what mom looking back I'm glad I skipped that emo edgy phase but why didn't you let me express my true self mom do that in the seventh grade I went through in I need to look cool phase and one time I saved up quite a bit of money so me my mom went on a shopping spree at Kohl's hashtag not sponsored I was going to impress everyone I was gonna look so cool with my brand new two pairs of jeans I'll get this normal blue pair and then the exact same pair just in case I spill ketchup on the first pair that's another reason why I'm Pro have your kids pay for their own clothes so yeah for myself like I hate buying clothes for myself I hate it another reason why I'm Pro have your kids pay for their own clothes so that way they learn how expensive clothes shopping is seriously two pairs of jeans was $70 do you know how many pokemon cards I could have bought probably enough to make my own pair of polka pants or how much candy and that's when I learned about the magical land of goodwill at Goodwill you could buy mediocre questionably stained looking jeans for a fourth of the price of Kohl's and since I had to buy all my clothes and I was unemployed I was at Goodwill every other Saturday for that half off deal you're at Goodwill and everything's half off that's like a double sale people you bike you bought clothes every other week that's every other weekend that's twice a month you're going out buying clothes that's God add off like I don't buy clothes often I think I bought some clothes last November and for the most part like I bought them online and once they arrived I tried them on and I'm like no this is not for me I I went back to the store just returned everything here's the thing typically clothes stores have a certain style they specialize in Tilly's you know you're gonna get that hip la style clothes at Old Navy you know you're gonna get that white boy white boy oh hi oh look an hmm Oh white boy white boy from Ohio white boy shame fall no you're gonna get demonetised but when you step inside your local Goodwill you don't know what you're getting you get every style of clothing all in one place I got my favorite t-shirt from Goodwill I more to this panel at VidCon you know the panel where I didn't even talk into the microphone so you couldn't hear half the work they said ah but James I don't want to wear clothes that have already been worn by other people they're gross cuties herpes yeah yeah that's true that's true you don't know who else is worn your clothing but then again you could be wearing something that was also worn by the odd ones out yeah that's right I donate my clothes to Goodwill reduce reuse recycle baby why would someone make a pair a set of Pokemon cards and give it away I'm not saying don't buy expensive clothing buy whatever you want to buy and can't afford if there's two shirts one is $40 and one is $5 and you really really like the $40 shirt and hate the $5 one you should get the $40 shirt because you'll end up wearing it more often so you get more use out of it in economics there's a term used to measure how much happiness a product will give you and it's called utils sometimes buying more expensive things will give you more util sub happiness so it's worth it to buy expensive clothing but for me I get way more youtl spying a shirt for $5 that actual like an economic thing I didn't know that and if it's true I guess yeah I don't really get you Dalls from buying clothes but I like buying steam games on sale I mean I think right now I'm playing planet coaster which is kind of like oh my go so what's that roller roller coaster tycoon it's kind of like a roller coaster tycoon and I got planet coaster like 75% off it's a really fun game however it's so hard it's so hard compared to roller coaster tycoon roller coaster tycoon is for little babies anyway I hope man I got sidetracked you cannot put a price on all the evils and oodles of noodles I guess we're wearing a shirt I like for $5.00 you can wear your supreme ease and your amber crumbles or whatever all you want I just don't think it makes a lot of sense spending that much money on a white t-shirt with an iron-on logo there's no material in that shirt that makes it as expensive as it is it's so true it's so true like these crazy expensive brands and all that their shirts are made in Bangladesh just like did the shirt you're wearing right now or Yemen or whatever like it's still made probably in the same Factory and they pay the employees you know five cents an hour or whatever that's the same so I mean unless it's unless it's made in America or a country that pays the employees a livable wage or whatever I mean I don't see why it should be worth insane amounts of money oh never mind what you're really doing is paying for the name-brand exactly staple to $20 bills to your shirt and right in sharpie look everyone I got $40 but again if you like the design of a white shirt and a red rectangle and you be happy wearing I'm happy wearing this piece of clothing wearing nice clothes makes me feel confident and I will not let the opinions of some guy on YouTube make me feel bad for wearing expensive clothes I understand that not everyone can afford expensive clothing or they choose not to wear these types of clothes and I will not judge them do they differently for doing so I'm not telling you what to wear but I will tell you this don't judge someone based on their clothing that's like the most shallow thing a person can do even if someone is wearing old hand-me-downs or a really expensive name-brand t-shirt don't treat people differently because of their clothing there's a certain youtuber going around I'm not gonna say any names but I will draw pictures who's teaching kids that they're valuable it's not rice gum rice comes like the only youtuber I know that wears like supreme shirts in like every video as a person is correlated to the amount of money they spend on clothing don't do that okay real talk over now school uniforms people who support school uniforms say that uniforms are better because then the students don't have to think about what they're gonna wear the next day because everyone has to wear the same outfit but like I already don't think about what I'm wearing that's probably why I'm naked right now okay that's not entirely true I'm not just gonna walk outside wearing up I don't know a pink poncho I have standards I just buy all the cheap clothing I think looks nice in high school I mostly wore solid color v-neck t-shirts and one time a kid on the very last day of school told me James you always wear solid color v-neck t-shirts you're like a cartoon character that's what I'm going for I've always wanted to be a cartoon I don't think someone actually say that do you realize how much I love cartoons one time I bought those shoes with the really fat toes now I thought they looked cool but they certainly didn't feel cool they didn't have any support for my soul I couldn't go running in them so what was even the point and apparently you're not supposed to tie the laces of those shoes I'm not sure someone just told me hey man you know you're not supposed to tie the laces of those shoes right so what you just want to tie the laces of your shoes that at that point you might as well just wear flip-flops I bury the laces inside my shoe and I was constantly stepping on the sharp Aglets and all the cool kids saw my shoes and said hey James those are some pretty phat tongues you got there do you want to come sit at our lunch table and I said no being cool sucks so now I wear tennis shoes everywhere some of you watching are in 7th or 8th grade right now and you might be going through your own I need to look cool phase and I just want to say to you little young uns you don't need to impress or prove yourself to anyone wear whatever makes you happy and that you can afford and you still have to follow the schools dress code which is the whole other can of worms I'm not encouraging anyone to break the rules okay all I'm saying is at the end of the day what really matters is that you're in seventh grade nothing you do will make you cool I'm sorry seventh grade okay no seventh grade seventh grade yeah I was not cool oh I've never been cool just start putting on deodorant do the homework you'll get through this anyway I hope you guys liked this video this was quite a cure it's quite accurate I mean I personally I don't buy clothes that often if you can tell anyway if you like this video make sure to give it a thumbs up possibly share with a friend if new and subscribed roller family I'm so glad the odd ones out his back I've missed Jamis but yeah with that being said have I said everything and I don't know I give it a thumbs up share with a friend subscribe to the odd ones out we'll see you guys next time


  1. 0:56 No breaking the fourth wall in the halls. detention for you. When will you learn?

  2. Its been months to years and i just realized charmx spelled clothes wrong…..i call that the Mandela effect

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